Friday, January 26th, 2024

Summer wows Chance when they meet up for their date at the club.

Summoning her understanding assistant into her office, Nikki knows Audra will understand the request she’s about to make.

Running into one another at Society, Jack tries to cheer Victor up with a photo of Harrison and a drink.

Nikki can’t work while feeling judged by her second in command. It sounds like you’re firing me, Audra’s unimpressed.

In the dining room, Summer and Chance’s date gets off to an awkward start – champagne it is, then.

Having received Sharon and Kyle’s blessing, Summer wonders why she and Chance are struggling to move on. He thinks he knows why.

** I was babysitting my adorable grandson last week so didn’t get a chance to watch much TV. I’ll catch up when and where I can. My apologies – thank you for the many emails of concern.

Having run into Nikki, Jack knows a bit about what she and Vikki have been going through. Victor thinks he knows a hell of a lot. He and the family have it handled.

Nikki asks Audra to go open the London office – it would prove your value to Newman. Knowing this is about their talk on alcoholism, Audra confirms that Nikki’s not giving her an option and implores her not to make this big mistake.

Chance thinks they need to get to know one another better. Summer asks if the’s cheated – tell me something I’d never guess about you. We’ll need more wine, Chance signals for another bottle.

Nikki sees Audra’s concern as patronizing. I have experience with this, Audra is worried about her job – and concerned about Nikki. You want to send me across the ocean – for what? If you do this, you will fall. Nikki has no choice but to let Audra go.

Over drinks at Society, Jack and Victor admit to being (almost) worthy adversaries. Thanks for picking the most expensive Tequila in the place, Jack laughs. Victor wonders what he really wants to know.