Monday, January 29th, 2024

Nikki holds her breath as Victor knocks on her door. Jack’s no fan of sneaking around. He’ll be Nikki’s sponsor but Victor shouldn’t be kept in the dark.

When Nate suggests they end the workday and go for a drink, Devon declares it the best offer he’s had all day.

Meeting Audra in the dining room, Tucker orders a drink and wonders what changed her mind. Did my pitch get under your skin? Or am I that irresistible?

After taking time to think things through, Audra’s calmed down. You were done with me, Tucker reminds. Informing that she left Newman Media, Audra’s now open to working with Tucker. He correctly guesses she didn’t quit – Nikki fired you.

A nervous Nikki answers Victor’s call – I’ll come down to see you. Overriding Jack, she refuses to tell Victor that he’s her sponsor. She won’t hurt Victor. Relenting, Jack tells Nikki that when she called him, he was having a drink with Victor (Nikki’s furious)

Jack was trying to gauge Victor – he loves you enough to accept me as your sponsor. Nikki can’t let Victor see what a mess she is – she needs to help of someone who’s been through it. I’m your guy, Jack vows. Thank God for you, Nikki’s grateful.

When Nick enters his Dad’s office, Victor gripes about Jack sniffing around. Nick knows Jack has Mom’s best interest at heart. She doesn’t need his support, Victor’s stubborn.

Audra quit – ask Nikki if you don’t believe me. This isn’t the chat she’d hoped for. What did you hope for? Tucker follows her gaze as Nate and Devon seat themselves at a table.

Devon asks Nate about his friendship with Audra and isn’t offended when Tucker’s referred to as ‘toxic’.

Tucker finds Audra fascinating (and cruel) – I opened a vein for you – bared my soul – you shut me down and cut me out of your life. And here you are, filled with regret – using my estrangement with Devon while exchanging sly looks across the room with Nate. Tucker’s dying to know the ‘long con’ Audra’s playing.

Coming home, Jack tells Diane that he’s worried about Nikki.

In the office, Nikki again claims that she went for a walk. Her new sponsor? Solid and calm. Nick can’t join his parents for dinner – it’s taco night with Christian. Love you both, he leaves.

Family means everything – Nate knows it’s hard not having a father around. It’s not that hard, Neil was the only father Devon needed – Tucker will never be half the man he was.