Monday, February 12th, 2024

Over drinks and dinner at Society, Chance and Summer are having a lively discussion as Phyllis joins Nick at the bar. Whaddaya know – look at the two of them, together, just as I predicted, she pleased.

Ashley’s drinking a martini at the club as she ignores Traci’s call.

Still glad you chose me? Audra whispers to Tucker during sex. You’re making a good case for yourself, he pants. But, when Audra’s asleep, he checks his phone and looks saddened to see that he missed a call from Ashley.

Checking to make sure Audra’s asleep. Tucker sends Ashley a text – where are you? Downstairs, she replies. You awake? I love, Tucker kisses Audra on the shoulder and sneaks out of bed.

Sharon and Chance just ended things five minutes ago, Nick isn’t sold on his relation with Summer. Phyllis knew it was coming. Our daughter deserves to be happy. I do as well, she adds. What about you, ‘Golden Boy’? Are you happy?

Flashing back to the Paris incident, Ashley says she’s at the club for five more minutes. What do you want? Tucker appears to bark. No, they can’t go up to his room – it’s here and now or nothing.

Nick’s been busy – nothing he can talk about. Phyllis wanted to talk to him. We created that beautiful girl over there. We’ll always share the bond of being Summer’s parents. Nick agrees – whether we like it or not. Stop stalling, she tells him through tears. He’s good but worried about Phyllis (as always) Buy me a drink and I’ll tell you why I’m so happy, she grins.

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My parents are here, Summer groans. They’re always in my business. They care, Chance can’t fault them. And here they come, he adds.

Tucker? Audra awakens alone in bed.

Ashley wanted to tell Tucker, face to face, how disgusted she is with him. She’s accepted the sad fact that she married him but will be eternally ashamed that she loved him.

Tucker assumes correctly that the wait staff backed up his version of events. Ashley warns that he has a lot of pain coming his way. That sounds like a threat to Tucker. It is, she’ll make sure he’s ousted from Devon and Dom’s life and will talk to Glacade’s board. You don’t have a heart, you’re all ego. Ashley has nothing but contempt for Tucker. And now it’s his turn to talk.

Phyllis is about to accept the invitation to join Chance and Summer when Nick stops her – is this a date? He then leads Phyllis back to the bar. Summer’s glad her Dad could take the hint. It’s weird to see them having a drink but no, it’s not a date, she’s sure.