Friday, February 9th, 2024

When Billy joins her at Society, Chelsea updates that she just talked to Connor’s teachers – the situation is worse than she thought.

Your Mother’s under the weather, Victor lies when Vikki stops by the ranch. No, Nikki confesses that she’s had a stumble that scared her.

She’s home? Audra squawks. Who!? Ashley!? she rants to Tucker about his obsession.

Ashley’s insulted by the looks Jack and Diane are exchanging – is this an intervention? Jack tells her that Traci talked to other wait staff in Paris – none of them remember Tucker being violent. He got to all of them, Ashley’s sure.

Tucker tried to blackmail you into spying on Jabot, Ashley reminds Diane – you know what he’s capable of. When Traci arrives, she’s hurt when hearing that her sister talked to the rest of the staff in Paris.

Admit it – your ego can’t stand not being able to get the woman you want. Audra’s broken all of her rules going from sex to intimacy with Tucker. He claims that he just wants to steer clear of Ashley and is sick of her accusations. He doesn’t want her getting in the way of what he has with Audra.

Connor’s struggling in all his classes, he can’t pay attention due to nerves/anxiety, isn’t sleeping or eating and is sanitizing his hands all the time. Billy’s supportive – how can I help?

Unhappy to hear that Victor and Vikki both knew about the fire but didn’t tell her that Jordan may have escaped, Nikki announces that she has proof that she’s still alive and a threat.

Nikki finally gets around to sharing the phone calls that she’s been getting. You have to believe me on this. You’re safe, we love you, Victor and Vikki reassure – Jordan can’t hurt you; she’s the vulnerable one. not you. On her way up for a nap, Nikki has a confession to make.

Billy’s happy to hear that Chelsea and Adam are on the same page and that she called her therapist. ‘You changed my life’, they both say. Chelsea now wants to hear what’s going in with Billy – tell me everything.

Traci wanted Ashley to be surrounded by family when told what the other wait staff said about Tucker. Ashley’s NOT imagining things. Stop looking at each other like that! He’s gaslighting me! Why are you doubting me!?

Traci offered the entire bistro staff twice as much as Tucker paid IF they told the truth about being bribed. Not one of them took it because they refused to lie. Why would they take his money, not mine? Traci then reminds Ashley that she had a ‘flicker’ of doubt i Paris. Ashley can’t believe they’re taking Tucker’s side. My family is letting me down! she cries.