Monday, March 4th, 2024

Devon and Nate are chatting about Billy’s surprisingly negative reaction to Chance’s great idea when Aunt Maime strolls into the office to say that Billy’s too full of himself – it’s time we groom Chance to be our ally.

Though thrilled when Chance meets her at the GCAC dressed like the safe businessman he is, Nina can tell something’s wrong. Second thoughts about quitting the force? No, but C-suite players can be just as slippery as criminals, he’s concluded.

Nikki relays her meeting with Seth to Victor, Vikki, Cole and Claire. He said that Isabelle/Jordan approached him at a bar.

At The Empty Glass, Jordan dumps her drink and pretending to be drunk whines about Nikki claiming not to know her. Set up a meeting, somewhere private, she asks Seth.

Seth knows ‘Isabelle’ is wearing a wig and that she dumped her drink. You’re not Nikki’s long-lost friend; you’re the despicable woman who pumped vodka into her veins! You’re not going anywhere! he grabs Jordan’s wrist when she tries to leave.

While Nikki wants to take action immediately, Victor needs to check in with his security team first. Claire thinks Nikki’s perhaps hiding how furious she is at her (and Jordan)

Feeling like he’s caught in a power-play between Devon and Billy, Chance tells his Mom how his mentor rejected his pitch – then left him to spy while he’s out of town. Yes, Chance could leave CW – or, he could turn this to his advantage.

Jill and Billy are grooming Chance, Maime tries to convince Devon (who likes Chance and his ideas; there’s no ‘sides’) Maime continues to rant about Billy wanting more power when Amanda arrives to ooze politeness and sarcasm.

As Nate and Devon frown, Maime and Amanda force smiles and jokes. Maime has a proposition for Amanda to relay to her boss – it might put this imaginary battle behind us. Let’s go for a drink.

Nina thought her days of worrying about Chance were over – sounds like you’ve put yourself in the middle of a fight.

While Cole and Vikki reassure Claire, Nikki admits that she seeing her is a reminder of what she and Jordan did. However, Nikki now sees Vikki’s intelligence and strength in her granddaughter (who surprises her with an impulsive hug)

Seth tried (and failed) to get Jordan drunk enough to slip up – you’re a ‘tough nut to crack’. Let’s go meet Nikki (with Victor and the cops) he challenges. If you’re telling the truth, laugh’s on me.