Tuesday, March 5th, 2024

In a slinky dress, Phyllis tells Abby that Danny’s coming to cook for her. No, you can’t go shoo those customers out, Abby grabs Phyllis – don’t make me change my mind, she warns.

Outside Society, Danny asks Chris if she’s sure about this. Yes, Chris DID need to come along – she trusts Danny but not Phyllis. Though Danny thinks he should talk to Phyllis alone, they compromise – he’ll go inside first to defuse the situation.

In the mood for company? Summer runs into Chance at the GCAC bar. I was just thinking about you, he greets her with a kiss.

At the ranch, Vikki finds Claire moping over framed photos. I would have been in some of these if Jordan hadn’t ruined my life.

Nikki and Victor talk to a police officer at The Empty Glass. Mr Morgan left with a woman – he said ‘tell Nikki Newman I’m sorry’ and walked into the path of an oncoming car. OMG! Nikki leans into Victor.

This happened because of me! Nikki’s beside herself. Victor asks the bartender for a description of the woman/witness. Isabelle? Red hair, glasses – 60-ish. Victor then asks the officer to get DNA from Isabelle’s glass and states the obvious to Nikki (Jordan killed Seth)

Picking up a framed photo of Adam, Claire worries she’ll be like him – in photos but not the Newman’s hearts. Vikki dissuades her from going to Adam for advice. Just be yourself – let us love you ~hug~ you’re where you belong. Claire’s phone rings. In the alley, Jordan mutters into her phone; pick up – whoever you are.

When Chance suggests they recap their work days, Summer has a better idea.

10 seconds after Danny walks in, Chris follows (he wanted me to come, she claims) Try not to destroy anything, Abby leaves. This is just a goodbye dinner, Phyllis tries to get rid of Chris and hopes Danny’s not breaking his promise. As a matter of fact, he is, Chris declares.

Phyllis is utterly gobsmacked that Chris would suspect a farewell dinner between friends is a romantic ‘ambush’. Danny realizes he shouldn’t have agreed to this dinner. Did Chris cry? Pitch a fit? Phyllis speaks as if she’s not even there. No, this is Danny’s call – he never meant to hurt Phyllis or lead her on. Danny’s not having dinner with you, Chris repeats. Are you going to let this jealous witch speak for you and ruin our evening? Phyllis is hurt. Danny turns to Chris – let me speak to her alone. It’s important.

In a suite upstairs, Chance and Summer are in the mood for the same thing – room service fries, a hot fudge sundae and a bottle of wine. Summer hangs up to inform Chance that it’ll be a half hour wait. However will we pass the time? ~kiss~