Tuesday, April 2nd, 2024

Waking up beside Audra, Tucker flashes back to stopping her from attacking Ashley.

At the house, Traci’s all in a dither about Ashley. She didn’t come home again last night, she informs Jack.

Jotting down a note, Tucker leaves it in an envelope before tip toeing out of the suite.

At Society to meet Jack, Nikki chats with Tessa about the move. It was nice to have her and Mariah staying in the tackhouse – and to have a baby around. Disguised as a man, Jordan listens with interest.

Jack’s decided to respect Ashley’s boundaries. Accusing him of being in denial, Traci doesn’t want to break her sister’s trust, but … Then don’t, Jack stands firm. Traci’s sure this isn’t over – because Tucker’s still here.

Running into Tucker at the club, Lily doesn’t see that they have anything to say to one another.

Tessa admires Nikki’s strength and assures her that they’ll find the Jordan – this nightmare will be over soon. Nikki’s left to eye the bottle of vodka sitting on display (beside Jordan, who’s back is to her)

Tucker can’t get to us – Ashley’s done with him, Jack insists. Traci worries she spent the night with him. Jack encourages her – you’re the glue that holds this family together but just be with us. He basically pats Traci on the head and leaves to meet Nikki.

At the revolving door, Tucker whines to Lily about how hard it is to respect Devon’s wish to stay away from him and Dom. Yes, it’s his own fault but he’d like to correct things. Some things can’t be undone, Lily’s not the one Tucker needs to convince. As she walks off, Devon walks in to completely ignore his father as he speed walks past him.

When Ashley comes home, Traci asks if she’s OK – where have you been. In tears, Ashley doesn’t know.

Jordan listens as Nikki shares her hesitation about going away on vacation with Victor. She hates wanting to drink and would miss Jack’s support. I’m a phone call away, he thinks a trip away is exactly what she needs.