Monday, April 1st, 2024

At Society, Cole points out that Claire’s a grown woman who’s handling her situation beautifully – let’s cut her some slack (and don’t worry every time she goes out) Vikki knows he’s telling her exactly what she needs to hear. She then wonders what Mariah and Tessa are so excited about.

In the jazz lounge, Billy invites his old friend to belly up to the bar with him. Not tonight, Phyllis declines (but can’t shake him off)

On the CL’s patio, Heather and Daniel will focus on the positive – we’re together. That said, both are unemployed. What’s the plan? Heather asks. Daniel was hoping she had some ideas.

Vikki and Cole ask Mariah and Tessa what their great news is and are shown photos of their new house!! Oops – sorry for being insensitive (Vikki’s house just burned down, after all) No need – Vikki’s happy for them. Surprised to hear that they once lived in the tackhouse, Mariah and Tessa invite them over to see how the place looks now.

Time to get serious – Heather will likely be able to get a job through Mike or Chris. She wants Daniel to find something he’s passionate about. He regrets signing over Omegasphere to CW. This is more than losing a job – this is losing part of yourself. Daniel agrees – Oemgasphere was his salvation – it can’t be replaced.

Billy sits beside Phyllis uninvited. It’s you against the Winters family; you’re just looking for some love but people see you as difficult. We’re not talking about me anymore, Billy correctly guesses.

Phyllis doesn’t care what people think of her. Billy’s surprised Daniel hasn’t told her that he’s back together with Heather. Of course, Phyllis knows that (a lie she takes credit for) When she’s done patting yourself on the back, Billy explains that there’s repercussions.

Back on the patio, Daniel pouts about losing rights to Princess Louisa – how did I let this happen? We didn’t do anything wrong, Heather takes his hand – maybe there’s a chance we can get Princess Louisa back – we have to try – for Lucy’s sake.

Cole and Vikki are back at the ranch. Instead of telling Claire stories about the past, they can show her. Show me what? Where it all began, Vikki smiles serenely.