Wednesday, May 1st, 2024

In a nutshell, today’s episode can be summed up with a lot less words than I just typed out; Basically, Jack finally gives up on helping Nikki and gives in to his own addiction. As she’s getting sober, he collapses. Don’t mix drinks with drugs kids. I barely got through all that typing. The wrist I broke a few years ago in an unfortunate hoverboard incident is aching – so no proof-reading or spellcheck today. Both actors knocked it out of the park today. That is all.

Finally let into Nikki’s ransacked suite, Jack grabs the bottle of vodka and wants to take her to a meeting. Mocking the ‘sad sacks’ in a church basement, Nikki refuses – I give up. Not on my watch, Jack vows.

This room is a mess, you’re a mess, Jack lectures. Look at yourself, he makes the bed and orders room service. Looking at Nikki’s phone, he lists everyone trying to reach her. Grabbing the flask from her hand, he continues – Claire and Harrison are both home.

As Jack gives Nikki a shake, the battle-for-the-booze culminates with her shattering an empty bottle on the floor and staggering off into the bathroom for some peace.

By the time Nikki comes out, room service has arrived. Jack pours her a cup of tea and refuses to leave her alone so she can have a drink. Agonizing over what Jordan subjected Harrison and Claire to, Nikki manages to open a full bottle. Jack watches in despair as she drinks.

Jack won’t wrestle Nikki for the bottle – but that’s what he tries to do. Since none of his ‘lectures’ are working, Nikki takes another drink – join the party or get out. Fine, Jack starts drinking and orders a delivery of drugs from his old dealer. You’re right; I’m wound too tightly – it’s time to get loose, he drinks again.

Catching up with the drinking, Jack’s hair is mussed, his tie loose, his shirt sleeves are rolled up. Pouring them both a shot, he toasts to Jordan’s death. Or your 40th anniversary. Our marriage? No, no – he knows just the toast – to our enduring friendship – through thick and thin. And with a 2 second interaction at the door, he’s holding a baggie of pills. This will hit the spot. Nikki looks horrified.

Jack’s sorry for lecturing Nikki and hurling slogans at her. He needs to remember what addiction feels like. He’s grateful for the bond they have. I’d do anything for you – we’ll climb out of rock bottom together. Nikki’s not buying it – you have too much to lose. ‘Mr Uptight’ relays Diane’s concern that he’d start taking pills again. He wants what Nikki has – just for one night. You’re stuck with me. Let’s do this together, he takes a pill out of the baggie and much to Nikki’s distress, washes it down with vodka. How does it feel? (to not be able to help) he asks her.

Not only has Jack caught up to Nikki, he’s surpassed her. Popping pills like candy, he pretends to answer her phone. Hello Mr Mustache – you won’t believe where I am. Breaking free when Jack forces her to dance with him cheek to cheek, Nikki’s soon begging Jack to take her to a meeting. OMG! Jack! Wake up! Wake up! she yelps when he collapses on the sofa.