Wednesday, May 15th, 2024

Running into his old friend, Abby, at the club, Daniel brings up the lawsuit. He appreciates having her on his side. I can’t lie to you, she ruefully admits.

Upstairs, Audra’s very pessimistic about the possibility of Tucker helping Devon and his actions reconnecting father and son.

Devon rallies Nate and Lily at CW. Jill will explode when we do this but she’s the one who dropped the first bomb.

Abby put her personal feelings aside to do what’s best for the company – which is fighting Daniel in court to protect CW’s intellectual property. He’s left at the revolving door looking hurt and insulted.

Devon desperately needs my help, Tucker insists. Audra changes the subject with good news – we can leave for Paris right now and deal with Billy when we get back. She’s furious when Tucker cancels their trip – AGAIN.

Daniel finds his Mom at CL’s, ripping out her earbuds to avoid listening to one of Danny’s songs. I’m not a fan, she declares.

When Abby gets to the office, she’s alarmed to hear that Devon’s called an emergency vote – while Billy’s gone. A cranky Jill appears on the big screen TV to grumble ‘What now’?

Audra’s sick and tired of being runner up – something or someone always comes first. Tucker shouts back – if she knew/cared about him at all, she’d understand.

After Nate leaves the board members to it, Abby’s as puzzled as Jill is. This meeting without Billy is exactly the kind of thing Jill wanted to avoid. Devon points out that he and Lily signed a contract with her, not with Billy.

In disbelief that Danny chose Chris over her, a real woman, Phyllis thinks he might be losing his mind. She’s surprised that Daniel’s not reacting to her disparaging his father.

Yes, Daniel’s ‘mocking’ his Mom for being self-absorbed. Am I a jerk? he goes off about Lily and Abby – when did I become the person everyone hates?