Tuesday, May 14th, 2024

Alan fends off Ashley’s advances in the park – this kind of relationship isn’t a good idea. What aren’t you telling me? she wonders.

Confirming Jill’s instructions to Ester that she’s to forward all of her CW correspondence to Billy, Lily’s followed into her office by Nate. She hasn’t been able to reach Billy – he’s just been handed the keys to the kingdom and is blowing us off!

At the revolving door, Audra defends her man before heading upstairs to pack. That leaves Devon to ask his Dad about his trip. Would you care if I was going away for good? Tucker’s hopeful.

Devon has no time for games – he just wants to know what Tucker’s original plan was with Maime (to get Jill out of CW) Tucker immediately guesses that Billy’s the target.

Dropping by Audra’s suite, Sally’s happy to hear that her new BFF’s leaving for Paris tonight (with Tucker). She’s there for advice – when do you know it’s finally time to ‘cut and run’?

Alan doesn’t use the word ‘crazy’; he finds Ashley to be a beautiful, fascinating woman but doesn’t want a long-distance relationship. You just want to psychoanalyze me, she accuses.

Slipping into her southern drawl, Ashley’s disappointed that Alan’s interested in her issues, not her. He’s left standing in the park by himself.

Standing by her decision to keep Maime out of the loop, Lily tells Nate that Billy just sent her a text – and it’s not good news.

Tucker will help Devon in any way he can. He knows this isn’t an alliance but hopes for a chance to prove that he’s changed.