Monday, May 20th, 2024

Cole wonders who the ‘tray’ is for – since Victor’s alone. Why are you questioning me? Victor growls.

Repulsed by the bowl of brussel sprouts, Jordan MUST find a way out of here – how did this happen to me?

At Adam’s, he and Chelsea are optimistic about Connor wanting a video chat with them – but when they do, the boy flips out. What are you doing?! You can’t call now! he stuns his parents.

In the GCAC dining room, Nate and Audra flirt. All she has to say about Tucker is ‘bon voyage’. Speak of the devil, Tucker moseys over to ask if the ‘morning after’ breakfast is for his benefit. Ashley spies.

Connor calls the back to say that his parents called too soon – it was 9:13. Adam and Cheslsea didn’t mean to; let’s move past his. How is therapy going? Not great, Connor admits.

Claiming that the leftover brussel sprouts are for the horses, Victor reads a text on his phone and asks Cole to cut to the chase. Cole suspects he’s hiding something.

Tucker calls a waiter over to hand him the bowl of strawberries – put chocolate on them, put it on my tab. You’re embarrassing yourself, Audra boasts that even he can’t spoil her good mood after the glorious night she had. After a few bitter words, Audra leaves with Nate. Ashley emerges – do you want to come with me? she asks Tucker.

Victor reminds Cole that he’s been given free run of his home. Where do you keep disappearing to? Cole’s answer is ‘none of your business. You’re a guest in my home, soon to be an unwelcome guest, Victor wags his finger. Concerned about his daughter, Cole’s told to have a nice day – and leaves even more suspicious.

Connor’s been dealing with a lot of stuff (in therapy) this week – no big deal. Memories and feelings; he doesn’t want to talk about it. Chelsea and Adam want to listen and help. Connor’s not sure anyone can. He thinks everyone would be happier if he wasn’t around – I’m useless. Connor just wants to be normal, a better son. Adan and Chelsea are aghast and devastated.