Tuesday, May 21st, 2024

At CL’s, Jack and Devon are so distracted they bump into each other. Is Billy making things easier or harder for you at CW? Jack asks. He’s making things ‘exciting’, Devon claims. Uh oh – what’s Billy done now, Jack wonders.

Jordan! What the hell’s going on!? Cole asks through the bars. Jordan leaps off her cot. You’ve got to get me out of here!

Eating ice cream on a park bench, Nate suspects Audra isn’t the bad girl she makes herself out to be. You want to explore your ‘good side’. No, that sounds boring to her, she giggles.

Still in the jazz lounge, Ashley sympathizes with Tucker – Audra sure moved on quickly with Nate. She all but begs him to have sex with her. Let me remind you of how incredible we are together. Not interested, Tucker removes her hand from his face.

Taking a seat on the patio, Jack’s aware that Billy’s ‘unique management style’ can ‘ruffle feathers’. He’s ‘shocked’ to hear that Jill ceded control to Billy and that he wants to add his last name to the company. That tells Devon all the needs to know about ‘that guy’.

Tucker’s not going anywhere with Ashley – this isn’t you. Things didn’t ‘fall apart’ – they ‘blew apart’. There’s something seriously wrong here – this isn’t about love – you’re going through something. Head in his hands in despair over watching it happen, he’s oblivious to Ashley’s hateful glare.

Jordan reaches through the bars – let me hold you. She knows Cole will let her out because his dear Mother raised him to be a good man. Victor set everything up – he comes down to gloat at my misery. Help me, I’m reformed, I’ll leave town. As if Cole would believe Jordan after everything she’s done. Call the police then, Jordan would rather be in a real prison.

Are you dense? Don’t just stand there – I’m all the family you’ve got left! Jordan shrieks. Vikki and Claire are my family! Needing time to think, Cole leaves his Aunt to wail – I’m not a caged animal!

Billy wants to put OUR name on YOUR company? In disbelief, Jack declines Devon’s request that he talk to Billy. Think about what Neil would do, is his advice.