Wednesday, May 22nd, 2024

Coming home after lunch, Claire and Vikki still have much to be excited about – but both noticed how quiet Cole was and the tension between him and Victor.

Cole’s flashing back to a caged Jordan when Mike meets him at Society. He needs to officially hire the lawyer before getting into it.

Jordan cackles with delight as she pulls a wire out of her cot springs and jiggles it around in the lock.

Alan, Jack and Traci wonder what happened to Ashley between her fight with Tucker and her coming home.

Get off me! Ashley peels herself off the lounge’s floor. Refusing to let Tucker take her to the hospital, she looks puzzled/scared – what are we doing here?

Ashley allows Tucker to sit her down but won’t let him touch her or take her home. He isn’t being ‘ridiculous’ – you’re not well and don’t remember what happened.

Putting together the pieces, Traci and Jack determine that Ashley’s mood swings started after her second visit to the bistro in Paris. Alan explains that they must connect with the real Ashley – she’s the only one who can tell them what traumatized her.

Paying the ole trusty dollar retainer, Cole asks what Mike knows about Jordan. Victor told him the same story he told everyone else. He’s stunned when Cole tells him that Jordan’s being kept in a dungeon beneath his house.

Finding his secret door ajar, Victor frowns and proceeds slowly.

Tucker insists on taking Ashley home to her family. He knows she’s scared – asking for help isn’t a weakness, it’s courage. Ashley meekly accompanies him upstairs.

Vikki tells Claire that her Dad’s suspicious that Victor’s hiding something pertaining to Jordan.

Well look at that – you’re busy at work, Victor assures Jordan that she won’t be able to escape. You had a visitor didn’t you?

Nikki wheels her suitcase in. Victor? Are you home?