Friday, May 24th, 2024

No time for spellcheck or proofreading.

Chelsea and Adam are talking about their call and upcoming visit with Connor when Nick arrives at CL’s to ask how he is; how he really is.

Jack and Traci come in to ask where Alan is. Ashley asked him to leave – her head’s spinning – it’s a lot to process. Do you really think I have to commit myself? she looks afraid.

‘Over my dead body’, Victor has no intention of letting Jordan out. She tells Mike and Cole (who don’t utter a peep) not to listen to him – he has plans for me; my blood will be on YOUR hands.

As Victor’s lawyer and friend, Mike couldn’t let this happen. Cole takes full blame. Jordan believes her ‘angels of mercy’ will get her out of here.

Yes, Traci and Jack do think Ashley needs help. No, not at Fairview. Ashley then relays that Alan agrees; she’s so sorry for putting them through this. If you think I should go, I will.

Nick’s sympathetic and supportive. Of course, Adam can take off work to go visit Connor; family comes first.

Despite Victor’s bluster, Mike and Cole refuse to ‘leave the premises and never speak of this again’. Not gonna happen.

That woman almost killed the woman I love! Victor can’t take the risk of Jordan escaping. Cole thought about leaving her there but can’t – the staff and Vikki will catch on. That woman will rot in that dungeon! Victor shouts/lists off her crimes.

Meanwhile, Jordan has a complete meltdown in her cell.

Tucker leaves a message for Audra – her trip to Paris is a waste of time. He’s canceled her meeting and if she makes another he’ll cancel that too.

Traci and Jack trust Alan to decide what’s best for Ashley (who rubs her temple) In the white room, she meets the personalities who vow to protect her – you can NOT go to Paris with Alan.