Monday, May 27th, 2024

Back at the house, Claire and Harrison admit they were a bit scared on the ferris wheel. Off to wash up for dinner, Harrison asks if Claire can stay. You’re welcome to, Kyle invites.

Chelsea’s asked Summer to meet her at CL’s – she has a ‘huge ask’ – a leave of absence so she can be there for Connor. She even has an idea for her replacement – keep an open mind.

At Society, Adam has something to tell Sally that he hopes won’t upset her (like when he went behind her back to try get her design business under the Newman umbrella) What did you do this time? she asks warily.

In the jazz lounge with Diane, Jack’s relieved that Ashley’s going to Paris with Alan and Traci. Et voila! Tucker appears – Ashley’s in Paris???

Chelsea tells Summer that she needs a designer who can finish the line, manage a team, and to take the ball and run with it. Sally’s changed and she’s very talented. Summer’s not thrilled with this idea.

Adam tells Sally that Chelsea’s taking time off to be with Connor – she’s going to suggest you take her place. Sally’s not upset – how did Chelsea react? She’s open to it. Sally doubts Summer is. Adam hopes she realizes it’s a smart move for Marchetti.

Ashley’s diagnosis is none of your business, Jack snarls. Tucker correctly guesses that Diane wasn’t told that he was the one to bring Ashley home (after she hit on him) Now, what’s she doing in Paris? he sits to ask.

Summer will have to think about it but is fine with Chelsea taking time off. Eluding to having to trust someone she has every reason not to, Summer suggests Chelsea get a refill – there’s a lot to catch up on.

Thanks for the invite but Claire has to get home. Best day EVER! Harrison gives her a hug and goes upstairs to wash. That leaves Claire to ask Kyle if Summer’s seriously considering hiring her. It must be hard for her to trust me.

Over drinks at Adam’s, he and Sally discuss him going to Maryland. He and Chelsea haven’t seen Connor since they dropped him off. Hopefully, their visit doesn’t set him back. It could be exactly what he needs, Sally’s sure Connor misses his parents. You always know the right thing to say, Adam loves her for that (and more) ~kiss~