Monday, June 3rd, 2024

Vikki’s pleased when Cole drops by – both are eager to hear how Claire’s first day as Harrison’s nanny went.

At the Abbott mansion, Kyle’s praise for Claire is far more enthusiastic than Summer’s (who’s even more unhappy when Kyle announces that Jordan’s alive)

Jordan’s in a maximum security prison, Kyle informs. Summer lashes out at Claire – why didn’t you tell me!? Claire wanted to tell Summer but Victor told her not to. See you tomorrow, Claire leaves Kyle to face the wrath of Summer. ONE day and she’s already keeping secrets!!!

In Paris, Ashley insists that she and Alan had a conversation in this very bar. He and Traci aren’t quite sure how to react.

Cole and Vikki welcome home the ‘nanny extraordinaire’. Claire had the best day ever. She has great things to say about Harrison – and Kyle. Summer, not so much.

Kyle and Summer continue to argue. She’s offended that he keeps telling her how to feel. Our son was kidnapped – now Jordan’s two targets are together every day! Refusing to fire Claire, Kyle goes upstairs as Summer shouts – it’s my decision too!

Alan’s never been to this bar. Ashley’s memory is vivid – she even recognizes Jean Pierre, the bartender – why don’t you believe me? Alan finally admits that she may have spent the evening with his brother.

Summer thanks Chance for meeting her (in the park) His guys tell him that Jordan’s in a facility that no one’s ever escaped from. Summer appreciates Chance being on her side. Claire’s already keeping secrets on her first day – the person Jordan groomed since birth has direct access to my son! she frets.

While Claire goes upstairs to order a book for Harrison, Vikki confides her concerns about Kyle to Cole. He and Summer have a complicated history. He’s had several divorces – the affair with Harrison’s mother and he dated that ‘shark’ (Audra) Cole thinks it’s a positive thing that Claire’s made a friend.