Friday, May 31st, 2024

Sally thanks Nick for meeting her (at Society) Yes, she’s nervous. This will be a difficult conversation. Do you want the good or bad news first?

Tucker’s summoned an employee to his hotel suite. Giving her a list of CEO’s of the companies acquired by Glacade, he tasks her with canceling their meetings with Audra – she’s no longer associated with Glacade. On the balcony he mutters – game on Audra.

Audra’s choosing just the right dress to wear to her meeting when she gets a call; apparently Tucker’s canceled her meeting. Audra fumes to herself – if Mr McCall thinks he can get away with this, he’s underestimated me again.

Ashley knows she spoke to Alan that evening – she called him after Tucker stormed out of the Bistro. The mind can play tricks and you were under a lot of duress, he gently points out. You and I were together that night, Ashley insists. Traci’s smile reads ‘you poor thing’.

Sally delivers the good news first; Summer’s asked her to fill in for Chelsea at Marchetti. The bad news – her interior design company is folding. Nick doesn’t expect her to pay him back. Investments don’t always profit. Still, Sally feels guilty for letting him down.

Ashley KNOWS she spoke to Alan that night – but you say you were in Florence. Do you know what bar you called me from? he asks. Quitting isn’t an option, Traci’s optimistic as always. Alan wants Ashley to recap that night – it could be the key to everything.

Tucker’s next request is to have his assistant arrange a board meeting. The topic? Officially and permanently removing Audra Charles from the board.

Receiving call after call, her meetings all canceled, a frustrated Audra tells whoever’s on the line a little secret – Tucker will be stepping down due to a past scandal – I’ll be Glacade’s next CEO.

Nick lets Sally off the hook. Did you give it everything you had? Yes – but she still wants to pay him back. Nick won’t take her money – deal with it. What he wants is for her to do a good job at Marchetti – they’re lucky to have you. Sally considers Nick a great friend and is grateful for Summer giving her the chance. Thank you, for everything. Nick vows to always be in her corner ~hug~

After Nick leaves, Sally calls Audra with good news – you’re speaking to the new (temporary) creative director at Marchetti. Audra’s thrilled for her friend. Meanwhile, Tucker’s trying to erase me from Glacade – but I’ll never give him the satisfaction.

Back on his balcony, Tucker flashes back to running into Alan (who,in hindsight, didn’t seem to recognize him before hurrying off)

Ashley doesn’t know the name of the bar but sure she can find it, insists the search begin right now. When Alan tries to stall, she wonders why (as does Traci)