Tuesday, June 25th, 2024

Connor and his parents are so happy to be spending time together (away from the facility) Yes, they can see that he’s getting better.

Chance’s summoned Billy to Society. Yes, he’s heard rumblings. Billy talks about a lot of moving parts and needing to have Lily on their side. Huh? Chance is talking about Jill’s health.

At CW, Nate stands by as Devon and Lily doubt one another’s allegiance to the plan (to convince Billy that she’ll run CW with him after separating the companies)

Over pizza in a hotel suite, Connor can’t wait to come home to GC. He talks about the facility being ‘crazy’ expensive’ and worries about the kids who don’t have rich parents. This place is really helping me ~group hug~

Chance and Billy discuss Jill’s health issues.

Lily’s insulted that her brother seems to be insinuating that she’s lying and waiting to betray him.

After dropping Connor off, Chelsea and Adam return to the hotel suite to marvel at what a great day they had with Connor and how they’ve been able to lean on each other ~hug~

Still at Society, Billy shares his plans for ‘Abbott Chancellor’ with Chance. He’s confident that Lily will be able to convince Devon to separate the companies. With her on his side and his Mom’s vote, Billy has the numbers.

Devon wonders if Billy’s gotten into Lily’s head. You put me on the spot in front of him to test my loyalty!? It was MY idea – maybe Lily SHOULD reconsider joining Devon at Hamilton Winters.

Maybe Billy’s right – you DO want total autonomy. He’s not the only one who’s dealt with your control issues, right? Lily looks at Nate (who won’t get involved)

Chelsea and Adam’s balloon is punctured by a call from Dr Hammond; she’s coming to the hotel to see them in person.