Wednesday, June 26th, 2024

On video chat, Chelsea updates Billy that Connor tried to hurt himself again. Sorry to hear it, Billy asks how Adam’s dealing with things.

Diane’s leaving a message for Jack when Kyle arrives at Jabot – good morning. It isn’t a good morning and it’s about to get a lot worse, she hands him an envelope. What’s this? A termination notice – you’re fired.

Over breakfast at Society, Sally’s told all about Audra’s ‘bold move’. It was an exhilarating ride but she didn’t pull off this win by herself (but can’t say who her anonymous investor is) No, Audra’s not worried that Tucker will retaliate.

Diane had no choice but to fire Kyle. As an Abbott, Jabot is his birthright! Diane’s an Abbott too. Only by marriage, a recent one at that, Kyle smirks. Diane loves her son but is done with him undermining her. You think he’s going to sign off on this?! Kyle snarls when Jack arrives to wonder what the hell he walked in on. He orders them both into his office – now.

Audra’s covered her bases – Tucker won’t hurt her again, personally or professionally. As for Glacade’s new owner, he or she will reveal themselves in good time. Toasting to her success, Audra needles Sally – – not every woman would be so cool about their boyfriend spending so much time in a hotel room with their ex.

Chelsea tells Billy that Adam’s handling things really well. They’re staying in town in case Connor wants to see them. Feeling helpless, Billy suggests he fly out – there must be something I can do.

Jack listens in stunned silence as Diane and Kyle argue. He’s just been doing what he’s always done. That’s the problem! It’s not your job anymore, it’s mine! Clearly Mom doesn’t have the experience to operate at this level, Kyle appeals to his Dad. Diane had no choice but to fire him. I’m NOT backing down!

When Adam arrives with coffee, Chelsea ends the call with Billy. Miss you – miss you more. Sally wishes there was something she could do too, Adam mopes – there isn’t anything anyone can do.

Sally’s not jealous. Audra thinks a twinge of jealousy would be normal – Adam’s in a hotel room with his ex after all. Tucker claimed he was done with his ex too (and look how that turned out) Their focus is Connor, Sally’s not worried – she and Adam are in love; she trusts him completely. Audra trusts no one and will stick with making her business successful.

Enlighten your wife on ‘corporate protocol’, Kyle directs his ire at his Dad. There it is – the condescending attitude, Diane’s been waiting for Kyle to act like an executive instead of the heir apparent. Jack voices support for Kyle and then for Diane; his head swiveling back and forth like he’s watching a tennis match.

After Audra leaves, Sally invites Billy to join her (to discuss Connor) They don’t agree that Audra’s someone to be careful of – but do agree on feeling helpless regarding Connor.