Wednesday, July 10th, 2024

Having some ideas to streamline the de-merger, Nate suggests waiting for Lily. Devon’s not sure she’s coming in. Oh, here she is. She wanted to wait til things settled down after the board meeting. Have things settled down enough for you to tell Billy you’re leaving CW?

Claire’s brought Harrison to the park. This afternoon’s topic? Worms. You’re the best. No, you are.

Billy jokes with his kids at CL’s – he’s grateful they’re happy and healthy. Johnny and Katie are left with their Mom. Billy joins Chelsea on the patio – you’re trembling – are you OK?

At Society, Sally’s happy to report that things are going well for her and Chloe at Marchetti. Adam zones out as she blathers on about frocks. Is something wrong? Where did you go just now? Sally snaps him out of it.

Billy understands that Chelsea’s thrown by seeing Johnny – he asked about you and Connor, he adds. Billy also understands that it must be tough to see Johnny looking so well with what Connor’s going through. They decide to go to Society for lunch.

Asking Nate to give her and Devon privacy, Lily faltering tells her brother that it’s too soon for her to jump ship. She needs time. Devon detects she’s not being honest with him and is salty about not being told that Jill’s sick. He correctly guesses Lily’s thinking of staying with Billy to run CW.

Adam’s thinking about how stressful his trip to Baltimore was. There’s something I need to …. Arriving with Chelsea, Billy accepts Sally’s invitation to join them for lunch.

At the park, Johnny comments that Chelsea seemed sad at CL’s. And Connor’s been through a lot (he recites the list) Both he and Katie want him to be included in a family get together. When Claire and Harrison come over, Katie glares at her new big sister.

Jill was so disappointed to hear that we’re breaking up the companies, Lily knows she’ll be devastated if she leaves. Devon makes a good case – but he and Lily are soon bickering.