Tuesday, July 9th, 2024

Sharon’s just started going through a photo album of Cassie when Lucy knocks on her front door. I’m looking for your daughter – is she around?

Strolling through the park, Heather’s losing hope of finding a job. Maybe it’s a sign I should go back to Portugal, she surprises Daniel.

At Society, Nate’s impressed that Glacade’s offices are in the penthouse of a new state of the art building; less impressed that she didn’t mention she was going into business with another ex lover.

Prepare to be wowed, Kyle ends a call with a reporter. Is it true? Summer barges into the house. If you think I’ll let you move away with Harrison, you’re delusional.

Life is pretty perfect – minus the no jobs part. Heather’s meeting Lucy soon – she talked to her Dad, he seems lonely. Daniel sees no reason why they don’t take a family trip to Portugal. It’ll be hard to drag Lucy away from fan-girling over Faith.

Faith should be home from a friends’ soon, Sharon invites Lucy in to wait. Lucy found a super cute bracelet in a vintage shop. Picking up the photo album. Lucy’s sorry to hear that Mariah had a twin who died in a car accident. Yes, Sharon does think about her a lot.

Kyle’s not happy that his Mom’s sent Summer over. He’s not moving to Paris – just out of this house. He IS focusing on Harrison. It’s the only home he’s known, filled with people who love him – he feels safe and happy here. So selfish – if Summer can put up with seeing Diane for Harrison’s sake, why can’t Kyle?

Lucy hopes Faith doesn’t mind her dropping by – and this bracelet. It’s super thoughtful, it even goes with my outfit. Sharon makes a point of discreetly letting Faith know that Lucy doesn’t know about her Dad’s role in it. After Lucy leaves, Faith asks her Mom why she was looking at Cassie’s scrapbook. Is it because of all the questions I asked??

Summer lists the upheaval in Harrison’s life. He’s excited about it – get onboard. You told him before me? You don’t care about Harrison – you’re more interested in his nanny and your ex. Maybe she WILL do something about it.

Nate disagrees that Kyle and Tucker are dissimilar; both are rich, entitled and cocky. If Audra didn’t know better, she’d think Nate’s jealous.

Sharon explains that every now and then she has a cry over Cassie – but it’s not a bad thing to remember all the joy she brought to their lives. Faith gives her a hug.