Monday, December 15th

Can you believe that guy? He’s always ‘on’, always ‘working it’. Lily feels ‘slimy’ after talking to Joe. Kelly’s more objective; business is business. Regarding her fight with Phyllis, Kelly mopes that SHE has Jack to comfort her (while Kelly’s all alone)

Jack comes home to praise Phyllis for how she handled Avery’s announcement. But Phyllis is insulted – why would she be anything but happy for her sister? She does, however, reserve the right to protect her loved ones.

Avery ends a call (warning a doctor that Sharon’s ETC records are being subpoenaed) as Joe arrives to notice her ‘brow twitching thing’. Oh, and you’re making a mistake marrying Dylan McAvoy.

Given what Summer’s paternity put Jack through, Sharon’s not sure he’ll do her any favours. And maybe the Judge would like her to be a stay at home Mom. Dylan lists all Sharon’s lost – you deserve this. Do it for Faith.

Neil off in a cab to see Lily, Devon wants to spend some time with Hilary (who’s snippy – and obviously jealous of Gwen)

In the club’s office, Lily shares her concerns with Neil; she’s worried he might start drinking again. Neil’s not upset. Yes, some days he’s tempted. Lily lists the people who love him; including Moses (who’s the main reason Neil won’t drink) Here – Lily’s bought some Braille books for Neil to read to Moses.

Jack bumps into Kelly at the club. Phyllis lost a year of her life – but her behavior was inexcusable. And yet you excuse it, Kelly knows all about loss. Phyllis’ coma just gives her an excuse to be a bigger bitch than she was before!

Phyllis isn’t happy when Sharon comes to the office looking for Jack. Did you bring a DNA test saying Mariah’s Jack’s? Don’t bother to ‘come back’ – security won’t let you in. Sharon’s job may be up to Jack – but he will never side with you over me, Phyllis warns.

Devon doesn’t say anything about Hilary sleeping with his Dad every night. Hilary knows she has no right to be jealous. Devon doesn’t know what else he can do – what WE can do.

You nailed it! Lily’s proud that her Dad finished the book. No – it’s only because he knows the book off by heart. Don’t worry – Neil won’t drink over this. OK, Lily has another book – The Squishy Meatball (which Neil doesn’t know)

Lauren’s eager to get a second opinion. Mike’s in no hurry and has to work today. OK, what he’s really worried about is not being able to be a ‘real’ husband to Lauren.

Joe stopped by to invite Mike to his party at the GCAC. He’s not here – make an appointment, Avery snaps. She doesn’t care what he thinks about her marrying Dylan. Joe questions the timing (Dylan’s proposal has to do with ME)
After managing to finish the book, Neil finds that Lily’s fallen asleep on his shoulder.

Devon can’t be happy that his Dad gets to spend so much time with Hilary, but he’s not trying to punish her. What he wants he can’t have. Me too, Hilary agrees – all we have is this. Let’s get out of here. Devon looks sad.