Monday, December 15th

Avery drops by Jack’s to announce that she and Dylan are engaged. Jack looks thrilled, Phyllis, not so much.

Joe and Kelly plan the cocktail party; complete with full bar. Lily enters to scoff that a few drinks won’t make people side with Joe over Dylan. Jobs will be lost. Joe realizes thinks he has an idea to help Lily accept the project.

Sharon nervously checks to make sure CL’s is all clear (of Nick – and Avery; no offense to Dylan) Over coffee, Sharon gets a pep talk. Dylan encourages her to fight for what she wants.

Mike gets up to find Lauren researching prostate cancer and how it effects families; IE adult children. After all Fen’s been through, were gonna tell him I’m sick? Mike disapproves.

Hilary praises Neil’s ability to navigate his way onto the CL’s patio. Yes, he’s feeling confident – why wouldn’t I be? Neil, of course, doesn’t see Devon appear (or the way Hilary’s gazing up at him)

Devon? Neil’s ‘on top of his game’ and in a humorous mood. This lady’s a great catch. Stick around and Neil will show Devon how to pick the right woman.

Dylan tells Sharon to focus on being a great Mom. He’s not worried about what Nick or Avery think of their friendship – and Sharon shouldn’t worry about what ‘everyone thinks’. You and Nick are good parents – do what you have to do for your kid.

Back at the Baldwin’s apartment, Lauren and Mike debate ‘pretending/lying’ to Fen. Mike wants the holidays to be drama free. Lauren leaves Mike to read her lists of questions for their doctor’s appointment today.

Why isn’t Avery making a ‘big’ announcement? Because some may think she (and Dylan) are trying to steal Phyllis and Jack’s thunder. No one would think that, Jack assures. You think that someone is me!? Phyllis challenges Avery.

Jack gently points out that Phyllis’ reactions have been unpredictable lately. Phyllis knows she’s a loose canon; it’s her claim to fame. But Avery shouldn’t be afraid to announce her engagement. Phyllis is happy for Avery (and Dylan) ~hug~ After Jack leaves, Avery needs to get to work. She’ll let Phyllis know if she can testify against Sharon (which she’s more than willing to do)

Sharon wants Faith to be raised by both her parents. She doesn’t want to ‘fight dirty’, but worries Victor will if he gets involved. Dylan sees Sharon as capable and employed. No, Phyllis fired me. But that’s Jack’s decision. Go get your job back, Dylan insists.
Since Lily worries that holding the party there implies that the GCAC supports his project, Joe offers to move the event elsewhere. When Kelly voices her objection, Lily agrees Joe doesn’t need to move the event. Joe assures Lily that he’s one of the good guys (but not perfect) She and Kelly are left to exchange a look.

Back from the doctor, Lauren and Mike go over the treatment options. He’s pessimistic, she’s optimistic. And where’s Mike going now? To work – to forget about all of this for a few hours; pretend to have my old life.