Tuesday, December 16th

Lauren can’t BELIEVE Mike’s bringing up her affair with Carmine. Oh no, you misunderstand (this time Mike would understand her turning to another man)

Anita drops by the penthouse with a bunch of wrapped gifts for Connor (sleeping) Picking up the hand made Christening gown, Anita’s surprised to hear it’s for Vikki and Billy’s baby – but is glad Chelsea’s picking up her game (before she loses another man)

What the hell were you thinking!? Chelsea could have recognized you, Sage rants. After Adam grumbles about Billy taking over his family, Sage admits she ran into Nick. Are you trying to ruin everything? Adam’s pissed.

In the park, Hilary prattles on about Christmas. Devon has a private suite at the club – on a private floor – private entry. It’ll be ..uh .. private.

Awakening with a start, Lily answers a business call, then supports Neil – call me, anytime – if you feel the urge to drink (which he’s also concerned about) Lily will do anything to keep Neil from that ‘dark place’.

Chris drops by Paul’s office with a blood-work report – it’s conclusive. Nikki interrupts their kiss to hear the great news. ‘And I have you to thank for it’ (Paul’s words confuse Nikki and annoy Chris)

After everything we’ve been through… ? Lauren’s understandably upset. Mike thinks she deserves more than a roommate (or worse, a dependent) Lauren doesn’t WANT an ‘out’. In sickness and in health – remember? I love you! Cancer doesn’t change that. It changes everything, Mike won’t be pitied!

The Christening gown is to show Billy that Chelsea supports him being the Father. Bad move, Vikki will use the baby to reel him in, Anita warns. Chelsea won’t keep Billy from his daughter. She knows Billy will never be out of Vikki’s life, any more than Adam will be out of hers.

Back at Castle Black, Sage explains that she accidentally ran into Nick. The man you mock (Gabriel) gave up his life saving yours! Yeah, but Adam can’t take advantage of that, thanks to Sage. He now suspects she came to GC to prevent him returning to his old life.

Paul explains – if Dylan hadn’t donated part of his liver, Paul wouldn’t be here. Nikki thinks he should credit Dylan then (Chris agrees – looks like we all got what we wanted) Some things are meant to be, Paul smiles.

At the club, Devon slips Hilary the key – he’ll join her when he can. Lily appears – so, my suspicions were right.

Nikki’s about to leave when reminded why she came – to have a little engagement party for Dylan and Avery. Chris leaves – I guess we’ll have our discussion later. ‘Eek’, Nikki cringes (but that doesn’t stop her from asking Paul to host the engagement party with her)

You ungrateful … who helped you heal? Held your hand?! Sage says that Gabriel had a big heart. Adam had to watch his son go blind – couldn’t do a damn thing about it! Except run over a child and take her eyes! Sage blasts back. That’s not what happened!! Yes, Adam’s angry – Billy Abbott is taking over his life.