Monday, December 15th

Avery denies her engagement is about Joe. Dylan’s staking his claim now that I’m back in your life, Joe insists. But you’re NOT back in my life – our marriage didn’t work out! Avery’s not proud of her infidelity, but her relationship with Dylan is real. Stop by the party, Joe says (then passes Dylan on his way out) Relaying Joe’s words, Avery can’t figure out what he’s up to.

Jack’s never known Kelly to be cruel – this is no way to handle your anger. Phyllis is ‘hell on wheels’ – but MY behavior isn’t up to your standards!? Kelly scoffs. Told that Phyllis is passionate and intense, Kelly says she’s a bully – but she will NOT be a victim. Kelly won’t back down if Phyllis comes near her again.

Back at Jabot, Sharon reminds that she has history with Jack too. She provided a service and did her job well. Jack won’t forgive you, no one will, Phyllis snorts. Based on her own past, Sharon thinks Phyllis has no right to judge her.

Lauren loves Mike. Sex is not all we are – not all that we have. She needs his humour, wit and support. We all need you. Mike worries the treatments might not work – he might become dependent upon Lauren. I’ll become this thing you look after, not the man you love. Again, Lauren loves Mike – will stand by him no matter what. Last time things got tough you didn’t stand by me – you slept with another man, Mike reminds.

Next: Lily has a question for Devon; Why did you invite Hilary to come into your private suite? …. Nikki’s thrilled by Paul’s news; Chris and I are going to have a baby, and I have you to thank for it … Adam shouts – …. or what it was like to stand there and watch your son go blind, not being able to do a damn thing about it! He over-shouts Sage – that’s NOT what happened!!

My Thoughts: Neil tells Devon to stick with him and he’ll pick the right woman? He already has; twice (Father and son also shared Devon’s faux-Aunt, Tyra)… With Neil’s heightened sense of smell, Hilary better shower after dates with her stepson … Devon doesn’t ‘say anything’ about Hilary sleeping with his Dad every night? Wth hell could you say Devon? She’s MARRIED to Neil. And at some point, she LOVED Neil. Sadly, he’s just being played for a fool now. Devon and Hilary aren’t keeping their secret for Neil’s sake – it’s because everyone will know how repulsive they are … Why couldn’t Lily get Neil a Braille book that HE might enjoy? For adults? Without words like ‘squisheled’ (which, no Neil, is not a word) Enough with the drinking Lily. If Neil starts, it’s because you’re always putting it in his head (and possibly his ‘son’ sleeping with his wife for months) … What a hard job Lily has; napping in the middle of the day. Did I see a hint of chemistry between her and Joe? She was the same way with Tyler …. It was unfair of Mike to bring up Lauren’s affair with Carmine. Essentially, he’s right, but why bring up something they fought so hard to get past? And Lauren again sounded selfish when listing all the people who ‘need’ Mike and she doesn’t need to be all cancer/all the time. But, in her defense, she’s only known for a few days and has a lot to catch up on. Odd that Kevin hasn’t been hovering. Did he even check in to confirm that Mike told Lauren?? … Why exactly is Lauren researching the effects of cancer on adult children? I think it falls under the category of ‘that sucks’ (as eloquently covered by Mariah) I wonder if anyone will bother to let Mike’s sister Eden know …. Kelly’s no match for Phyllis, ‘the bully’. But really, what can Phyllis do to her? And why? It’s not like she’s sniffing around Jack. Why would Kelly even want Jack now? He has no business calling Kelly cruel, or telling her how to express her anger. Perhaps … Why is Avery such a scaredy cat when it comes to Phyllis? And how does Phyllis know that Dylan’s not a jerk? Does she know him at all? … Sharon feels bad about asking Noah to go to Nick, but doesn’t ask his brother Dylan? … Sharon was right; Phyllis has no room to judge her. But on the topic of ‘human decency’, if Sharon had any, after what she’s put Jack through, she wouldn’t put him in the position of having to decide whether she keeps her job or not, or having to interact with her. Sharon doesn’t need the money. If she wants to work, she should find something else (according to Joe, the new development will create jobs – maybe at the new Fenmore’s boutique) or Dylan could hire Sharon on at CL’s part time …. Why is Sharon worried that Victor might get involved in the custody battle? ‘Victor being Victor Newman’ sure didn’t help Vikki retain custody of Reed, in fact, he was the reason she lost him. Victor ‘helping’ Nick could very well be in Sharon’s best interests … So, Joe and his investors are footin’ the bill for a cocktail party to win over the towns’ folk? If the event is open access, why would Joe need to extend an ‘invitation’ to Mike? Can’t he just read about it in the newspaper? If Joe wants to woo a Baldwin, shouldn’t it be Lauren? He is trying to get Fenmore’s to sign a commercail lease after all.