Friday, December 19th

Back at CL’s, Dylan and Avery wonder why the mayor canceled. Joe may not have that kind of pull but his investors might. Dylan’s not done fighting. He won’t lose anything to Joe Clark.

Sage calls Adam – it’s Constance. It’s serious. Come home right now. I am home, Adam quietly replies (still at the penthouse)

Jack avoids Phyllis’ question. I’m back, she smiles. Adam’s not coming back ~hug~

Summer whines about how hard it is having parents at each other’s throat. That will never be us, Austin promises.

Nick and Sharon are now civil. She can’t go through this again – Faith has to be OK. Nick sits down to hold a weepy Sharon.

Next: Her bike’s here, Faith’s not, Avery says (at CL’s) Something’s not right here, Dylan concludes. Avery will call Nick … Victor’s at the park – do you have a good reason for asking me to come out here? I do, Tobias says…. Adam at her bedside, Constance says; Victor Newman, he killed your Father.

My Thoughts: Can’t Nick call the ranch security before the cops? … Sharon’s called the Chen’s? Are we expected to believe there’s an Asian family in GC? … Sage knows what it’s like to lose someone you love? Obviously she’s referring to her precious Gabriel. I’m guessing Constance dies – freeing Adam (and Sage) to move to GC. As Gabe, Adam will likely inherit a fortune … Why is it any of Chelsea’s business why Sage is at the club? She doesn’t own the place … Was Phyllis really comparing Summer running off to Chicago to Faith running away? So what if she and Nick were scared? Summer was practically an adult by then. Faith is a child … Of course Faith knows you’re hurt Sharon – you make absolutely no effort to hide it! … I do hope this stunt eases the tension between Nick and Sharon. Neither of you know how to ‘put your kids first’ … Oh shaddup Summer. When was the last time you even saw Faith? … How did Adam get into the penthouse? No security for a 2 million dollar condo? … Phyllis should mind her own business – but she does have a point. What DOES Summer do beside moon over Austin while he’s supposed to be working? He’d be making a lot more in tips if she wasn’t hanging off him all the time .. If Jack and Adam jumped in the car right now and went to the station, how on earth would Billy kill him? As usual, Adam’s only thinking about himself… Why does everyone talk to Delia at the roadside memorial – when she has a perfectly good gravesite with an expensive headstone? .. Adam hopes Delia didn’t suffer? You ran over her with your SUV!