Friday, December 19th

Their mistletoe kiss interrupted, Austin leaves Summer to get a lecture from her Mom. Phyllis wants her to have her own life, not hang around a bar 24/7. It will only make your relationship stronger. Summer snickers – YOU’RE giving ME marital advice?

Furious, Jack wants Adam to turn himself in. Adam’s sure Billy will kill him first. Then he’ll go to jail and neither Billy nor Adam will see their kids grow up.

At the club, Billy must go see about Chelsea’s gift. That leaves Chelsea to confront Sage at the bar. Excuse me – are you following me?

Paul chats with Dylan and Avery about saving the warehouse district. Dylan opines that sometimes you don’t know what you have until it’s gone – then it’s too late to get it back.

Back at the tackhouse, Nick updates Sharon on Faith’s visit to Santa. She can’t be out there – in the cold – where anything can happen to her.

Never mind that Phyllis has been married a few times. She understands that Jack sought comfort with Kelly – and accepts that life went on while she was in the coma. Summer then gets a call from Nick; Faith’s missing.

Sharon updates that Faith’s not with Noah or Mariah either. It’s so cold – she’s so little …. We’ll find her, Nick vows.

Back at CL’s, Paul offers to call the mayor (whose support Avery’s trying to enlist for ‘landmark status’) Dylan appreciates that – and is left to gush over his soon to be wife. Dylan then gets a call – Paul works fast. The mayor wants to see them!

Oh right – the roadside memorial – weird coincidence. But no, Sage isn’t following Chelsea – she’s staying at the GCAC. Chelsea ain’t buyin’ it – she can spot a con a mile away. Why are you following me?

Jack reminds Adam that Billy lost his daughter! The thought of it makes Adam sick – but he paid for it by giving up his life (which he now wants back) He wants to see his boy – to hear Chelsea’s voice. What does Billy gain by knowing I’m alive? Protect Billy from himself, Adam implores. On cue, Billy arrives – who’s this? *Awkward silence*

Chelsea makes it clear that she does not approve of Sage eavesdropping on a grieving man. She wasn’t – she knows what it’s like to lose someone you love. Getting a call, Sage hurries out (ignoring Chelsea’s ‘hey!’)

Gabriel Bingham shakes Billy’s hand – he’s doing business with Jack. So, do we have a deal? No, not yet, Jack says. Nice to meet you, Billy says as Adam exits. What was THAT about? he’s left to ask Jack.