Thursday, December 18th

Jack scowls; Adam? Adam who? Your friend. Your worst enemy’s son. Jack doesn’t appreciate the sick joke. Adam’s dead – he was identified through dental records. No – don’t call the police, I can prove it, Adam says.

Shivering at Delia’s roadside tribute, Sage leaves ‘Gabe’ a message; call me right now (she wants to be picked up) Sage then hides as Billy brings Chelsea to the spot – he wants Delia to know about her sister.

Chris is with Santa Paul at CL’s. How nice of Dylan to let them use the place for the department’s children’s party. Hopefully the community will rally around him and preserve the neighborhood. Dylan and Avery are off handing out flyers for a ‘save the community’ rally. Hearing Paul’s on his own to handle 200 kids, Chris goes to get him some help. Arriving, Nick sends Faith for a cookie – then tells Paul he needs a Christmas miracle.

Decorating Sharon’s place, Mariah raves about Plato Sphere’s wise words. He’s a realist, not like Kevin (who holds mistletoe over her head) They’re about to kiss when Sharon bursts in.

The Baldwin’s come home to worry about Fen still being there. He’s more concerned with why they’re so eager to get rid of him. What’s goin’ on??

Nick whines about Faith taking out her anger on him. Santa Nick must find out if there’s something special Faith wants for Christmas. On Santa’s knee, Faith has indeed been a good girl; way nicer than a lot of grown ups. She should get something big this year. She wants one thing; her Mom and Dad to get married.

Nothin’ to see here, Mariah protests strongly. Kevin needs to go help Paul anyway. Merry Christmas. Practically giddy, Sharon teases Mariah – is this mistletoe? It’s OK to admit you have feelings for Kevin. Please don’t hug me, Mariah pleads. Sharon just wants to get to know Mariah better.

Mike claims he’s very concerned about Kevin. He and Lauren are relieved when Fen leaves for his trip. Now alone, Lauren says she doesn’t like lying to Fen. Mike wants to wait for the second opinion. Lauren knows Mike doesn’t want to do treatment, but if the second opinion is the same as the first, he’ll have to.

Jack’s not buyin’ it. You’re sick and twisted, but not Adam (who talks about history only THEY could know – like what happened to Stefanie. How the hell would I know that!? Adam challenges.

Over peppermint tea (that neither drink) Sharon coaches Mariah on her non-relationship with Kevin. If you close yourself off, you won’t be hurt, but you won’t be loved either . Mariah’s not sure what love is.

As Nick hovers, Santa Paul stammers that elves can’t make that kind of thing in the workshop. But he did it before – please make it happen. Only they can make it happen, Santa’s sorry. Is there anything else? No, nothing, Faith pouts.