Monday, December 22nd

Constance could be dying – she’s asking for her Grandson, Sage whines into her phone. Not overly worried about the ‘old lady’, Adam sneaks out of the penthouse – I’m on my way. Cute baby, he smiles as Vikki gets off the elevator. When Billy opens the door, Vikki blurts out – I need your help.

Faith?! Faith?! Nick and Sharon find her place empty. Where IS she!? We’ll find her, stay positive, Nick tries to calm Sharon down.

Dylan wheels a bike into CL’s (sure it’s Faith’s) Something’s not right. Before Avery can call Nick, they find Faith hiding behind the counter. I had to get away from him, she bleats. Who? My Dad.

Nick’s about to head back out when Dylan calls. We’re on our way ~click~

Ready to leave the lab, Ben’s frustrated they have nothing to show for all their hours working on the new scent. Ashley doesn’t mind late nights – when it’s something you’re passionate about (flashback to the shower) This is ridiculous, she stands – acting like everything’s normal between us.

At the park, Victor gets a call from Nikki; Faith’s been found. He must go now for a meeting. Does Tobias have a good reason for asking Victor out here? He does. So what’s Ashley developing in the lab?

Cane finds Joe reading an online article – small business fighting the development. A lot of people should be coming to the cocktail party. Like Collin. But NOT Jill. She thinks Joe’s as confident as he is suave – almost like he knows something the rest of us don’t.

Back at CL’s, Avery hovers as Faith whines to Dylan about Daddy ruining everything. Mommy’s so sad, I can tell – Daddy won’t talk to her. Nick and Sharon rush in. Nick thanks Dylan – Faith will need support. When your kid’s in pain, it kills you (they watch as a relieved Sharon hugs Faith)

Tobias has a flash drive with photos. Perhaps Victor can analyze the formulas. I’m doing the best I can. Not good enough – nothing in life is ‘easy’, Victor growls. Get Ashley to confide in you, he demands.

No, forgetting the shower thing isn’t working, but Ashley doesn’t expect anything from Ben. Let’s go back to being friends, they agree. Abby bursts in to update on Faith (who probably ran away from her MOTHER) And now it’s time to get to the office party. What’s going on with you two? she’s suspicious.
Billy was watching Katie while Vikki went to help search for Faith. Does Chelsea want to be in on setting the Christening date? She’s in the shower. And Billy’s OK with any date Vikki decides on. But he doesn’t look OK with Katie’s last name being Newman.

Back at the club’s bar, Joe does indeed know something Jill doesn’t. He’s never backed a losing venture. Jill usually finds confidence attractive, but she’s only more motivated to fight for her city (against Collin, Cane and Joe) Don’t let Jill’s soft heart fool you, Cane warns Joe as he walks off. How did a cunning business woman lose control of Chancellor Industries? Joe asks. The reason is sitting right over there; Victor.