Friday, January 2nd

Chelsea joins Billy at the club. He’s texting Vikki re: a date for Katie’s Christening (which he’s surprised to hear Chelsea won’t be attending/

You’re my wife!? Yes, Sage was married to Gabriel. Why is she only bringing it up now? After Constance is dead? You’re bluffing the wrong guy, Adam warns.

Dylan arrives at Avery’s office – it’s time to take a break. He has great news – the GC Chronicle printed an editorial encouraging it’s readers to save CL’s. Now we need to find out who owns the property owner – let’s start with your ex husband.

After a meeting, Abby’s keen nose smells roses. That’s because Joe’s brought some to Jabot for Ashley. Ben and Abby exchange a puzzled look.

Victor’s bellowing on the phone about getting a new PR firm when Vikki comes to work – with a sleeping Katie. And what was that phone call about? Victor laughs it off – you’re your Father’s daughter. He chides her for naming Katie Abbott-Newman. Then it’s on to Ashley giving his operative false information – a formula for tequila. Both laugh. But no – Vikki WILL not try to get info from Ben.

They’re beautiful, Ashley thanks Joe for the flowers. No, he’s not trying to woo her to the ‘dark side’ – he’s thanking Ashley for New Year’s Eve. After introductions, Ben warns Joe he’ll lose against Dylan.

Avery won’t call Joe – he won’t reveal his client. Dylan wants to reason with him – tell him that CL’s is important to this town. I won’t touch him. You’ll be beside me – who could say no? Reluctantly, Avery pulls out her phone.

It was a marriage of convenience. Gabriel had to be married to inherit. And here’s the marriage certificate to prove it. Do NOT call me a liar dear husband.

Chelsea wants to step back and let Vikki and Billy Christen Katie. The waitress interrupts as things get heated.

Joe is happy Avery called – until he sees Dylan in her office. He’s trying to protect part of GC’s history – wants to talk directly to the seller. Find a new location, both he and Avery plead. Who’s behind the sale?

Vikki returns to Victor’s office (Katie comfy in the nursery) She’s happy to be back to work. Yes, Ben spent the night New Year’s – on the couch. Vikki won’t use Ben to spy. That’s OK, Victor has someone else spying.

Billy wants Chelsea to come with him. She doesn’t want to bring up bad memories (of Connor’s Christening; Victor blackmailing Adam) Both are frustrated when the waitress interrupts once again.

No, Constance didn’t know that Sage and Gabriel were married. Flashback to Gabriel, the player, joking about who he’d ask to marry him. What about me? Sage suggests (though she lies and tells Adam it was Gabe’s idea) Guessing, Adam wants the truth.

Sage relays going to a justice of the peace with Gabriel. Driving back to tell Constance, we came upon the accident. Sage was a widow in 4 hours. Gabriel did marry her for love – of Constance.

Chelsea and Billy continue to bicker; now about Adam. He will always be between us (because Billy can’t let him go, not Chelsea)

He’s on old friend, Ashley shrugs it off – let’s get back to work. In Jack’s office, Ben puts the flowers aside so that they can test the new fragrance. After some awkwardness at the mention of the word ‘shower’, Abby and Ashley start sniffing samples – and agree on one. Abby off to marketing, Ben and Ashley exchange info on their New Year’s dates. Joe Clark’s a snake trying to ruin the best guy Ben knows.

Avery and Dylan want to talk to the seller. Joe will do his best to try set up a meeting. Now alone, Avery gets a call – yes, her client’s available for a follow up to the article in the Chronicle (right away at CL’s). Listening in the hallway, Joe types away on his phone and leaves.

Since Vikki’s co-parenting with Billy, she asks Victor not to stir up bad feelings. Billy Boy Abbott is a waste of space, but Victor will keep it to himself (even at the Christening)

Billy really wants Chelsea at the Christening. But when she reluctantly agrees, he says never mind. I love you. I love you too. Thank you! You’re welcome! As both chuckle, the waitress returns – nothing else for you and your wife? *awkward*

Sage has reasons for doing what she did. Adam guesses it’s about the money. Regardless, he thinks it’s pretty simple. They divorce and split the money. Keep reading, Sage is smug (and Adam doesn’t look happy as he does so)

Avery sends Dylan off to meet with the Chronicle with a kiss and a pep talk. Joe then calls – the seller’s willing to meet her – but it’s gotta be now – in a suite at the club. It’s now or never. I’m on my way, Avery hangs up.

Ben and Ashley disagree on whether Joe’s bitter about Dylan and Avery. Let’s not let our business and personal lives overlap. Returning to note the odd vibe, Abby’s even more puzzled when Ben hurries out.

At the club, Avery bumps into Mike – I have a meeting with the mysterious seller. Mike will go with her. No, Avery doesn’t want to scare off the seller – she’ll play by Joe’s rules. Mike doesn’t like or trust Joe. Avery knows Joe’s harmless. OK – but Mike doesn’t like it. Avery will be fine – don’t mention this meeting to Dylan.

The waitress leaving embarrassed, Billy points out that people assume they’re married because Chelsea’s still wearing her wedding ring.

Back at Jabot, Abby wants to know the full story of Ashley’s New Year’s Eve. Abby’s? Her date spoke no English and she got kissed by a cop she barely knows (which wasn’t that bad) Ashley leaves Abby to take the potion samples up to the lab. But first, Abby takes sample for herself.

At CL’s, Dylan tells Ben that Joe’s setting up a meeting for them. Once this seal’s over there’s noting for him in GC. The sooner he leaves the better.

Joe lets Avery into the suite. When will the seller be here? Actually, it’s just you and me, Joe locks the door.

Vikki carries Katie and her car seat in to remind Victor to behave at the Christening. Billy is NOT out of her life – they’re connected through the kids. We’ve both moved on.

Billy’s irritated. If Chelsea’s still over Adam, why is she still wearing his ring?

No, no, no, no. This can’t be real, Adam’s pissed. Three years!? I already have a wife! Oh – OK, Sage picks up the phone. Call your wife and tell her you’re coming home.

Next: Devon opens the door to a suite – and sees Gwen scantily clad and beckoning him in … Sharon snaps at Nick; I’m so sick and tired of you coming down on me like you’re some kind of Saint …. Billy isn’t happy to find ‘Gabriel’ at the penthouse – what are you doing here?

My Thoughts: Katie was born November 17th. She’s not even 8 weeks old yet. Why on earth would Vikki go back to work? She obviously doesn’t need the money … Oh great – Avery was kidnapped/detained against her will (held hostage) in 2014 – and just a few days in to 2015 and she’s victimized again? But what now? Avery threatened to charge Joe for kissing her (after both she and Dylan had assaulted him mind you) – I can’t imagine she’s going to go down without a fight. I can’t see TPTB painting Joe into full villain mode – so perhaps Avery will respond to Joe …. Of course Abby steals a sample of the love potion (she’s the product of a stolen test tube herself). But who will she use it on? Harding? Perhaps she’ll inadvertently dose Kevin. Abby’s a beautiful, uber-wealthy young woman – why would she need to drug someone to fall for her? The Abbott’s are idiots if they think their date-rape scent is a good idea (and TPTB are idiots if they think the fans are interested. There’s a reason Passions went off the air) … Why is Chelsea still wearing Adam’s ring? Because it’s a very expensive, flashy rock. Maybe she’ll remove it when Billy buys her a replacement …Dylan’s annoying with his whole ‘I’m saving the history of this town’ shyte. Neither he nor Avery have been in town long enough to care … Ben slept on the couch? Vikki doesn’t have a guest room? What about the apartment above the garage? … Who could Victor’s new spy be? It can only be Ben or Abby? … The lab is ‘too sterile’? It’ll ‘effect the way the scent distributes’? Oh yes – that sounds scientific – use Jack’s smelly office. Sitting on the couches Devon and Hilary snuggle on – and Jack and Kelly made out on … Dylan won’t ‘touch’ Joe because Avery will be ‘right beside’ him? Oh? Not because he can control himself and knows that assault is a crime?