Wednesday, December 31st

Not much time today folks. I’ll be dancing around with the proverbial lampshade on my head in just a few short hours …

The Ashby’s are set for the most perfect New Year’s Day – Family, Food and Football (at Neil’s) The twins take a break from squabbling to let Collin in. Jill’s working.

Jill’s too busy reading an online article about Newman-Chancellor struggling to listen to Gloria and Lauren butting heads over the boutique.

Kevin’s ‘training’ Mike for a charity run. NO! Mike won’t pace himself – he must be physically and mentally strong!!! *pant/gasp* Now let’s go!!! Agghhhh – he runs off and promptly falls down.

Avery and Dylan are at CL’s (shocker) stuffing envelopes for the upcoming rally. Maybe Nikki can hand some out – and help us find out who’s influencing the mayor.

Nikki and Victor fuss over Reed (who thinks Ben ‘cool’) He was there last night. And this morning. When the phone rings, Nikki says – Your grandfather’s an important man – that’s the mayor calling.

We don’t know the mayor’s being influenced and Nikki may not want to play spy, Avery suggests they not drop by the ranch (but is even less enthused with Dylan’s plan B – a day of football)

I’m glad we understand each other, Victor says, then hangs up. He and the mayor have a common interest (and then it’s on to reading Treasure Island) Billy called Grandpa an old pirate, Reed chirps.

Reading the article about Newman-Chancellor struggling, Lily thinks it serves the old pirate right (for disrespecting Cane by offering him a lower position that CEO) Luckily it worked out for us – we get to work together every day. Hilary’s happy to see Devon (I got your text) – but her smile fades when Gwen appears beside him.

Now on a park bench, Mike wants to keep going. My ankle’s not connected to my prostate. Visualizing strength!!!! Mike again launches himself into a run. Kevin picks him up off the ground and drags him off – you’re coming with me.