Monday, January 12th

A bit late today. Please excuse the typos etc.

Ashley comes out of the lab to find Vikki and Ben canoodling. Hearing that Vikki’s there to see Abby, Ashley can guess what she’s really after.

Abby flashes back to swiping a sample of the love potion – ‘this could be SO fun’, she grins. Abby – what are you doing here? Kelly appears.

At home, Phyllis is making a hush hush call – Jack can’t find out about any of this ~click~ Jack appears to ask what’s going on.

In the suite, Devon does up his pants muttering; bad idea. Why’s that? BUh yeah – because Gwen will be late for work. No worries – this is exactly how she wanted to start her day. She liked Devon’s answer to her ‘where do things stand between us’ question ~kiss~

Downstairs, Neil pressures Hilary to have OJ, so their baby will be healthy. And as Hilary sneaks a birth control pill, Neil talks about researching all things baby. Hilary watches Devon and Gwen kiss at the bar, and as Lily joins them, drops/shatters a glass on the floor.

Jack grumbles – he woke up to an empty bed (which he had plenty of last year) You weren’t always alone, Phyllis quips – and doesn’t like the idea of him going to the club (where that blonde works) No need to move the meeting – you’re mine – you love me etc. etc. Jack agrees – we’re always and forever. OK – Phyllis has things to take care of anyway – toodleloo.

Ashley continues to needle Vikki (about wanting to get into the lab) But when Ben brings her in to discuss a new approach, he lectures Ashley on the way she’s treating Vikki (assuming she’s jealous) Ashley’s sure that Vikki’s just playing Ben. It’s damned annoying.

As Devon hustles Gwen out, Hilary blames her slippery hand lotion. Lily jokes about her suing Jabot. No – Neil’s wife’s too loyal for that. After Hilary goes to clean up, Neil tells Lily that there’s no baby yet – but they’re having fun trying.

At the foyer, Gwen tells Hilary that she and Devon are for real now. They’ve been in a suite for the past two days – and it’s all thanks to her. Hilary doesn’t want Gwen to get hurt. No worries – Devon’s found his match. After she prances off, Devon appears. How could you do this to me!? Hilary’s pissed.

You slept with Gwen – she told me all about it, Hilary hisses at Devon. Phyllis interrupts to thank her for setting up Jack’s fake meeting here. Lily then comes along all excited – Dad just told me. Is there news? Devon and Phyllis are both interested. No – there’s no baby. Hilary asks Lily to help Phyllis with Jack’s surprise (which she’s not thrilled about)

Upstairs, Abby’s left a note for Lily (and disses Kelly on her way out) Left to shake her head, Kelly gets a text message that lights her up (then hides when Lily and Phyllis) Told there might not be any suites available (for Jack’s surprise) Phyllis appeals to Lily. She understands she’s ‘team Kelly’ (but you almost lost everything once too) Oh alright, Lily will see what she can do (but looks guilty when Kelly mopes past)

Ben denies he’s being ‘played’. Vikki’s so devoted to you now that she won’t do her Father’s bidding? Really?? Ashley’s sure Vikki’s working for her Father. The project is the ONLY thing she’s being territorial about. Ben feels stupid for thinking it was about him. Awkward tension put aside, they get back to work.

Downstairs at the club, Abby makes some awkward jokes about the whole Jack/Phyllis/Kelly mess – then is delighted to hear that Jack is Katie’s Godfather. She then mentions him being Connor’s Godfather. Vikki and Billy belong together (Ben and Chelsea? ‘ugh’) Vikki appears to ask Abby to be Katie’s Godmother (which Abby laughs at) Jack steps aside as he’s slipped a note – The woman you love has a surprise waiting for you. Get a key to room 702.

Working away, Ashley declares chemistry ‘magical. Ben won’t abandon this project for medicine (even if that’s a possibility) His focus is here – and his relationship with Vikki won’t stand in the way of what Ashley wants. Kelly drops by to tell Ben that Mom called – she’s a mess – wants to confess (but not yet) Ben doesn’t want her to go to prison. Kelly wipes away tears – don’t worry about me. Everything’s going to be find for both of us – you’ll see.

Phyllis returns to thank Lily for setting up the suite. Lily’s sorry – despite her friendship with Kelly, she should have just booked the suite. She explains that Kelly’s lost a lot (and doesn’t want to discuss who did what to who New Year’s Eve) And as Phyllis heads off to her romantic evening, Lily’s left to shake her head.

Jack goes back to the employee who gave him the note; my fiance gave you this note? Yes – and here’s some champagne flutes – the sparkling cider is in room 802. Not 702? No – and Jack takes the key for 802.

Gwen chats with Neil – while Hilary blasts Devon for taking her to bed. Is he supposed to sit around while she and Neil work on giving him a little brother of sister. Lily interrupts to tell Hilary – you have no idea the position you just put me in.

Jack lets himself into room 802, smiles at the petals on the bed and as the shower runs, reads the note (put on the blindfold and take off your clothes)

Abby balks at the idea of being Katie’s Godmother (she can’t be trusted with a baby) Vikki won’t take no for an answer; Abby embraces every moment of life. OK – but let’s not tell her about the whole Naked Heiress stuff. Abby agrees with a hug.

Lily feels two faced – having to give Jack and Phyllis a suite hurt Kelly. You think Jack should have chosen Kelly? Devon asks. Lily only knows that two people in love with the same person doesn’t end well. Looking over, Lily praises Devon for picking a girl Dad likes.

Neil asks Gwen about the intense conversation between her and Devon. The truth is, your son’s been lying to you, she says.

In room 702, Phyllis sets the scene for a tropical paradise.

Jack’s in bed – nothing but a blindfold on – purring as Kelly traces the rose down his chest.

In red lingerie, Phyllis poses herself on the bed,

As Kelly kisses Jack, he removes his blindfold. Did I do something wrong? she seems surprised – I don’t understand. I thought this is what you wanted? Why are you acting this way? Jack won’t cheat on his fiance. I got your message to meet you here, she claims.

Gwen understands that women want Devon for his money – she only went out with him for a friend. Our relationship was a lie. Why? So you wouldn’t worry about him. Neil doesn’t understand. But it’s not a lie anymore – it’s real now – and amazing. I can’t tell you how happy I am.

Hilary tells Devon that Neil’s the one who wants to have a baby. I made him think I went off my birth control pills. Devon’s sorry – he turned to Gwen because he thought Hilary was planning a life with Neil. Hilary’s sorry – this is my fault. She can’t be the reason Neil drinks again. Both emotional, she denies she could ever hate Devon. He wants to get out of town – just to be alone, talk.

Ashley and Ben high five in the lab. We’re getting closer every day. Ashley’s proud – we didn’t let that night get in the way – or ruin anything. Both turn to see Vikki staring at them through the glass door.

Vikki’s not on enemy territory to plant a bug or anything – she’s there for the glove she left behind. As Ben shows her out, Ashley scowls to herself – ‘scattered’ my ass. I know exactly what you’re doing.

Devon doesn’t want to put more pressure on Hilary, but …. This is what keeps me going – the thought of one moment with you. I’ll find a way to meet you. Devon will never want anyone as much as he wants Hilary. She does dream of having a baby – but with Devon.

Across the room, Neil tells Gwen that nothing’s more important than honesty. He also appreciates her giving Devon happiness and stability etc. It all falls into place once you’ve found the right person. After Gwen leaves for work, Neil reaches into Hilary’s briefcase for her phone – and instead finds her pills.

In a robe, Kelly’s insists Jack arranged all this – why – to humiliate me? The roses on the bed was OUR thing. I didn’t do this. Why would I torture myself? I didn’t do this either. Oh hell no! Phyllis barges in to see Kelly clinging to Jack (his shirt undone)

Next: Your birth control pills. Still in your bag, Neil holds them up as he confronts Hilary … That was the Mayor’s chief of staff – they’ve put a hold on the sale, Avery gives Dylan great news …. McAvoy’s no longer your problem, Victor says. What’s that supposed to mean? Joe asks. I’ll take care of him, Victor replies.

My Thoughts: Some people become honorary Godparents – but Jack takes it seriously? Is HE serious? I can’t remember the last time he spent ANY time with Connor, never mind guide him along the path of Christianity. And Abby says that Jack had to ‘step up’ after Adam died? he probably couldn’t pick the kid out in a lineup. Abby’s right – she’s not Godmother material. And I’m surprised Vikki didn’t insist on Ben being Godfather …. I’m confused. Who sent Kelly the text message that made her giddy? Why would Abby leave a note in Lily’s office? And why did she flash back to stealing the rapey perfume? Why did Kelly make a point of moping past Lily? … Phyllis is planning something – but putting Jack in a bed with Kelly doesn’t seem like a great plan …. Neil can’t see the pills. Surely, Hilary can play them off as some OTC medication’s sold in blister packs. Immodium, in bulk, at Costco … Ashley needs to calm down – why would anyone want to copy her rapey perfume? It’s life changing alright – you’ll get 25-life … And what exactly does Abby plan to do with it (her scenes today were completely useless. That said, she’s good for comic relief) …. Neil’s been researching new products and methods of raising a baby? But doesn’t know that his wife’s popping birth control pills right in front of him. sIf only he could see!!! The very last thing a daughter wants to hear, is that her Father’s having fun trying to get his wife pregnant. It’s a wonder she didn’t gag … Yes – let’s not tell Katie that her Godmother was the Naked Heiress. I’m sure she’ll never stumble across it online