Tuesday, January 13th

Once again, my apologies. No time for spellcheck and proofreading.

Cane ducks a pen walking into Lily’s office. She’s frazzled – bad PR and helping Kelly navigate her life post-Jack. At least everything’s OK with our family, she sighs (Cane looks worried as he massages her shoulders)

Hilary’s not trying to get pregnant with Neil – he thinks she threw away her pills. She only wants Devon’s baby. Devon says they can’t lose trust in each other – let’s away to Chicago for a few days. I need to be alone with you. Hilary hates lying to Neil – but hates the thought of losing Devon even more.

Hilary rejoins Neil – who wastes no time pulling out the birth control pills.

At the ranch, Victor ends a call from the Mayor – sale of the warehouse district is on hold. When Joe rants about McAvoy, Victor doesn’t care about his grudge. This is a business deal – and Victor doesn’t like being on the losing end.

Avery also ends a call – to give Dylan the good news; the sale’s on hold pending a community impact study. This is very good. WE may win this fight ~kiss~

Austin’s training Summer at the club’s gym. She’s looking forward to going back to school. He’s inspired too – but doesn’t want Jack to hand him a job. He’s shooting a commercial. His new boss says it’ll be good for GC.

This isn’t what it looks like, Jack does his pants up. He got a note re: a romantic surprise. Kelly denies it was her – she got a message, presumably from Jack (who else knew that one red rose was our thing? Someone must have done all this while she was getting ready) Get ready for this bitch! Phyllis slams the door.

As Kelly cowers and yelps, Phyllis throws a vase of roses her way. Jack grabs Phyllis – who shouts – that slut pretended to be me. I sent myself flowers!? Kelly blames Phyllis – who’s trying to humiliate her. Jack tends to believe Phyllis. He’s going to get to the bottom of this. Let’s go Jack! He and Phyllis slam out.

Lily’s now calmed down. She was worried about Dad – thankfully, he has Hilary. Devon has a new love. They could soon be planning a wedding and baby shower. Cane has an appointment to get to. Lily just wants him to be happy – but don’t turn out like Joe or get caught up with Victor.

The private celebration will have to wait til tonight – Avery has to go.

Victor reminds Joe that he was supposed to complete the deal before anyone found out. Joe underestimated McAvoy. He won’t back down. Victor will take care of him. ‘How’ is none of Joe’s business.

Neil went through Hilary’s bag to answer her phone. She forgot the extra pack was in there. Nothing’s ‘going on’. Neil says it’s OK if she’s not ready to have a baby. She just questions the timing. Neil’s sorry he pushed her. Hilary’s been so stressed. Neil thinks she needs a break. Actually, she was thinking of going away to clear her head. Neil thinks that a great idea. She names a spa at the hotel Devon’s currently making a reservation at.

There’s Austin’s new boss now. Joe Clark? He’s Avery’s ex – the guy who’s trying to shut down CL’s. Austin didn’t know anything about that. After Summer heads off to spin class, Austin tells Joe that he didn’t know the commercial was to tear down CL’s.

Avery arrives at the gym to share her good news. Well, Summer has bad news. Both look over at Austin and his ‘new boss’. Avery does not look happy.

Back at CL’s, Dylan’s hard at work when Victor stops by. Yes, he heard the sale’s on hold. You and Avery are worthy adversaries. Victor’s there to make an offer. He tosses a piece of paper on the table.

Now in suite 702, Phyllis explains her plan for a romantic rendezvous. But why was Jack given the key to 802? Kelly switched them. Who else would want me to walk in on you and her? She knew Phyllis would call the front desk (and find them) She’s trying to turn you against me, just like when she pretended I slapped her – and it’s working, Phyllis worries.

In the office, Kelly rants to Lily – Phyllis went all Fatal Attraction on me. She’s messing with people’s heads. Lily’s not convinced (even when Kelly explains Phyllis’ whole plan) She wants to destroy me – because the kind of love Jack and I have doesn’t die, Kelly insists (Lily’s not sure what to believe)

Jack sits Phyllis down to reassure; our love is strong – and forever – and if one of us doesn’t screw it up, it’s forever. Please don’t screw this up. No one can come between us unless we let them. Let go of this vendetta. But Phyllis protects what’s hers – we let her get away with this. When Jack admits he’s not sure who’s behind it, Phyllis wants to know; her or Kelly?

In an examination room at GCM, Neil flashes back to electrocuting himself – waking up blind (Hilary beside him) Realtime, he hears someone. Doc? Is that you? The DR steps forward to take his hand.

Avery and Summer stretch out on yoga mats. Summer was happy about Austin’s new job (away from Mariah) Would Avery be mad if he worked for Joe? Avery’s wouldn’t tell Austin where to work (and neither should Summer) She’s happy to hear Summer’s starting school next week. Follow your dreams.

Dylan says the offer’s ‘pretty lucrative’. You think you can buy me? Victor’s reaching out to his wife’s son – your happiness means a lot to her (though Victor doesn’t give a damn) Victor’s giving Dylan enough to relocate – or franchise (if he has the drive) Dylan will pass (and hands the paper back) Victor thinks him a fool. People might get hurt, including Avery. That’s how this works? Dylan scowls – I refuse your offer and you threaten my fiance?

Victor’s not threatening Avery. So ‘things going badly’ for Avery is an observation? Things don’t always work out the way you think they will, both agree. Victor hopes Dylan doesn’t regret his decision – have a nice day.

The DR leaves with Neil’s thanks. Cane helps him into his coat, and is updated that tests are being run. Neil’s cautiously optimistic. But yes, the light he’s seeing could indicate that his sight’s coming back.

Back at the club, Devon joins Hilary – he’s booked the hotel. Hilary’s got the go ahead for her get-away, but it’s too complicated. An employee brings over a bag – massage oil. No, Hilary didn’t get it for him. The card reads ‘Can’t wait to try this with you. Let me know when – Gwen’.

Downstairs, Phyllis doesn’t want to leave until she proves she’s telling the truth. Lily appears to apologize for the misunderstanding. Kelly claims Phyllis booked here to set her up – you keep finding ways to humiliate me. Phyllis calls the front desk clerk over (as Lily goes to take a call) Who told my fiance to go to 802? Phyllis asks. Kelly tells him it’s OK – we all want to hear the answer.

Cane can’t wait to give Lily the good news. No – Neil doesn’t want anyone to know. Keep your promise (Neil doesn’t want to get his wife’s hopes up)

Now we’re hurting Gwen too, Hilary points out. Devon will take care of that – and if I thought going to an out of town hotel was a bad idea, I wouldn’t have done it. Lily appears – please tell me you didn’t say what I think you did.

Kelly asks Matt to tell the truth – tell us what you know. A woman called the desk – she said Mr Abbott was to meet her in 802. He can’t ID the voice. Phyllis ain’t buyin’ it. Jack reminds Phyllis that they’re getting married. Kelly gives Jack the card that was in the room (to prove she’s telling the truth – call that number). This is insane, Phyllis goes to get her coat (as Jack looks at the card)

Austin tells Avery and Summer that he’ll be working on an ad for Joe’s real estate firm – nothing that’ll hurt Dylan. Summer and Avery tell him to do it. Avery quips ‘try not to take any hostages’ – then interrupts Joe’s work out to list all the crappy things he’s done. Focus on something worthy of your ability.

At CL’s, Dylan ends a phone call to find two guys in ski masks staring at him. Uh oh.

Hands on her hip, Lily assumes Devon regrets buying the hotel. No – it’s not that. And no, it’s not the ‘linen guy’. Hilary’s going to a hotel in Chicago for a coupla days – a getaway. That’s just what Lily needs – why don’t I go with you?

Phyllis joins Jack at the bar – ready? He’s just called the florist who delivered the flowers – and they said YOU ordered them.

Avery accosts Victor at the revolving door – planning to take your frustrations (re: the warehouse district) out on a punching bag?? This is just a business transaction, Victor assures – nothing personal. Funny, my ex husband just said the same thing, Avery exits.

Work out over, Joe admires a photo of him and Avery on his phone.

I don’t want any trouble, Dylan says. Open the cash register and step back, he’s ordered. A fight breaks out, and after giving a few shots, Dylan’s on the ground (one of the thugs empties the till and both run out)

Next: Joe claims – I didn’t send anybody after Dylan. I don’t believe you Joe, Avery snarls ….. You put him in the hospital. You crossed the line! a furious Paul shouts and points his finger at Victor (who shouts back – I had nothing to do with the mugging of your son!) … In a hospital bed, Dylan says ‘I’m not afraid of Victor’ You should be, Nikki warns.

My Thoughts: Again, I have to laugh at how tiny the ATHLETIC CLUB’s gym is. Will spin class be held in the 4X4 foot clear spot in the middle? …. How long before someone notices that Devon and Hilary always leave town at the same time? And wasn’t Neil’s surprise arrival last time (they were in a hotel room) enough of a warning? Why have Cane’s spidey senses suddenly gone dull? Oh yay – I’m sure there’s nothing Hilary would enjoy more than a spa weekend with Lily. But shouldn’t Lily ask her boss if she can have the time off? He is sitting right there after all … Shouldn’t Kelly be picking up the flowers and vase, and tidying up the suite – she is an employee …. Oh yeah Summer – you’d be a great personal trainer (are we expected to believe she did 50 crunches?) Why does Austin have a problem with Summer getting ‘all hot and sweaty’ (as a persona trainer)? What if Mariah hires him? … I’m actually confused about the whole Kelly/Phyllis thing. Perhaps Patty Williams is back? How many whacked women can Jack possibly be involved with? It’s like it’s a prerequisite to be involved with him; only the slightly to completely delusional need apply.. It is somewhat karmic payback for Phyllis to be plague by a ‘bunny boiler’ (at least there was no octopus in her bed) But you can bet there’ll be a single red rose at Jack’s place (whatever that proves) Jack’s rich – hook em both up to a polygraph … If CL’s wasn’t such a dead business, Dylan wouldn’t be alone when two masked muggers sauntered in.