Wednesday, January 14

Cane finds Joe taking his frustration out on the gym’s bag. He’s not pissed off about the delay/impact study. Sometimes it just feels good to hit something.

Avery finds Dylan on the floor, unconscious (CL’s in dissaray) She summons an ambulance. Please hurry!

At the ranch, Paul scowls at the bottles of booze. Hey Paul, Nikki comes down looking like crap. She’s sorry she didn’t call him back. Paul (and Dylan) are worried about her. And Paul knows Nikki’s lying by saying she’s ‘fine’.

At the club’s bar, Phyllis tries to convince Jack that if he thinks Kelly’s innocent, he’s wrong. Victor appears – Jack’s been wrong about a lot of things. You’re living proof of that.

At Jabot, Billy and Chelsea are working on the fashion line for Phyllis – but have moved on to kissing when ‘Gabe’ comes looking for Jack. Billy doubts he’s sorry to interrupted (again)

Sage drops by Underground to thank Nick for the flowers and donation. Does he have any more funny stories to share? Why don’t you ask Bingo? Nick wonders.

Paul can always tell when Nikki’s hiding something from him (lists all the clues that she’s drinking) Can Nikki honestly say that she hasn’t been tempted to drink? Avery’s call interrupts. We’ll be right there (Dylan’s at GCM)

Victor taunts Jack about Kelly (and will help Phyllis any way he can) He wonders why Jack didn’t search for treatment for Phyllis. Or is the answer obvious? he leaves Phyllis to glare at Jack.

Gabe’s a live in the present kinda guy. Was he mischievous in boarding school? Nick drops a few tidbits (then leaves Sage to text Adam – got you more info on G)

Gabe starts his new job Monday, so wanted to thank Jack. Billy says he could have called. Chelsea’s more helpful – leave a note. Gabe admires some sketches – Chelsea’s talented. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship, Billy and Chelsea exchange goo goo eyes.

Yes, Adam can see the Abbott’s are ‘hands on’ – he’ll let them get back to ‘work’. Actually, could Chelsea sketch him a map to his office? He doesn’t want anyone to think he got this job because of his last name. Gabe’s driven and doesn’t let obstacles stand in his way.

Back at the gym, Cane’s not impressed – knowing the history between him and Victor, Joe asked him for help – without mentioning Victor’s involvement? Joe points out that this is about business. Now suspecting Victor’s in need of cash, Cane guesses he’ll sell CI. Victor appears – don’t count on it.

Peeking in on Dylan (in a hospital bed) Avery flashes back to them toasting their plan to celebrating next new year at CL’s. She then updates Paul and Nikki. The doctor tells them that Dylan took quite a beating but should be OK. All rush in. Dylan doesn’t know who beat him – but has a good idea what it’s about.

Nick entertains Sage with some more stories about Gabe the ‘scamp’. She had no idea he was expelled. Now the topic is Nick being a better person than his old man. Sage thinks Nick a great guy, so unless Victor’s a Saint, he’s succeeded.

Now at home, Phyllis now wants to know why Jack didn’t try harder to bring her out of the coma. Jack DID try – but he finally accepted she may not come back. You’re STILL torn between two women – do you still love her? No! I love you! But Phyllis needs Jack to prove that he loves her.

Dylan details what happened – including fighting back against two assailants. CL’s has meaning. Your life has more meaning than that building, Avery scolds.

You’re a neophyte in business, Victor scoffs at Cane’s nonsensical ideas. Yes, but the bad press, Bonaventure, the Federal charges, Cane thinks ‘bouncing back’ may be difficult. Jill will never lay hands on my company, Victor vows. Cane stands – he and Jill love a challenge. Have a good work out, Victor exits.

Paul reminds Dylan and Avery that someone threw a brick through his window not long ago. Someone’s trying to send Dylan a message – but who?

Victor’s not as bad as the press makes him out to be. He’s ruthless, but loves his family. Nick just doesn’t like the corporate world. So,what will Sage try next?

Adam thanks Chelsea for giving him a tour. Showing him was easier than drawing a map, she says (when Billy grumbles) As she gives Adam the number for security if he ever gets lost, he notices she’s no longer wearing her ring. Now alone, Chelsea teases Billy for being a brat. His Grandmother just died. Billy doesn’t like the guy – he’s everywhere. We’re alone now, Chelsea changes the mood.

The woman who ordered the flowers was a blond? Jack hangs up. Very interesting, Phyllis wonders if Jack believes her now (and lists all Kelly did to set her up) How much more proof do you need? Jack’s sorry – you were right about Kelly all along ~hug~

Out of the wife beaters and looking dapper in suits, Joe tells Cane that he’d just be wasting time supporting the opposition (Victor’s got this) OK, Cane won’t support Dylan – IF Joe gives him info on CI. Have a good day mate. Joe’s then accosted by Avery – you hired thugs to beat Dylan up! She refuses to believe his denials.

Back at GCM, Nikki’s sorry Victor started this whole mess (he does fight dirty) Dylan relays turning down Victor’s offer – he threatened him and Avery. If I don’t accept his bribe, Avery’s law practice will be next. Dylan’s not afraid of Victor. You should be, Nikki’s sorry to say.

Sweetheart? Instead, Victor finds Paul in his living room. Nikki’s at the hospital. No, she’s not alright. She’s with Dylan. He was beaten up. And? What does Victor have to do with this? Everything. You don’t like Dylan. You’re pissed that he’s MY son. When you put him in the hospital, you crossed the line! YOU are crossing the line now! Victor had nothing to do with it! In fact, I gave him an offer. Yes, he refused. Victor’s a businessman, not a criminal. We both know better, Paul snarls.

Victor’s stunned, outraged – put the cuffs on me now or leave. Paul gets a call – seems the security cameras picked up a plate of a vehicle leaving around the time Dylan was beaten. Whomever’s responsible WILL be caught. Victor certainly hopes so. And don’t come here with false accusations again!

Nikki thinks Victor’s selling the land to keep NE-CI solvent. He wouldn’t hesitate to ruin Avery’s business to save his own. He’s counting on this deal. Dylan’s pissed that Victor tried to buy him – and threatens to go after Avery. He’ll fight with everything he has.

Avery says whomever’s behind this has gone too far. Dylan will fight harder than ever. There must be a way to make this stop. Joe can think of one way. He kisses Avery (who slaps him. Don’t ever touch me again!) she marches out.

Back at Underground, Sage and Nick are brainstorming job ideas. Gabriel arrives to ask for a word with Sage (chiding her for flirting with Nick) But she’s getting information. Adam just wants his wife (and son) back.

Nearly naked in Jack’s office, Chelsea and Billy shrug into their clothes and run off to continue somewhere more private.

Phyllis wants to salvage what’s left of their evening. A bath? That sounds like the perfect way to forget about Kelly and her twisted games. As they skip off upstairs, we see a blond wig hanging out of Phyllis’ purse.

Next: You look really familiar to me, Sharon’s caught offguard by Gabriel (in Chelsea’s warehouse space office) …. You have cancer? I have prostate cancer, Mike confirms for Phyllis ….. No more lies. No more deceit! It’s over. It’s done! Now! Jack shouts at Kelly (in Lily’s office)

My Thoughts: Paul can ‘always tell’ when Nikki’s hiding something from him? Oh. Except for that time she hid the fact that she was pregnant – and gave birth to his baby 40+ years ago. And if he could always tell when Nikki’s hiding something, why did it take him so long (and so many false arrests) before realizing Nikki was the one who bludgeoned Diane to death? He couldn’t even tell when Nikki was drinking – sitting two feet across from her at a table at the club! …. I’m not enjoying this game of battle for Jackass. If Jack was such a catch, he’d be more successful in relationships. It’s only lasted this long with Phyllis because she slept through most of it … Billy comes off as suck a jerk when dealing with ‘Gabriel’ – but Chelsea fawning over him is even more annoying .. OK, so I won’t complain about the size of the GCAC’s mini-gym (but must the room of man-sweat be right next to a fine dining establishment?) … Shouldn’t the 911 operator be giving Avery some more instruction? Checking for a pulse, or if Dylan’s wearing a tie – check to make sure the perps aren’t still there? …. The housekeeper who let Paul into Victor’s home can consider herself fired. Hey – sounds like a job Sage is qualified for … I guess Ashley can’t use Jack’s office as a ‘sterile’ place to test perfumes … Kelly’s painfully obvious that things are over between she and I? Shouldn’t that be her and I? Her and me? Oh, never mind ….. Why would Phyllis need to ‘lure’ Kelly ‘under false pretenses’ – to make her understand? Why couldn’t she just march into Kelly’s office at the club to deliver the same message? (again) … Um. isn’t Chelsea Lawson Designs located in the warehouse district? Why isn’t she paying any attention – or involved with saving her place of business? I have no idea how she wouldn’t know – she used to live there with Dylan. I guess Victor’s not the sentimental sort – he forgets his beloved Sabrina’s art gallery was also in the warehouse district … Billy needs to see Chelsea’s sketches on a beautiful woman? Won’t it be awkward when that someone turns out to be Sharon … Adam makes a good jab (implying that Billy got his job because of his name) But – wasn’t that Adam’s whole beef with Victor? That he didn’t get any of the perks the other Newman kids got? …. Duh Chief. If you really suspect that Victor’s behind Dylan’s beating, why tip him off that security camera’s caught a license plate? (then leave Victor to call whomever he hired to say ‘ditch the plates and car’)