Tuesday, January 20th

Reading an article about Chelsea and Billy, Adam fumes – we need to speed this up. Keep pumping Nick for info. Is Sage REALLY ‘doing everything’ she can? Make your eyes ‘dance with adoration’ (as the article describes Chelsea & Billy)

At the tackhouse, Nick and Faith are having fun playing a board game (which evolves into a talk about Mommy’s and Daddy’s not living together)

Playing ‘fit model’, Sharon has no dirt on Nick that’d make him look bad. Or nothing that would stop him from taking you back, Chelsea concludes that unless Sharon’s willing to fight, her love for Nick will cost her Faith.

After his first radiation treatment, Mike assures Lauren that he’s fine. Let’s live as normal a life as possible. Kevin appears – excited by the news. After Lauren leaves, Mike shuts him up – there’s something he can’t say to Lauren – something he needs of Kevin.

One of Collin’s investments is about to pay off big time. Cane and Neil doubt he could come up with that much capitol.

As Hilary and Devon make out, Lily’s outside the door. Hear that? No – Lily’s not due back for an hour, Hilary assures Devon. Busy looking at her phone, Lily walks in….

D’oh. Somehow, Devon’s managed to hide. Why are you back so soon? Hilary’s surprised and out of breath.

Neil guesses Collin will use his accent to charm an unsuspecting heiress. Noo – Collin only wants Jill. Nothing like being in a solid marriage, Neil agrees. Jill the takes her ‘shady’ husband aside – leaving Cane to get a call. Telling Neil that there’s a crisis with booking, Cane isn’t happy to hear that Devon’s also out of town.

Lily’s massage was rescheduled. How about a walk? You seem kind of tense – Lily hoped she and Hilary could become friends. Hiding, Devon’s almost in tears. Hilary blurts out – there’s something you need to know.

Faith takes the game upstairs while Nick starts on hot chocolate. Knock knock. Sage drops by.

Chelsea coaches Sharon – Nick’s side will say nasty things about you. Sharon can’t believe Nick’s letting this happen. It’s like he’s turned his love off. Sharon then whines about Sage – just the idea of it…. Well, that’s how Chelsea felt about Sharon and Adam. She feels for Sharon – being kept apart from someone is unbearable. Gabe arrives. Barely noticing Sharon, Chelsea’s the one he wants.

Dressed in her own clothes, Sharon’s dismissed so that Chelsea can praise Gabe’s resume. Maybe we can both learn something from one another, he hopes.

Mike’s rewriting his will and naming Kevin as executor. Wait – why? Is Mike hiding something? What’s going on???

Jill wants every detail on this investment of Collin’s. But he escapes when Lauren joins them. At the bar, Collin chats with Neil – Devon’s off on business. That boy has everything – well almost everything, Collin drinks.

Hilary tells Lily that she and Neil are holding off on having a baby. Now that she’s met the man she loves, she can’t help but think about sharing a child with him. But she can’t do that to Neil – it’s wrong. As Lily consoles a sobbing Hilary, Devon watches, also in tears.

I’m sorry, Hilary pulls herself together. Lily’s worried – has Dad’s condition changed? Hilary feels guilty – she wasn’t there for her Mom. She must be there to ensure Neil doesn’t drink. Lily steps aside to take a call from Cane – no, stay, he’ll handle the crisis. Hilary tells Lily to go – she’ll be OK. Devon still lurks.

Back at the club, Collin worries about Devon. But finds it ‘very reassuring’ when Neil claims that he has a bright future with Gwen.

Adam wants to capture the essence of Chelsea Lawson in one photo (which he describes)

Sage has brought an old school yearbook. Faith comes down for her cocoa (and bluntly asks Sage ‘who are you’?) Yes, Faith can take her hot chocolate up to her room. Nick’s sorry – she’s going through some stuff. Sharon arrives to laughter – sounds like someone’s having a good time. Stepping inside, her smile vanishes when she sees Sage.

Sharon brought Ms Patsy’s pajama’s. Nice to see you Page. It’s Sage. Nick asks Sharon to call first – coming by confuses Faith. Not as confusing as seeing you with another woman, Sharon’s irked. As Nick takes her outside, Faith creeps down. This is my night with Faith – respect that, Nick implores. You’re right – enjoy yourself, Sharon shoves the bag at Nick and marches off.

Yes, cancer – but stage 3 prostate cancer is nearly 100% curable. But Mike’s concerned he won’t be able to …. Jill’s sure Lauren just wants Mike to survive (but sees Mike’s point) We Fenmore women aren’t the celibate type. Address this issue or it’ll ruin your marriage, Jill warns.

Back at CL’s, Kevin balks. He can’t be trusted with Mike’s will. I wore a chipmonk head and robbed banks. I’m not trustworthy! Who’s Mike to ask then? Not, Lauren, Fen or Gloria. Do this for me. Kevin wanted Mike to be realistic, and now he is.

Devon and Hilary are now alone in the hotel suite. No, Lily didn’t suspect. The lovers just aren’t strong enough to stay away from one another. It’s not just sex – Devon declares this is once in a lifetime love. We can’t turn our back on it.

Oh how Devon loves Hilary ~kiss~ They make their way to the bed.

Cane and Neil are surprised with Lily returns to the club. Collin has a call to make. Neil’s left at the bar – to tell Sharon that he has the best support system ever. Hilary’s at the spa. Neil doesn’t want to go home to an empty house. Sharon knows the feeling.

Sage and Nick laugh over the yearbook. Gabe was a screw up, completely irresponsible. He’s changed, Nick says – like the guy he knew never existed. Sage then manages to spill a vase of flowers over herself. Faith listens as Nick says let’s get you out of those clothes’ (to dry them)

Gabe and Chelsea are caught up in the campaign. Work should be exiting like this. Life should be too. Gabe says she’s come a long way from the girl who used to sit in the hotel lobby pretending to be a guest. How did you know that???

If Kevin’s to work hard, Mike must too – stick around. He’ll do his best. the point is, he needs Kevin to protect his family. Yes, of course, Kev agrees. Mike will need his dry cleaning picked up every Tuesday and blah blah blah. Kevin agreed to executor – not valet! They chuckle their way out.

Back at the club, Jill advises Lauren to face the situation head on. Your love will carry you through this too. Thanks sis ~hug~ Collin types a text to Devon ‘Your secret’s safe with me. For now. Talk soon’. He then joins Neil and Sharon at the bar. Naw, it’s not a good idea that Neil go surprise Hilary – she’s probably enjoying her downtime. Oh – she is alright (in bed with Devon; whose buzzing phone is ignored0

Gabe read the info in an interview Chelsea did. She’s now in a hurry to have her private space back. Let’s meet at Jabot from now on. See you there. OK, Gabe leaves Chelsea looking troubled (and he’s not too happy either)

Sage comes down in Nick’s robe. Let’s get those pants in the dryer. Faith grabs the phone and calls her Mom. You have to come to Daddy’s right away, she bleats.

Next: Tucked in for the night, Faith tattles to Sharon – Daddy told her to take off her clothes … We’re arguing all the time, Jack wants it to stop. Phyllis isn’t sure that’s possible .. What’s wrong with me? Kelly has an oxygen tube in her nose. The doctor’s found poison in your system, Ben informs.

My Thoughts: What the heck is going on between the awkward couple behind Neil and Sharon at the club? … Sharon looked hot in her thigh highs – a bit hooker-ish, but she carries it off …. Note Sharon’s look of disappointment when ‘Gabriel’ made it clear he didn’t want her to stick around…. We have to stop meeting like this, Sharon jokes – people will start talking. Um – like people don’t talk about Sharon already? In fact, when she first met ‘Gabe’ she apologized for snapping at him – she’s just used to people staring at her because of all the stories in the media .. How lame is Cane that he can’t handle a ‘sound system’ problem? No one but Lily has the engineer’s number? … Left all alone to run the club (no Lily, Devon or Kelly) ‘corporate’ Cane doesn’t seem to be overly busy without ‘hands on’ Lily. Didn’t anyone notice the club’s unconscious event-planner being carried out? (presumably by Ben) That’s never a good sign for diners to see … Let’s just call the Baldwin’s big story line, The sex crisis – as opposed to the cancer crisis. You’d think a couple as sexual as Mike and Lauren would be creative enough to um… improvise …. Why is Faith allowed to carry a steaming mug of hot chocolate upstairs? If she scalds herself on Nick’s watch, his bid for custody is over. For a minute I thought that was ‘the push’ her Dad needs (or she was going to throw herself down the stairs .. Devon loves Hilary more than he ever thought was possible? Then why did he sleep with Gwen at the first hint of trouble?