Wednesday, January 21st

Jack’s back home. He loves Phyllis. And yes, he trusts her. He just wants to ensure there’s no lasting effects from the coma. The only lasting effect is you falling in love with a crazy woman, Phyllis insists. And now we’re stuck with her.

Ben tells a puzzled Kelly why she’s in the hospital – the DR’s found poison in your system. Hmmm. Kelly ate nothing out of the ordinary – but it wasn’t an accident. It was Phyllis.

At the club, Sharon doesn’t immediately agree to come to Daddy’s – it’s his time. But it’s an emergency – Daddy’s …. Faith puts the phone down, then interrupts Sage and Nick. Why are you wearing Daddy’s robe? *awkward*

Summer and Fen catch up at CL’s. Oh happy she is with Austin. If only Mariah would keep her lips off him.

At Underground, things are tense between Austin and Mariah. Kissing me was selfish. Acting out like that could screw things up with Kevin (who appears at the mention of his name)

That’s attempted murder, Ben’s skeptical. She probably just meant to make me sick, Kelly whines that Phyllis is doing things to make her look bad. She must have slipped something into my tea. She’s crazy. But no police – there’s no proof. And Jack will think I’M the problem (when it’s all Phyllis) No man’s worth your life, Ben says . What life? Phyllis is living it now, Kelly pouts.

Phyllis joins Vikki at the club’s bar. Seen Kelly? She doesn’t want to fight. We were having tea earlier. The office is closed, Vikki reports (and Ben’s late for their dinner date). Good – Phyllis needs help with something. Vikki rolls her eyes.

Austin leaves Kevin to confront Mariah on ‘running scared’ – again. She heard him the first time. But why does Kevin care about her anyway?

Yes, Summer’s sure it was Mariah who kissed Austin. You don’t know him. Neither do you (Fen seems to think Austin’s up to no good)

Sage tells Faith that she spilled water on her pants. You shouldn’t be here, Faith has a little tantrum (you’re ruining things – like Avery!) Unable to extract an apology, Nick sends Faith up to her room – now (and asks Sage to stay)

Jack thanks Dr Cutler for coming back (then it’s gloves off) Why won’t he talk about his other patients? He sure didn’t follow the rules when it came to Phyllis. Yes, well, Dr Cutler was fooled by Victor. Knowing he was paid, off, Jack threatens to bring Dr C’s life’s work to a screeching halt if he doesn’t start talking.

Having no future with Jack doesn’t mean life’s over, Ben lists all she has going for her. But it’s been so difficult, Kelly cries – Phyllis won’t accept that Jack loved me. We were so in love. Ben agrees; Jack made the wrong choice – but let it go.

Back at the bar, Vikki doesn’t want to get in the middle of Phyllis’ war with Kelly (because of Ben) She’s prodded to explain that Billy only had a ONS with Kelly. But yes, she hung around. It’s impossible to move on when someone refuses to let go, Phyllis concludes.

Sage is now dressed when Nick comes down to report Faith’s mad (and blames him for the break up) He confides what Sharon did (but doesn’t want Faith to hate her Mother) Sharon bursts in – Faith!? What’s going on? Nick’s puzzled (moreso when Sharon leaps into his arms – thank God!)

Sharon explains that Faith called her re: an emergency. She was so scared. Well, there’s no emergency – Sharon should have called. She did – clearly you were busy (she glares at Sage) Nick’s phone was off (but Sharon shouldn’t burst into his home like that) Nick tells Sharon that she can go home now. Me too – take me home Mommy, Faith appears.

Kevin’s trying to stop Mariah from self destructing. And if he focuses on keeping her in line, HE won’t implode (when Mike’s counting him) Oh – would Mariah like to donate to a cancer run? After Kevin leaves (with the tip jar) Austin returns to repeat – don’t ruin a good thing. It’s not ‘like that’? Well maybe it could be.

Fen’s not done; Austin should have done jail time (like he did) It’d be best if he cheated (then Summer would see him for the loser he is) She’s in tears – I’ve always had your back. Fen doesn’t want to see Summer hurt. Too late (she marches out)

Vikki wasted a lot energy being angry. Phyllis should concentrate on work or planning the wedding (anything but Kelly) But she’s determined to hang onto Jack. Vikki understands – but Kelly’s had a lot of ‘upheaval’. We all have, Phyllis is not sympathetic.

Pressured (and served tea) Dr Cutler admits that some patients have mood swings, lack of empathy. Oh, they ‘know the difference between right or wrong’, but justify their actions. Phyllis is capable of almost anything, Jack worries.

Kelly can’t let Jack marry Phyllis – she must show him who she really is (for his sake, not hers) Ben protests; she poisoned your tea! But wouldn’t he protect Vikki? Kelly will NOT back off (and is not happy to hear the hospital’s obligated to report a poisoning, she sends Ben off on his date)

Nick tells Sharon about Faith’s bad behavior. She was sent to her room (and then called) But it WAS an emergency, Faith’s stomach hurts. Only Mommy can make it feel better. After Faith leaves, Nick scolds Sharon, but will let it go tonight. Hope you enjoy your evening, Sharon’s sarcastic (and is ordered to knock next time)

At CL’s, Kevin tells Fen that he’s already raised almost $1,500 for the cancer run. Fen’s more worried about his fight with Summer than his Dad. She should let Mariah have him (they deserve each other)

Back at Underground, Mariah tells Austin that Kevin’s not over his ex. Austin gushes about the amazing Summer (then disappears seconds before she arrives) Summer blasts Mariah about the kiss (not giving her chance to apologize) You’ll never know love – no one can stand to be around you! Austin reappears as Mariah runs out.

Phyllis comes home to tell Jack she had a drink with Vikki. Yes, at the club. Jack just wants the arguing to stop. It won’t until Kelly’s out of our life for good, Phyllis claims.

Given the all-clear, Kelly claims she wasn’t poisoned. No need for a report. It was chemicals at work. How soon can I be released???

Joining Vikki at the club, Ben relays Kelly’s version of events (and is not happy when she’s not so sure Phyllis is to blame) Are you saying my sister poisoned herself?!

Faith tucked into bed, Sharon notes that her tummy feels better. Making up stories and worrying Mommy isn’t nice. What were Daddy and that woman talking about? Daddy told her to take off her clothes.

Nick’s sorry about the ugly domestic scene. Sage feels she’s to blame (she was walking around in his robe) Nick’s glad it seems like she’ll see him again.

When Kevin defends Mariah, Fen likens him to Summer (making excuses, blinded by love) Seeing an upset Mariah on the patio, Kevin runs to her for a hug.

You didn’t have to be that rude, Austin scolds Summer. Mariah KISSED you! DID it mean ‘nothing’? (Fen’s words have gotten to her) Austin may not be rich, but he doesn’t kick people when they’re down (more than I can say for YOU) he marches upstairs.

Ben’s sure Kelly’s not suicidal. Losing her son was worse than losing Jack. This MUST be Phyllis. Vikki doesn’t think so. There must be something else going on here.

Jack’s sure Kelly will realize he’s moved on. Phyllis has made that clear to her too. How? She poisoned me, Kelly looks like something the cat dragged in.

Next: You’re taking the word of some lunatic who wants to break us up over MINE! Phyllis screams and shatters a vase of flowers off the mantel … Lily removes her blouse for Cane …. Avery’s in Joe’s suite insisting – We’re going to settle this – right now. Or someone’s going to get killed.

My Thoughts: Dr Cutler’s come all the way to GC, to answer Jack’s questions – and Jack can’t even meet him at club (where he is all the time)? …. Did I hear Nick correctly – Sharon’s a great Mother? Case (or custody) solved. Great Mother’s don’t lose custody. That said, Nick taking the brunt of Faith’s anger to protect her relationship with Sharon is admirable, but knowing how Faith feels, why can’t he ask Sage to come by another time? If Nick and Sharon are both such wonderful, concerned parents, why haven’t the recognized that Faith needs some counseling … But really, how easily manipulated is Sharon? Faith’s a bit young to be such a puppet-master …. Knowing Sharon has a habit of bursting in, why doesn’t Nick change his locks and lock the door? . Phyllis tells Vikki that Daniel doesn’t need her help? How would she know? He’s lost somewhere in India. And Phyllis has forgotten the granddaughter she was once obsessed with? …. Phyllis is starting to sound like a broken record. How often would she, Jack and Kelly cross paths if they steered clear from the club? …. Why do Kevin and Mariah get to ‘act out’? They aren’t children … Summer has every right to be pissed off at Mariah. She has no reason to like her, many to dislike her… I’d say it’s nice to see Fen – but not if his only purpose is to say a few lines to drive a wedge between Austin and Summer (and she’s inside, why are her sleeves completely covering her hands?) .. She was probably just trying to make me sick, Kelly tells Ben (like that’s not against the law at all) But why are both Phyllis and Kelly pretending like they’d arranged to have a lovely tea party together … Odd that Vikki defends Phyllis. And that Kelly looked fine in the hospital, but a bag of crap when she walked into Jack’s (and why is she walking in the back door anyway?)