Thursday, January 22nd

Phyllis poisoned you!? At first, Jack barks at Kelly for barging into his (OUR) home without being invited. And he doesn’t believe her accusations. Leave now. Kelly claims she almost died – because of ‘her’. Handed the GCM release papers, Jack looks at Phyllis (now it’s her he doubts)

In Joe’s suite, Cane has another site for the developers. Yes, he’d be happy if Victor’s deal fell through (forcing him to sell CI to him and Jill) But, it’s also about the community. Too bad – the deal’s all but done – and it gets Joe closer to what he wants too.

At CL’s, Avery’s worried. This isn’t a brick coming through the window. Your life is being threatened (and she guesses the call was connected) She does not look relieved when Dylan shows her his ‘back up’; a gun.

Seated at the club, Jill’s tallying up everything she can liquidate. Collin can come up with the money to buy CI. He’s not dealing with Kurtz (who’s behind bars) This is a legitimate business man with no criminal record. How long til they get the money?? (she’s not buyin’ it)

Neil’s about to leave the club (Lily’s driving him to surprise his wife)

Hilary and Devon have worked up an appetite. And he knows of a private little restaurant nearby. A night out on the town it is. As Hilary goes to get ready, Devon checks his phone – and reads a text from Collin (who loves a good game of hide and go seek. Let’s play)

Avery continues to express her disapproval. The gun’s legal and Dylan wants to be ready. Joe arrives – truce? No! Dylan then gets another threat by phone.

Uh no, Hilary doesn’t know Lily’s driving Neil to the hotel (then it wouldn’t be a romantic surprise silly) Cane doesn’t think it a great idea. Why not?

Hilary’s ready to go out for dinner, but Devon’s packed and ready to go home. Pressured to confide, Devon shows her Collin’s text. Ending things isn’t an option, neither is telling Neil. They’ll confront Collin – together.

Ah, there’s my money man, Collin excuses himself to answer Devon’s call. End your mud baths and get back to the club (he’s staring at Hilary’s husband right now) This news might crush him. Their previous ‘deal’? That’s expired.

Call the hospital, Kelly tells Jack how Phyllis poisoned her tea. She collapsed – in front of witnesses. The loony bitch is making this up! Phyllis protests. Kelly then pulls out a paper cup. It’s the rest of the tea. If it’s not poisoned, take a sip, Kelly challenges Phyllis. No! Jack barks. Thank God, you believe me, Kelly’s relieved.

Jack’s not taking sides or accusing anyone. But Phyllis is – ‘Kelly tainted the tea herself’. Actually, Kelly brought over plain tea, to prove a point. Jack’s not impressed. Kelly came here (instead of the police) to appeal to Phyllis to stop this madness, for Jack’s sake.

Cane reminds Neil that he has a big day tomorrow. Oh yeah, a meeting re: the warehouse project. Lily then leaves Cane to sway Neil not to tell Hilary about his new treatment (which he’s goint to again tomorrow) At the bar (and on his phone) Collin threatens to expose Hilary and Devon, unless he brings money to the park. Grrr – How much?

Meanwhile, the Ashby’s chat with Jill. They need to tank this sale for Victor (so he sells CI) Jill isn’t sure there’s a way to thwart that sale that hasn’t been tried already.

Your threats don’t scare me, Dylan hangs up, then tells Joe that he believes Victor’s behind it. After Joe leaves, Avery’s sure it him; he’s playing us. No, I just played HIM, Dylan says.

Kelly worries about Jack – Phyllis isn’t the same person. She can’t be the person you fell in love with, is she?! Phyllis declares her crazy – or perhaps someone else wants Kelly gone. Jack again asks Kelly to leave. Just be careful, Kelly says. After she’s gone, Phyllis jokes – want some tea?? Jack’s not amused.

After Lily leads Cane off, Collin rejoins Jill (who still doesn’t believe he’ll come up with the money) In a suite, Lily’s ’emergency’ is sex. Cane’s distracted – he feels powerless with the whole CI thing. Take control of me, Lily invites (and he does)

At the park, Joe pays off his thug; you couldn’t have timed that call any better. You know what’s next, Joe instructs as he leaves.

Dylan knows Joe’s behind everything; the brick, the robbery, the threats. His timing is too convenient. Avery agrees, but let Paul help. No, Dylan will put an end to this tonight. After Avery marches out, he goes for his gun.

That was ….. amazing. Next time, Lily will be the boss. Cane now has a plan to beat Victor.

Right on time – got the money? Collin greets Devon at the park. He’s reminded that they’re family; Devon is Godfather to Collin’s grandkids. Why are you doing this? You think they won’t blame the messenger? Lily and Cane won’t let you see the kids. You have every reason to be happy, Devon just wants the same. He and Hilary have enough obstacles. Leave us in peace.

Neil’s reading his Braille book when Hilary returns. Why so early? Miss me? Of course. Neil was going to surprise Hilary. He’ll show her how much he loves her – in the bedroom.

Tea? Is that supposed to be funny? Jack doesn’t think anything is Phyllis’ fault, but Dr Cutler admitted his treatment has side effects. I tried to poison her!? What the hell? Kelly’s deranged and you’re pointing fingers at ME!? You’re taking her word over mine! Agghhhh!!! Phyllis swipes a vase of flowers off the mantel. Panting, she looks at her bloodied hand.

Back at the club, Kelly tells Lily that Phyllis tried to kill her. She’s gone way too far, Lily hopes she’ll be arrested and held accountable. Kelly thinks it best that Jack handle it privately. Wait – you think you’ll get him back after this?

Hilary backs off – she’s tired. Neil’s fine with that – he just wants to be close to Hilary. He loves that she missed him (and missed her more)

Collin’s on their side – he kept the secret didn’t he? Yes, Devon’s cavorting with his blind Daddy’s wife, but he would give away all his money to protect the father he loves. Good – Collin wants some.

Avery bursts into Joe’s suite. We settle this right now! Or someone’s gonna get killed!

Jack tends to Phyllis’ hand. She’s now weepy and vulnerable. I have self control issues, but this? Jack would give anything to be wrong. Phyllis is sorry she broke the vase. Am I losing my grip? Is it possible I poisoned Kelly and don’t remember? Jack promises to support Phyllis – but you need help.

Lily warns Kelly that she may not get Jack back. Kelly only wants him away from the dangerous Phyllis. After that, we’ll see.

As Neil reads, he hears Hilary crying. No, she lies – then hurries to the kitchen for tea (leaving Neil to feel that her pillow’s wet)

Back at the club, Cane has another lecture for Devon; you’re with Gwen (not Hilary) now right? Lily appears – assuming Cane’s asked him to back their run for CI. You’ll do it right? No, Devon can’t – his money’s tied up. The Ashby’s are stunned.

Collin leads Jill over to a table for a surprise. He unveils a stack of money on a silver platter. Special delivery. Jill’s blown away.

This ends now! Avery orders. She’s worried Dylan will kill Joe. There must be a way to work this out – what do you want? You know exactly what I want, Joe isn’t bothered that Avery ‘despises’ him and loves Dylan. He just wants one night. Both turn as Dylan kicks the door open.

Next: Gabriel stopped by my studio, Chelsea says. What’s with that guy? He’s always dropping in on you, Billy’s annoyed …. I betrayed you horribly, but can’t you find a way to get over it? We’re going to trial, Nick says…. Joe snarls at Dylan – you can’t control what she does. Avery yelps over Dylan’s shoulder – Joe! Don’t antagonize him, he has a gun!

My Thoughts: Kay left two Bentley’s in the garage? Have they just been collecting dust for a year? They weren’t left to anyone? Why does Jill think she can claim them? And the ‘antique furniture’? It’s odd that Kay didn’t leave anything to Brock or Mac. And why is Collin calling Kay an ‘old broad’? It’s just plain disrespectful coming from him (to Kay and to the memory of Jeanne Cooper) …. Sharon eluded to Neil not being able to enjoy the spa night he paid for – which makes it even more gross that his billionaire son and tamp of a wife are cheating on his dime … Kelly fainted in front of witnesses and was carried out and still Lily and Cane haven’t mentioned it? No one on staff told them? … Couldn’t wardrobe have cut the tag off Lily’s bra? … Funny how the few customers at CL’s don’t bat an eye when the owner and his fiance shout at one anotehr …. I’m not sure about the Illinois gun laws, but I;m pretty sure Dylan’s breaking something … .. Oh yes – thanks for reminding us that you’re the twins Godfather Devon (you’re such an exemplary Christian) and now his Father is an ‘obstacle’ he and Hilary face? He just wants to be happy with the person he loves? Isn’t that what Neil wants (and thinks he has)?.. Devon’s cheap – I wouldn’t call dinner at a private little restaurant a ‘night out on the town’ … Lily’s ‘everywhere’? Well she’s never at home …. In 5 minutes, Hilary showered, dressed, did her hair and make up? Impressive… … Why isn’t Jack throwing his weight around to have Kelly’s toxicology test expedited? You’d think he’d want to get to the bottom of this … Kelly ‘almost died’ – but was admitted, treated and released from GCM (all within the dinner hour) .. Dr Cutler didn’t tell Jack that former patients did things without remembering them – he said they justified their actions … Jack couldn’t have fallen in love with an attempted murderess? Oh no? That’s exactly who he fell for (he knows Phyllis ran over Paul and Chris, and let’s not forget that Dr Tim left Phyllis’ condo wrapped up in a carpet; coincidentally, how Stephanie Wheeler left Jack’s) … Stupid act of the day goes to Collin; who leaves a domed silver platter of money unattended so that he can go get Jill. What if a waiter happened by and took it? Are we expected to believe that tiny bundle is the millions needed to buy CI?