Friday, January 23rd

Billy’s treating Chelsea to a real date at the club. Her day? Productive – but Gabriel dropped by. What’s with that guy? Billy huffs, then is told that Mr Bingham’s been set straight. Why? Because he seemed ‘too familiar’.

Sage finds Gabriel taking his aggression out on the gym’s bag. He’s hitting roadblocks with Chelsea, but Sage just left Nick’s – and has heard some ‘Gabe’ stories. Who gives a damn if Chelsea shuts him out? Nick arrives, to apologize for Sharon – she’s been jumping all over him since he filed for custody. Don’t blame her, Gabe’s remark earns stares.

At home, Sharon comforts Faith, who had a nightmare that Daddy was mad and didn’t want her to come over because she was rude to the lady with no pants. Sharon tells Faith not to worry – the Judge will figure out what’s best for her. Faith just wants her family back together again ~hug~

On the CL’s patio, Kevin wonders why Mariah was crying. She was just being ‘dumb’ – and now it’s time to go home. See you around, Kev plays it cool (but jumps at the chance to give Mariah a ride)

In Joe’s suite, a furious Dylan hurls accusations. And you won’t get Avery back! Don’t antagonize him, Avery yelps at Joe – he has a gun!

Avery tries to get Dylan to leave. Shoot me, Joe challenges – and rot in prison. Dylan was special forces – he could kill Joe any number of ways. He’s quite capable of taking another man’s life. Avery looks at him; shocked.

Chelsea relays what Gabe read in an interview (which she doesn’t remember saying) It felt too personal. And he seems to know how important her work is – like he looked inside her head. Maybe he’s stalking you, Billy worries Gabe’s interested in more than Chelsea’s business.

Nick thinks that a strong opinion (considering he doesn’t know the full story). Gabe didn’t mean to offend him – he’s just having one of those day, and knows things get complicated with exes (but can’t relate to the kid thing) Sage is sorry she upset Faith. No need, Nick says.

When Noah drops by, Sharon rants her fury re: Nick. She must do something. Noah tells Sharon to sleep on it and talk to Dad tomorrow. No – Sharon will use this to bury Nick in court.

Chelsea doesn’t want Billy to do anything – she’s set Gabriel straight. And now it’s on to champagne.

Noah joins Nick at the gym (and is introduced to Sage, and reintroduced to Gabe) Taking Nick aside, Noah relays what Sharon said (via Faith) Nick explains that Sage spilled water on herself. Noah asks him to tell that to Sharon.

At home, Sharon flashes back to an argument with Nick (re: him winning custody) As Mariah comes in (with Kevin), Sharon gets a call from David (then rushes off to meet him) Seconds later, Faith comes down and blabs about the lady wearing Daddy’s robe (and hopes Mariah can help her Mom and Dad)

Dylan says Joe should have backed off when told to. He then snaps at Avery (who shouldn’t even be here) She cares about me, Joe claims – that’s why she came to warn me.

You’re one smug, delusional SOB, Dylan says. Joe knows his wife. EX wife! Avery’s looking out for ME – not you. If I have to come back, you won’t be taking one more breath, Dylan threatens.

Hearing Faith’s story, Mariah guesses she didn’t tell her Mom about the spilled water. I’m so glad you’re my sister, Faith gives Mariah another hug and runs up to bed. Kevin suspects that Mariah doesn’t plan to tell Sharon the truth.

On the CL’s patio, David’s glad Sharon plans to be aggressive. Nick won’t get custody if he’s parading half naked women in front of your child. We need to put Faith on the stand.

Now in the dining room, Sage tells Gabe that he needs to woo his way back into his wife’s good graces. Chelsea and Billy watch them.

Smile, we have an audience, Gabe tells Sage – this is how he’ll win Chelsea back (making her feel comfortable that he has a girlfriend) Hand in hand, they stroll over for introductions. Chelsea’s sorry she accused Sage of following her (after they met at Delia’s memorial) Join us for a drink, Billy invites.

Mariah isn’t trying to hurt Nick, but she doesn’t want her little sister dragged through an ugly custody case. Kevin suspects Mariah wants her ‘family’ to work things out too (and leaves when Noah and Nick arrive) Faith’s sleeping – Sharon’s with her lawyer, Mariah reluctantly tells them. Faith runs down; I’m so sorry Daddy!

Faith will be perfect, David says. But Sharon’s not trying to prove Nick unfit (and doesn’t want Faith to take the stand) But she only needs to tell the truth. And it’s perfect that Avery will cross examine her (hearing Faith dislikes her already)

Dylan seems to be suffering from a headache as he returns to CL’s. Avery follows him in to worry that he’s out of control. She thought he was going to pull his gun on Joe. Dylan shows her that he didn’t even take it – but why did she run right over to protect Joe??

Joe leaves someone a ‘call me back’ message – I don’t know how much further I can push this deal through. Dylan’s lost it. We might have to back out (even if it effects the plans for Victor) A worried Joe takes a drink.

Avery went to warn Joe for Dylan’s sake – fearing he’d get arrested. The guy messed with my business, my relationship! If Joe pushes me again, I’ll kill him!

We go way back, Sage tells Billy and Chelsea. We grew up together. Billy understands ‘seeing a friend in a new way’ (then asks why Gabe wanted to work at Jabot) At the mention of Victor Newman, Billy says he hates him too – who knows what else we’ll find we have in common.

Nick understands why Faith was confused, but what she told Mommy confused her too (so she must tell Mommy the truth). When Sharon comes home, she asks Noah and Mariah to take Faith to bed (and discounting his explanation, lectures him on his priorities) Yes, I betrayed you – but can’t you get past it? Nick will see Sharon in court. Fine, but she doubts he’ll get custody when Faith tells the Judge how she feels about her Dad and that woman.

Avery loves Dylan too much to let him go to war with Joe. He has work to do – see you at home. Avery’s left to call Joe – back off. Dylan’s not messing around. You still care, Joe concludes. I will never choose you over Dylan, Avery vows. I want this to end. OK – just one night – then I’ll stop. Thursday night – 9pm, Joe hangs up.

The foursome going their separate ways, Sage scolds Gabriel (who makes it clear that Chelsea’s more important than her losing a shot with his brother) On their way out, Billy still thinks something’s off about Gabriel. Keep your enemies close. Chelsea appreciates Billy looking out for her ~kiss~

Mariah and Noah both reassure Faith. Whatever happens between Mom and Dad, we’ll always be family.

Painted into a corner, Sharon will file a court order to prevent Nick from coaching Faith. We’ll let the Judge hear everything and decide. If Faith’s asked who she wants to live with, we both know what she’s going to say!

Next: Cane asks; Did you give the money to Collin? Why would you say that? Devon wonders. Does he know about you and Hilary? Cane persists …. I’m going to fight like hell, Jill announces. You’ll go down in grand fashion, which is probably what Katherine wanted, Victor replies … ‘I appreciate that, thank you’ Jack gives Kelly a hug. His face reads ‘uh oh’ when Phyllis appears.