Monday, January 26th

After a restless night, Phyllis worries to Jack- what if she has lost her grip. What does that mean to us?

At the club, Ben scolds Kelly for checking herself out of GCM and returning to work. Just because she survived doesn’t mean she’s OK.

Jack doesn’t blame Phyllis for poisoning Kelly etc., he blames the side effects of her treatment. And now we can fix things – he’s enlisted help. What kinda help? Phyllis is skeptical.

At NE, Vikki wonders why Victor’s distracted; Jack being Godfather? The warehouse district? Hanging onto the floundering CI is hurting you, she says; personally and professional.

Again at the club, Jill wonders where Collin got all that money. The Ashby’s and Devon join them to also wonder. A lucrative opportunity crossed Collin’s path. Just tell everyone, Devon challenges with a smile.

At home, Neil asks Hilary about the tears on her pillow. Talk to me. What aren’t you telling me?

It’s not about not having a baby. Hilary shouldn’t have gone to the spa – it’s not what a loyal wife does. Neil shouldn’t have pushed to start a family, the last thing he wants is to be coddled and protected. OK, there is something, Hilary admits.

Collin claims he acquired the money legally – no danger or strings attached. Lily gripes about Devon not coughing up the money to buy CI; if not for himself, for his family. How are Devon’s billions tied up? The money must be going somewhere. Devon and Collin look especially awkward.

Kelly assures Ben that she’s accepted Jack’s (wrong) choice – he’s an honorable man who couldn’t abandon Phyllis. It’s obligation? Ben thinks Jack may love Phyllis. She wants me dead (so Kelly’s backing away) Paul arrives for a word with Kelly. She was poisoned with antifreeze. Any evidence has been washed away, but no, Paul’s not letting this go – not by a longshot.

Jack’s made Phyllis an appointment with a doctor – not a ‘shrink’. He’ll be with her every step of the way – like she supported him through detox. Phyllis doesn’t know if she poisoned Kelly, but somehow, she’s ‘winning’.

CI has been a financial drain since Bonaventure, Vikki wants to sell it. Victor won’t sell it to Cane (who’s to blame for the Bonaventure fiasco) Sell to someone else, Vikki nags – then you don’t need the warehouse deal (which the entire town hates – and so does Mom) Victor adores Vikki, but won’t take her advice re: his business OR marriage.

Key left stock and investments, Devon’s committed to another venture – and doesn’t want to buy CI from Victor (as that’s who Kay left it to) Cane follows Devon to confront him; you gave the money to Collin. Does he know about you and Hilary? Nothing to know – it’s done, Devon walks off.

Hilary tells Neil that his new eye doctor called re: an appointment. Neil’s forced to admit he’s looking into experimental treatment. He didn’t want to get her hopes up. Hilary’s excited to hear that Neil saw light; we have hope! ~hug~ Neil would rather go to the appointment alone.

Paul will look at the club’s security footage. Does Kelly have any idea who poisoned her? Sorry, but she doesn’t want the drama. It’ll be my word against hers. Yes, Phyllis. But aren’t you afraid for your life? Paul wonders. No, Kelly’s more afraid for Jack’s.

Jack does all the talking, until the doctor asks him to step outside. Now alone, Phyllis asks if the doctor wants her to blow smoke, or does she want the truth?

Neil gone to his appointment, Devon drops by to hear the great news. Hilary’s excited; Neil could get his life back. And we can begin ours (both are happy)

Still at the club, Collin coaches Jill on how to handle Victor. Excuse me while I go get what should have been mine, Jill leaves with a kiss. Cane comes over to pester Collin about the money. Kay wanted you at CI – you and Jill deserve it, Collin assures.

Pushing Katie in a stroller, Vikki runs into Ben at the park. Kelly still thinks she’ll get Jack back – it’s like she doesn’t hear me. Vikki then makes a point of inviting Ben to the Christening. You of all people should be there.

Phyllis hates Kelly, wants her gone, but isn’t sure she actually did anything. It could be confusion due to the coma meds – or … Or I deliberately tried to give that bitch what she deserved?

Jack’s surprised to bump into Kelly at GCM. She stammers, worried about Phyllis thinking she’s stalking him. Jack’s so sorry.

Ben doesn’t want to add to Vikki’s stress. Well Victor hates Billy and Jack, Nikki’s furious with him, the Godmother (Abby) makes everything about herself. And perhaps Phyllis will decide to make another scene. Ben tells the stroller, I may not be your Dad, but I’ll always love you.

Jill puts a briefcase on Victor’s desk – I’m serious. Victor chuckles – it’s short – and he’s not selling. You want to be the man who drove Kay’s empire into the ground? Jill growls. Victor reminds that Kay brought him to town to run CI (decades ago) Kay wants me to fight for CI, Jill declares. No – she wanted you to go down in grand fashion, Victor smugly corrects.

Phyllis lists all she missed in the year she was in the coma; how she wanted to make Sharon pay. Kelly hates me too (and thinks she deserves Jack) Jack was in love with someone else – my stuff was packed up. Kelly took my home, my fiance. The doctor warns Phyllis that her insecurity is the biggest threat to her relationship. The first step in moving on is making amends to the people you’ve hurt.

Kelly tells Jack that Paul’s investigating. Jack’s resolving things; blames the side effects (and Victor) Phyllis shouldn’t go to prison. Oh, Kelly’s not pressing charges – she just wants this over. Thank you. As a relieved Jack hugs Kelly, Phyllis comes out.

Phyllis apologizes. Thank you, Kelly says – time heals everything (then hurries off) Jack’s so proud of Phyllis ~hug~

Lily tells Paul that there’s no security from the day in question – but go ahead and question the staff. Kelly returns to tell Lily that Phyllis apologized. It’s sad that she feels so threatened by me. We know that’s a lie, Lily scoffs.

It’ll be so hard, telling Neil. Harder not telling him, Devon says. Neil’s so intelligent and attentive – he senses something. We’ll explain and apologize; face him and the consequences together. Devon can’t wait to show the world that he loves Hilary ~hug~ They jump apart as Neil comes in.

Now home, Jack says they’re on the right track – apologizing to Kelly took guts. He loves Phyllis more than she’ll ever know ~hug~

You’re thrilled that Phyllis feels threatened, Lily grins. No, and Kelly doesn’t expect to reconcile with Jack. He’s just finally realizing that Phyllis isn’t the woman he once loved.

Neil can sense that Devon’s there (but not that Hilary’s listening as he talks about learning how to trust – no more secrets) This new treatment may not work, but that girl loves me. We’ll have an amazing life. Yeah, Devon looks sad (as does Hilary)

Returning to the club, Jill updates Cane and Collin – Victor may sell to someone else if they don’t come up with more cash. You’ll be running CI before you know it, Collin assures.

Back in his office, Victor flashes back to being in a hospital bed; talking about running CI to Kay. We’re cut from the same cloth. Victor will fight even harder. Kay knows what she would do – spend time with her family, instead of risking it. I miss you so much, Victor murmurs to himself (thinking only Kay would understand)

Next: Jack snaps – You’re playing a dangerous game Adam. It’s a game I’m winning, Adam replies … What exactly is Gabriel to you? My husband, Sage tells Nick …. Where is it? Ashley confronts Victor. Where’s what? The sample, of the formula I’ve been working on for over a year. And don’t tell me you don’t have it!

My Thoughts: Lily was intolerable today. As long as she and her husband’s inflated checks aren’t bouncing, it’s none of her damn business where Devon’s money’s going. He should shut her up by telling her he donated it to charity; cancer and hearing impairment; the blind – anything – just make her stop talking …. Hilary’s practically doing cartwheels at the thought that Neil may soon be able to see. That hug’s the most passion Neil’s received from his wife in a while. Going to the spa doesn’t make Hilary not a good, loyal wife – it’s cheating with your husband’s son … How convenient that the club’s security camera’s were on the fritz the day Kelly was ‘poisoned’. I wonder why Devon and Hilary haven’t been caught on camera …. If Paul wants to question the staff, shouldn’t be be summoning them out of the kitchen? (insurance and safety reasons etc.) … Wow – so good to see Kay in a flashback today. You are so missed Jeanne Cooper! … You were not cut from the same cloth Victor; Kay was the finest silk, you; old burlap … Uh Jill – Victor knows you ‘inside and out’ too …… Odd that Phyllis again omitted her granddaughter when talking about her family and all she’s missed (like Daisy’s first steps, words etc) … It (buying CI) isn’t going to cost Jill and Cane a dime? Why should Collin pay 100% of the cost? .. If there’s been a confirmed poisoning at the GCAC, shouldn’t someone do more than run the dishes through a dishwasher? … Are you still not feeling well from the poison? Jack asks Kelly. STILL? It was yesterday that Kelly ‘almost died’ .. According to Phyllis’ doctor, she can’t move on until she makes amends to those she’s wronged? That’s a very long list – starting with the Chief of Police and his DA wife … Tell the staff I said they’re to answer any questions, Lily tells Paul. Oh? So if you told them not to, they’d lie to the Chief of Police? And why can’t she take Paul back to the kitchen herself? Doesn’t look like she has anything better to do