Tuesday, January 27th

Phyllis blasts Victor (in his office) to the point that he says ‘Maybe you should go back into a coma’). As Victor jabs a hypodermic needle in her hand, Phyllis awakens from her nightmare.

At Jabot, Jack updates Billy. He’s looking for a specialist t help Phyllis. ‘Gabriel’ arrives to thank Billy for last night. Gabe has a girlfriend? This is news to Jack.

Nick chats with Chelsea at GCAC. She doesn’t want to take sides but understand that Sharon doesn’t want to lose her kid. Nick gripes that Sharon just wants to make her lies about him and Sage become public – no matter who it hurts (Sage eavesdrops)

The name for the new perfume is ‘Hex’ – and Abby has some packaging ideas. Heading to the glass door, she sees badges; Environmental Security Bureau. Mom!?

Vikki tells Ben that she has to get Katie to the nursery and get back to work. Victor likes to keep things interesting.

The ESB have a court order to shut down Jabot’s lab. Something about unlawful use of tree root from the rain forest. We’re an environmentally friendly lab! Abby yelps. Ashley knows who’s behind this and he’s not getting away with it! (

In his office, Paul knows that Chris isn’t over Phyllis running them over years ago – but he has no evidence that she poisoned Kelly (and she’s refusing to help with the investigation) OK, Chris will go get a confession out of Phyllis. Stress isn’t good for the pregnancy – so Paul is sent to ‘nail her!’

Jack praises Gabe for his comprehensive report – and who’s this girlfriend? She seems really nice (and Billy’s seen another side to Gabe) He dislikes the Mustache – maybe Gabe’s not so bad after all. Ashley calls Jack to report the ESB’s taken all the files and samples. She’s fighting for her co-CEO job. Billy’s sent to calm Ashley down. Stick around, Jack tells Gabe.

Ashley storms out of the lab – to take back what’s hers!

We’re even Mr Newman – this is Ashley’s formula. Victor dismisses his guy to ‘hmmm’ over a large blue ‘Jabot’ test tube.

At the club, Sage is sorry if she caused Nick any problems. Chelsea’s surprised – Sage didn’t mention you knew each other. She saved my life, Nick smiles. Oh yes, there’s that. A bear trap? Faith saw you two acting like this? Chelsea can see how she got confused. We’re just friends. Your boyfriend will be happy to hear that – tell Gabriel I say ‘hi’. Sage is left to face Nick’s questions. He’s your boyfriend? No he’s my husband.

You’re married? To Gabe? Yes, but we aren’t in love. it’s a marriage of convenience, so Gabe would inherit from Constance. Nick understands why she agreed to marry him – but why keep it a secret? So we’re both free to have a relationship with someone we care about.

Phyllis gasps – how did Paul get in? Mrs Martinez. Is this a personal or professional visit? That depends on how Phyllis answers Paul’s questions.

Jack needs a scorecard to keep up with Adam’s lies. The relationship’s just a ruse to convince Chelsea he’s no stalker. He and Billy bonded over hatred for Victor. You’re playing a dangerous game, Jack warns. A game I’m winning. It’s just a matter of time before Billy’s back with Vikki (and he’s with Chelsea)

Ashley demands Victor return the sample of the perfume. Corporate espionage? Patent infringement? This is absurd, Victor’s been developing a compound that doesn’t include an endangered tree root. And here it is. Newman’s is environmentally safe and will get approval quickly. Ashley knows that it’s her sample (that doesn’t include tree root from Central America). So you lied to me? Victor won’t give Ashley the sample. It was developed right here. When Vikki bursts in, Victor puts her on the spot – tell her.

Ashley appeals to Vikki – we both have to prove ourselves to strong men. We can be just as successful by respecting each other. Please, just respect me – tell me the truth. This isn’t a support group, this is family business, Victor grumbles. We have been developing a fragrance, Vikki lies. Ashley’s pissed – you deserve each other. Screw you! That leaves Vikki to ask Victor if he stole from Jabot. Victor did – to save Kay’s company. At what cost Dad?

Ben joins Billy and Abby at the lab (wondering what the hell’s going on) Updated that the SEB shut them down for using a tree root, Ben wonders where the hell they got that idea (and denies he told Vikki anything) Abby gets a text from her Mom (updating that NE’s supposedly been working on an organic fragrance for months) Ben’s surprised to hear that Vikki’s backing her Dad. He’ll go get answers.

People change, Jack says. Yes, and Adam just wants a life with the woman he loves (like Jack has with Phyllis). Adam Newman forfeited that right! But he’s keeping Billy out of prison (for trying to kill me) Jack bolts. Something I said? Chelsea barges in to see Jack – but instead finds ‘Gabe’ (you have to stop stalking me, he jokes)

Adam apologizes for coming on strong – he just wants to do a good job for Jack (and Billy) Meeting your girlfriend’s brought him around, Chelsea says (and her too) They share a laugh. Sometimes a woman brings out the best in a guy, changes him for the better. Chelsea chokes up – you reminded me of someone I once knew.

At the club’s bar, Nick praises Sage’s random acts of kindness; saving him, caring for Constance, marrying Gabe so he could inherit. What about you? Do you do anything for yourself?

Leaving Victor’s office, Vikki bumps into Ben. You haven’t been working on a fragrance! he accuses; The lab raid is BS! You stole our formula! Vikki wants to take Ben somewhere to talk; this is business, not personal. This wasn’t just a job, it was a new life – for us, Ben now thinks it’s gone. We can still build a life together, Vikki insists. Not if she’s choosing her Father over Ben.

Over tea, Phyllis tells Paul that she injured her hand during a tantrum. She was frustrated that no one believed her. About putting anti-freeze in Kelly’s tea? Whoa no – Phyllis won’t make it that easy for the DA. Paul can’t help Phyllis if she’s not honest. Phyllis doesn’t know who she can trust. Trust me – Tell me the truth, Paul says.

Phyllis tells Paul that Kelly asked her to sit and discuss things civilly. She got up and left the table…. And that’s when you poisoned her tea? Don’t answer, Jack comes home to interrupt. Without Kelly’s cooperation, you can’t press charges. We’ll see, Paul shows himself out. What’s happening? Phyllis whines – first Sharon, Kelly, now Christine? They’re all trying to keep me away from you. Jack promises he won’t let that happen ~hug~

Nick will treat Sage to a spa day. Gabriel arrives – thanks for keeping my girlfriend company. Nick knows about the arrangement. Good ole Bingo never changes – always a beautiful woman to bail him out. After Nick leaves, Sage announces that she told Nick they’re married. You what! Adam’s pissed.

In the lab, Billy’s on the phone – we’ll be filing an official complaint. Ashley returns. Abby thinks Ben’s telling the truth. But he could be lying to protect Vikki. From who? Victor. Ashley and Abby both feel sorry for Ben (sure Vikki will choose her Father over him)

Vikki knows this looks bad. That your Dad stole my formula and you’re backing him up?! Yeah, it looks bad, Ben agrees. ‘Bend the rules’? You’re lying for him! Ben loves Vikki – but this isn’t you. You’re better than this. After Ben leaves, Vikki marches into her Dad’s office – I just lied to the man I love. Victor claims that espionage is a dirty (but necessary) part of business. You think I got this far by not stepping on toes!?

In Jack’s office, Chelsea tells Billy that Gabe’s close to Sage – but she just saw her with Nick at the club (and they seemed ‘chummier’)

Sage and Adam discuss her telling Nick the truth – that she married him so he’d get the inheritance. You did this on purpose, making things harder for me. What did I tell you about crossing me!? Across the room, Nick’s not happy to see Gabe pointing his finger as he rants at Sage.

Ben returns to the lab. It’s as if Victor was standing right here when she told them the ‘root tree’ story was a lie. A light bulb goes off and all search. Within seconds, Ben finds the bug. Ashley drops it in water – ‘bastard’.

Do you think I’m crazy? Phyllis asks Jack. Paul thinks I tried to kill Kelly – Chris won’t let it go. It’s not your fault, Jack blames Victor. HE will pay – Jack will see to that.

Victor’s sure Ben will understand. And Vikki will be OK once the money starts flowing. No! Vikki’s had enough. If this is how things are gonna be, Katie will be raised (and baptized tomorrow) as an Abbott! Give this sample back to Ashley or it’s the only legacy you’ll ever have! she slams out.

Next: Avery vows – I will do anything to get this man’s confession on tape and get him out of my life. Real creeper huh? Who is he? Kevin asks. My ex husband, Avery replies … In church, Vikki holds Kate (Billy and the entire Newman/Abbott family in attendance) Dad – what are you doing here? I came for my granddaughter’s Christening – any objections?

My Thoughts: You’d think Ashley might have some ideas for the fragrance she’s been working on for a whole year (details of which Jack hasn’t even been told yet) I wonder if Abby’s packaging ideas include a disclaimer; this product may result in you being sexually assaulted … The Environmental Security Bureau didn’t have to check in at Jabot’s reception area and be taken upstairs to the lab? What’s the point of having security if the doors and walls have huge areas of transparent glass? The whole ‘raid’ was a farce … Victor stealing Ashley’s formula is pretty low – she’s the one person I thought he had respect for. It’s a good thing Kay’s not around to see this (not only was she a straight shooter but she was also fond John’s children) It’s odd that he’s pissed off that Ashley lied to him, but sees nothing wrong with bugging her lab. And telling ONE person (him( is hardly ‘spreading lies’ … Why would Vikki give a crap about when the money ‘starts rolling in’? She’s sitting on half a billion … I completely understand why Vikki’s pissed at her Father – but why not just tell Ashley the truth and return the sample – removing ‘Newman’ from Katie’s name is a childish and impulsive move. It’s not just Victor’s name, it’s also HERS …. It’s painful to watch Paul and Chris get so bent out of shape. If they couldn’t pin their own attempted murders on Phyllis, why do they think they can pin a poisoning (that may or may not have happened) on her? …. ‘Rescue a guy from a bear trap and he never forgets, it right Chelsea? Sage chuckles. Uh no; Chelsea’s ‘traps’ have usually included drugging tourists, false rape charges and lying about paternity to entrap an unsuspecting baby-daddy.