Monday, February 2nd

At home, Jack lashes out at Avery (who thinks Phyllis going to Fairview is the best option) She didn’t wake up and come home for that, she deserves more! Jack snaps. Summer arrives – what’s wrong? Where’s Mom?

No one’s forgotten you – it’s time to rest, the nurse enters Phyllis’ room. Shouting at Jack (in case he’s still there) Phyllis is not happy about a sedation shot.

It’s over! Nikki walks in to announce that Victor called off the sale of the warehouse – CL’s is safe. Nobody can take anything from you ~hug~ Dylan doesn’t look so sure.

At the ranch, Victor wonders why Joe isn’t pissed that the development deal’s off. Joe’s not upset about losing the commission; he got what he wanted.

I was in a coma for a year! Phyllis worries that they all (Jack included) want her to go back to sleep. I don’t want to be alone again. Phyllis weeps as she’s given the needle.

Jack and Avery explain that Phyllis sees Kelly as a threat, and went too far – we’re trying to protect her. She’s being evaluated at Fairview. Summer’s angry, especially at Jack (who’s giving up on her – again!)

Kelly tells Austin that she hasn’t seen Joe Clark. In the club’s dining room, she asks how Summer is (reminding that it was HER who got Jack to attend their wedding) Austin doesn’t think Jack handled things right; Phyllis coming back is complicated. In what way?? Kelly’s all ears.

Dylan catches up with Joe as he arrives at the club (to gloat that he no longer has a reason to stay in town) Avery’s not interested. Oh, Joe’s not the one doing the chasing. Dylan’s gobsmacked to hear that Avery was in his room yesterday.

Back at the ranch, Nikki gushes over Victor; who thinks Kay would be happy that Jill and Cane have CI. Now he can concentrate on his company and family. Summer arrives to blame Victor for her Mom being at Fairview. He offers a hug and promises to help Phyllis again.

We had to hash things out, Joe tells Dylan – he and Avery have history. You clearly have an issue with that. Man – you spin out fast, he pushes Dylan’s buttons some more. You get to keep your coffee house. If you can’t be happy about that, what can you be happy about?

Kelly says a person can be tough and fragile at the same time. And she isn’t that ‘cool’ about ‘all this’ – but is trying. Austin confides that Jack and Avery are talking to Summer about her Mom right now (he’s worried)

Jack’s having second thoughts – Phyllis is locked up, frightened, confused. I should have seen this coming. He can’t even blame Victor (though Avery can) Phyllis came home to find I’d moved another woman into her bed – this is MY fault!

In her room, a groggy Phyllis flashes back to Jack visiting her (while in the coma) – then Summer. She’s confused when Victor appears to reassure that everything will be alright.

Victor tells Phyllis that he came as soon as Summer told him what happened. I’m here to help you. Go to hell, Phyllis growls.

Jack’s at the club to tell Kelly that Phyllis has been admitted to Fairview; she’s getting an evaluation and treatment. She must be terrified, Kelly blames herself – I’m so sorry. It certainly isn’t your fault Jack. He has something to say that Kelly needs to know.

Still at the ranch, Nikki encourages Summer. You didn’t take your Mom for granted. We need one another. We do things we wouldn’t ordinarily do when we’re alone (Nikki eyes the vodka). Summer wants them to be completely honest with each other.

Avery credits Dylan with saving CL’s – the town loves you – how will we celebrate? Dylan confronts her about going to Joe the day of Katie’s Christening. Victor didn’t suddenly change his mind. Did you give Joe a better offer? Avery slaps him across the face.

What the hell is wrong with you?! Avery’s pissed. Dylan wonders why she keeps going to Joe’s room without telling her. It’s starting to look like there’s a reason for that!

Back at the club, Joe brushes ‘Allan’ off – he doesn’t need the commercial anymore. But the rough cut’s done – and AUSTIN’s not letting Joe just walk away.

Summer needs to say this; listing all the bad things she’s done, she feels foolish for trusting Sharon (and wants to testify against her) I was so lonely when Mom was gone; just begging someone to love me. Nikki wonders if she’s questioning marrying Austin.

Phyllis wishes she’d stayed in the coma. Everyone’s better off. Victor tells her to snap out of it – being a force of nature saved you. No, you saved me, she murmurs.

Phyllis was meant to come back to me – Jack will never give up on her again. Kelly thinks him so strong. No, Phyllis is the strong one. Jack never moved on. He should never have given Kelly hope for a future. It was not love. It was real for Kelly – and wonderful. We both deserved to be happy – we still do.

*Awkward* Kelly insists it was real. Jack needs to be clear – we have no future. He’s sorry if he mislead her. Kelly isn’t so sure – life is long – our connection is strong. No, Jack’s only connected to Phyllis – no one else (Kelly’s left to look sad)

Joe sneers at the ‘professional’ Austin (has he put kidnapping Avery on his resume? ) Dropping some money on the floor, he leaves Austin to scoop it up.

Summer loves Austin. Nikki knows about marital issues. The only thing that causes friction is money (Austin wants to make his own way) He’s loving and sweet. Summer then rants about Mariah (for kissing Austin testifying for Sharon at the custody hearing)

Victor praises Phyllis; she beat the odds. She’s ruthless (a compliment) You’re Phyllis Newman. You’ve overcome worse. Rest, tell the doctors what they want to hear. Who cares what Jack wants? Victor will be waiting, as an ally. As Victor leaves, Jack arrives.

Dylan knows Joe didn’t innocently let it slip that Avery was in his suite! Avery insists that Joe’s not relevant. He’s her ex for a reason. Well he sure has a lot of free time on his hands now, Dylan rants. Why aren’t we celebrating? Because of that (Dylan points to her ringing phone) Avery answers; Joe’s sorry if he got her in trouble. I’m to blame for everything. One of these days I’ll get it right ~click~

On the patio, Summer cries to Austin – promise we’ll never end up like the messed up adults in my life. With a hug, Austin does.

Dylan and Avery lock eyes (before he cuts away and walks off to clean tables) Avery comes to give him puppy dog eyes, gets nothing and leaves Dylan to pout … “Time to confess”

What the hell is Victor doing at Fairview? YOU are the reason Phyllis is here, Victor says. Jack agrees. I’m the one who drove her there. I’ll be damned, Victor thinks this a first – good. This time, Jack will be the one to bring Phyllis home. Good luck to you, Victor leaves Jack hesitating outside Phyllis’ door (as she’s also reflecting)

Next: You’re gonna do this? Avery whines. Do what? Dylan asks. Let Joe come between us. You did that, Dylan replies …. The Judge smiles at Faith – tell me – about that woman you saw in your Father’s house …. Billy chats with Ben – I’m sure Vic appreciates the occasional relief you’re giving her. It’s gonna be a lot more than occasional now that I’ve moved in, Ben says.

My Thoughts: It makes no sense that Summer’s so torn up about her Mom – but doesn’t make a beeline to go visit her … Now that the whole deal’s off, why isn’t anyone from the GC Chronicle there to interview Dylan? Shouldn’t Dylan be rounding up all those kids who stood in the freezing cold holding signs in the air to save CL’s?? And what a out the people who supported the development (and all those new jobs)? … Once again, CL’s loud owner and his equally loud (and abusive) fiance have a loud argument in public – yet remain seemingly invisible to all around them. Avery needs to look up the definition of ‘assault’ in her law books .. So you heard the deal’s dead? Dylan asks Joe. What a stupid question. Why would a coffee house owner be told before the guy putting the deal together? …. So JACK’s never admitted to doing anything wrong? Victor’s a fine one to talk. This nice-guy act is unsettling (and will become boring soon) So that’s it? Nikki’s drinking binge is over? Victor really is a miracle worker. I guess it’ll be Neil’s turn soon, and we can’t have two recovering alcoholics falling off the wagon at the same time … Was Dylan happy when Nikki told him that Victor had called off the deal? Duh – what do you think? It’s all Dylan’s been huffing and puffing about for months… Phyllis has been ‘acting out’? Summer didn’t ask for (and get) details on exactly what her Mom’s being accused of? It’ll be hard to hide since she’s been formally arrested!…. Joe’s just gonna walk away? That’s not gonna happen. Oh no? You gonna kidnap him at gunpoint stoo Austin?