Friday, May 10th, 2024

Sally shows up at Adams’ place with coffee, muffins and a supportive hug.

Finding Lily’s office empty, Billy sends her a text – we need to meet ASAP. Chelsea joins him to weep – things are so much worse with Connor than we thought ~hug~

Lily, Devon and Nate are at Society discussing how angry and betrayed Aunt Maime feels. As Lily reads Billy’s message, Devon frets about the internal threats they face at CW.

Strutting over to Chris’ table like she’s on the catwalk, Phyllis gloats about Danny going on tour without her. You didn’t really want him – you just didn’t want ME to have him.

Phyllis continues to be Phyllis as Danny comes over to join her and Chris; who announces a ‘plot twist’ – she’s going on tour with him after all.

Nate, Lily and Devon are all on the same page that Aunt Maime overstepped. Devon agrees with her on one point – we have to get Billy out of the company.

Adam tells Sally that Connor’s on a bunch of meds; he and Chelsea weren’t even able to see him.

Chelsea updates Billy that she and Adam weren’t even able to see Connor! Adam and I are part of the problem, she adds.

Adam tells Sally that Connor’s physically punishing himself by punching his legs.

In tears, Chelsea agonizes to Billy – her son is in so much pain – he has bruises on his thighs. will Connor suffer every day for the rest of his life!? she wonders.

Lily isn’t ‘loyal’ to Billy – she just doesn’t want to start a war with Jill. He actually has some good ideas. Devon’s surprised his sister doesn’t see that Billy wants more power – and why is she going to meet him now regarding an urgent matter – without him and Nate?