Tuesday, February 3rd

Sage shows up at court – wanting to testify on Nick’s behalf (to tell the Judge why she was in his robe) Faith appears to chirp – I’m going to testify! Sharon follows; not nearly as excited. Faith wonders why ‘she’ (Sage) is there. Good question sweetheart, Sharon’s not impressed.

Avery’s at CL’s – for coffee. Dylan makes a crack about her defending another ex (Nick) Avery won’t apologize for helping him. Will she apologize for going to Joe’s suite – again? Is that why Dylan didn’t come home last night? Are you really going to let Joe come between us? No YOU did that (by going to see him knowing he wants to get you in bed) Dylan won’t budge.

At the club, a well dressed Billy comments on Ben’s grunge look. He took over 2 and 4 am feedings last night. Oh, it’s more than ‘occasional relief’, now that I’ve moved in.

Stepping out to fetch the paper, Adam’s locked out of his apartment. I can help with that, Chelsea comes over to jiggle the door; pausing when Adam gets close behind her.

Chelsea’s surprised that Adam knows how to jiggle the door open. Yes, the real estate agent showed him. Sage? She’s out. Mmmm coffee. Come in and have some, Adam invites.

Knowing what Billy really wants to ask, Ben claims he moved in with Vikki because they love each other (not because he moved in with Chelsea) It’s none of my business, Billy only cares that his kids are happy. Oh, and Vikki too.

Avery explains and apologizes for going to Joe’s room. Something happened, Dylan guesses. Avery wipes the guilty look off her face – we won CL’s You have ME. Don’t let Joe come between us. Dylan’s left to sulk.

Sharon scolds Nick – this is hard enough for Faith as it is. YOU’RE the one putting her on the stand, Nick replies. Sharon then introduces Faith to the social worker. Before going, Faith talks about waving a magic wand to make them all happy ~hug~ Nick tells Sage to go home. Call if you need anything, she leaves. Sharon appeals to Nick – all you have to say is two words, joint custody.

Sharon feels she’s been punished enough. This won’t protect Faith, it will hurt her. David leads Sharon inside (leave the arguing to me) Avery arrives – Nick can’t afford to lose this fight.

Ben drops by CL’s to tell Dylan that he left the spare key in the loft – he won’t need it anymore. He’s moving in with Vikki. Barely listening, Dylan already found the key – he slept at the loft last night. Why? Because Avery’s bed’s too crowded.

An espresso maker? But nowhere to sit? Oops – Chelsea forgot the magazines. What style are ‘Gabe’ and Sage? She talks about the old house she and her husband had on the lake – early 19th century creepy. But yes, it was home. She also didn’t decorate the penthouse either – she’d love a blank slate.She finds a website with same day delivery. Sage then comes home to hear how Gabe locked himself out. After Chelsea leaves, Adam wonders how close Sage is to his brother?

Sharon thanks Mariah for coming. And here’s Princess Whiny-pants, she scoffs – get ready for the fireworks. Sharon will need Mariah’s help now more than ever. The Judge asks all to take their seats; it’s Newman vs Newman. Avery calls Nick to the stand.

Chelsea finds Billy in Jack’s office in a foul mood. He’s pissed that Vikki didn’t tell him Ben moved in. Yes, there is a difference – Adam’s dead, I’m not.

At their penthouse, Adam denies he’s jealous of Nick (who has the support of his family) The family? They’re just anti Sharon. They then bicker about who’s wrong; Nick or Sharon. You don’t know what Sharon’s been through! No – and neither does Gabriel Bingham! Sage reminds.

Sharon and Nick’s testimony goes back and forth; as Noah takes a seat beside Summer. Sharon talks about managing her disease – it’s under control. Both claim they want what’s best for Faith. God Nick, can we please stop? Sharon appeals to him from the stand.

Avery now calls Summer to the stand – to talk about Sharon supporting her while her Mom was in the coma (but it was all a lie) Noah testifies that his Mom just wants them to be a family again. His Mom’s better now. But not cured?? No, he admits.

Ben gives Dylan a pep talk – believe Avery. He does. Then why is he letting Joe get to him? Avery loves you. Ben leaves Dylan to think.

Billy only meant that Chelsea doesn’t have to share Connor with anyone. He’ll see more of Connor than his own kids. Vikki won’t cut you out. Billy knows that – but it feels like Ben’s ‘winning’ – and Billy’s losing. Chelsea reminds that at least he and Vikki are working together, some kids aren’t so lucky.

The Judge explains that Faith wants to be heard (though it doesn’t look like it as she plods up the the stand) The Judge has a couple of questions.

If it were up to Faith, she’d want her family to live together again. The Judge can’t make that happen. Avery only has two questions for Faith; who won’t tell David about Sage – but tells the Judge that the lady didn’t have pants on. I don’t want to talk about it – it makes Mommy and Daddy mad. She’s released and allowed to exit, Nick shaking his head, near tears.

Billy’s supposed to watch Ben play Daddy to his kids? I can’t just drop in either. It’s not about Vikki. It sounds like it. Then you’re not listening, Billy snaps. When Gabe interrupts, Chelsea marches out. Bad timing huh? Actually it’s great – Billy needs Gabe’s help.

David puts Mariah on the stand. She feels cheated out of growing up with Sharon as her Mother. Blah blah. Avery’s turn. She asks Mariah what Faith said about Sage’s visit (why she had no pants on). Mariah doesn’t remember. You’re under oath, Avery reminds – what did Faith say to you? Mariah looks trapped.

Billy needs an objective opinion (and since Gabe doesn’t know any of the players… ) It’s a Dad problem. If you had to sit back and watch another man raise your child? Gabe knows the people you love can be taken away in a heartbeat. Billy appreciates the reminder.

Dylan chats with Summer outside the courtroom (Mariah’s testifying) Avery’s doing a great job in there. She goes to meet Austin. As Dylan heads inside, Mariah reluctantly relays Faith’s explanation that Sage’s pants were in the dryer. Yes, Nick was just being helpful. Sharon jumps up – no! That’s NOT all! Tell them! that Faith belongs with me. You can’t take her away. Nick! Don’t let them take Faith away from me! Please!

Next: I’m afraid you’re about to do something you might regret, Nikki tells Victor….. There has to be another reason you stepped aside and let Jill take over, Lily confronts Cane … Sharon looks panicked by the Judge’s speed; I’ve reached a decision regarding the custody of the minor Faith Newman.

My Thoughts: Why would Sage tell Adam that Nick’s whole family’s there? (court) When she left, Summer was the only one seated on Nick’s side. Odd that Victor didn’t show up. This must be new and improved Victor 2.0 (or Nick remembered how well it went when Victor helped with Vikki’s custody bid for Reed and told him to stay home) That said, just the benches filled with Newman’s would intimidate the Judge into siding with Nick. Sharon’s outburst (her second outburst actually) is sure to result in her losing custody (though before that, the Judge should have ruled against both sole custody requests and give them joint custody) It’s quite possible that Nick will cave in and do the right thing …. Mariah already lied on the stand – she does remember exactly what Faith said about the pantless Sage … There’s no jury to hear Faith’s testimony and the Judge has already questioned Faith. He could have easily told her that she couldn’t testify. Why can’t anyone say no to this kid? She even has the Judge wrapped around her little finger…. I can’t imagine MY life without Faith, Sharon makes the mistake of whining. It’s not about you is it? … Sharon will need Mariah’s help now more than ever? When was the ‘ever’? Mariah’s being rewarded quite handsomely for her support …. Why hasn’t Dylan gotten rid of that creepy Howdy Doody puppet at CL’s … 2 million dollar penthouses and all the doors can be opened if jiggled just the right way? … Billy needs to get a grip on himself. It’s very obvious that he’s flipping out over Ben moving in with Vikki (very little to do with the kids) … All those 24 hour shifts at GCM but Ben can’t handle a 2 and 4 am feeding? … Avery couldn’t make herself a cup of coffee at home before heading to court? She should let Dylan huff and puff at his coffee house. Stop chasing after him … If Sage and Adam have no furniture what are they sleeping on? What is Sage marching upstairs to? To pace around in an empty bedroom? Why don’t they just bring some stuff over from Castle Black? … Billy has a lot of nerve whining about not being able to raise his kids. One of the kids he’s talking about is the son CHELSEA gave birth to – so yeah, I think she’s QUITE familiar with letting someone else parent your kid. No, she doesn’t have to share Connor – BUT – she doesn’t get to ‘share’ Johnny and watches Vikki play Mother to him. So get over it.