Wednesday, February 4th

Don’t take my daughter away – she needs me – I need her! Neither the Judge, David or Noah can silence Sharon (who flees from the courtroom in tears) In the hallway, she whines to Dylan – the man I’ve loved my whole life is trying to take my daughter away from me.

In Victor’s office, Nikki worries that Victor’s about to do something he’ll regret.

Neil tells Hilary that the doctor needs to see him right away. This could be good news; he might want to start the new treatment. Perhaps he’ll get his sight back. Oh what that would mean to us. It would change everything, Hilary agrees.

At the club, Cane appreciates Devon enabling him to re-enter the corporate world. But what about Neil? He’ll be told the truth when Devon decides the time is right. Cane’s grumbling is interrupted by Jill and Collin. Lily’s more excited (about the CI deal) than Cane. Why is that?

Cane will be OK once the paperwork’s signed. No, he’s not having second thoughts about running CI with Jill. After a thank you hug, Devon leaves Jill to assume Collin’s snippy mood is because HE didn’t come up with the money. Collin’s left to expect a ‘thank you’ from Cane (and a favour for not blabbing to Lily)

Victor lists the reasons why he’s selling CI to Jill and Cane. I don’t deserve it, Nikki says. Why? Victor wonders.

David needs Sharon to pull herself together, let’s go back inside. Sharon’s left to tell Dylan that Avery turned Noah and Mariah against her. I’ll be all alone.

In the courtroom, Noah and Mariah feel bad that their testimony discredited Sharon. Nick worries too – his goal isn’t to destroy Sharon. No, Avery agrees – it’s to protect Faith. And Sharon just gave us an example of why.

Helped into his coat, Neil relays his good omen dream to Hilary. This is going to happen. Once I can see, we can start our lives over. That’s all Hilary wants. After sending Neil off with a dutiful kiss, she immediately summons Devon by text.

Back at the club, Collin asks Cane to step aside and let Jill control CI – or he’ll tell Lily that he knew Hilary and Devon’s secret all along. Cane can’t be blackmailed – I’m blackmailing you. But Collin agreed not to tell Neil (nothing about Lily) As Cane and Jill go to sign paperwork, Collin makes a big show of keeping Lily company.

Nikki doesn’t feel she’s pulling her weight in the marriage (by sleeping in the guest room, making no effort while Victor’s giving up so much for her) Victor has a request – move back into our bed.

Sharon gripes about Mariah not being loyal to her – then returns to the courtroom with Dylan (which doesn’t please Avery much) David apologizes for the outburst. The Judge’s already reached his decision. Effective immediately, Nick’s awarded full custody of Faith.

The Judge continues; Sharon gets unsupervised visitation at Nick’s discretion. The arrangement will be reassessed in one year. Sharon whines to David – I’ve just lost a year with my daughter, do you have any idea what that’s like for a parent? Faith runs in to hug her Mom – can we go home now? Sharon breaks the news that she’ll live with Daddy for a while. The news doesn’t go over well. Sharon reassures – the only thing that will be different is where you sleep. At night, close your eyes, I’ll send kisses special delivery ~hug~ I love you. By Mommy. Bye baby. Sharon’s left to cry on Dylan’s shoulder. I’ll catch up with you later, he sends Avery clip clopping out. When Mariah offers to take her home, Sharon snarls – stay away from me.

Over coffee, Collin says ‘you’d be surprised who’s blurring the lines of morality’. Is this about Cane? What were you two talking about? Lily grills him.

Getting a text, Nikki’s happy to update Victor; Nick won custody – she’s going to help Faith settle in. Maybe things are improving for this family. Nikki’s moving back into Victor’s bedroom tonight. Greeting Jill and Cane a bit too warmly, Nikki leaves them to their business.

Signing paperwork, Jill and Victor spar about whether she’ll make a success of CI. He’s only doing this for Nikki. Jill and Cane are now the rightful owners of CI. Victor will have copies of the paperwork sent over. Good luck. We won’t need it, Jill gloats – as she and Cane leave Victor to look smug.

Collin claims he was asking about vacation destinations. Lily’s not buying it (but is distracted when Collin wins the hand ‘gin’) No, he didn’t cheat.

Devon’s at Hilary’s, happy that they’ll soon be able to tell Neil the truth soon. When Neil returns, he’s sorry for getting their hopes up. He’s been dismissed from the program.

Sharon’s not happy that Mariah didn’t lie for her (listing all she did for her) I was there for you – when I needed you, you let me down. When has lying ever been a problem for you? Cassie would never have stabbed me in the back, Sharon continues to whine. Mariah tells Sharon to shove her room and board. Fine with that, Sharon marches out. Sending Dylan with her, Mariah’s left to sniffle. And Kevin appears.

Kevin heard what Sharon said – she was just upset. She hates me – I’m not Cassie, Mariah weeps in his arms.

Faith wants to go home. I miss Mommy. Nikki arrives – I’m so excited. Not everyone is, Nick lets her in. Noah steps aside so Nikki can comfort Faith. As the girls go up for a bubble bath, Nick defends his decision to Noah – this won’t be easy on Faith. Or Mom, Noah worries.

Dylan follows Sharon to Cassie’s grave. She didn’t think she’d survive losing her. Now Faith. How can Nick do it? Dylan was actually at the courthouse to support Avery. He reassures Sharon – you’re not crazy. After Connor, Dylan lost it too – Nick won’t keep Faith away from you for long. He understands that Sharon wants to be alone – so leaves.

Home, Neil must accept the doctor’s decision. As long as he has his family, he has hope. As he goes to call/update Sophia, Hilary and Devon share their disappointment.

PLaying a game of Gin, Lily doesn’t trust Collin keeping score – he cheats. Jill and Cane return for congratulatory hugs. She and Cane had a chat on the way back. I know everything, Jill announces to Collin.

Nikki’s back downstairs to reassure Nick that he did the right thing, for Faith. He agrees, but what he thinks and feels are two different things. After Nick’s sent up to see Faith, Victor arrives at the tackhouse. CI is now in Cane and Jill’s hands. Nikki’s sorry. Victor’s not. Hmm, Nikki wonders if this was his plan.

Jill knows that Collin told Cane to let her run CI. Lily protests – Cane has just as much to offer as Jill (who disagrees with that) This makes no sense, she runs after Cane. Jill kisses Collin – Devon gave us the money, but you knew I wanted to sit in Kay’s chair. She then drops the bomb – Collin can’t have any involvement in CI. Lily confronts Cane – why is he letting Jill take over? What is Collin holding over your head?

Mariah feels horrible for letting Sharon down. Kevin recites poetry; Plato Spheres really knows what he’s talking about. Told Mariah doesn’t have a home anymore, Kevin wastes no time inviting her to move in with him.

On the CL’s patio, Avery calls to update Mike – then assumes Dylan’s pissed off at her. Nope – he wants to apologize.

Sharon talks about Cassie’s prophecy; you brought Faith to us. Nick’s taken her away. My sweet angel’s gone. Summer, Mariah, Noah. Nick, all our hopes and dreams are gone. I’m all alone. Sharon leans to weep on the headstone.

Next: Hilary tells Neil; There’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you but I’ve been putting it off … As Austin and Kevin look on, Mariah snarls at Summer; I helped Nick destroy my Mom’s life and you think I’m happy about that? … Sharon swipes framed photos off her mantel, sending them crashing to the ground.

My Thoughts: Why are there no other people at the courthouse? …. Sharon really needs to chill out. Avery did not turn Mariah against her – or Noah. They did not ‘take Nick’s side’. They told the truth, reluctantly and under oath. Anything less would be perjury. It was very obvious that Mariah didn’t want to. I almost felt sorry for Mariah today. Sharon, not so much – though she does get credit for holding it together for Faith ….. Easy to see where Faith gets her behavior from. I was waiting for Sharon to stomp her feet and hold her breath …. Why would Cane and Jill sign paperwork without having lawyers there to review it? It would serve them right if Victor had a few loopholes in there. He seems a bit too happy to dump CI …. Why would Devon ‘give’ Jill and Cane money to buy CI? That’s quite a gift. Why wouldn’t he loan it? Who gets the profit when/if CI becomes successful again? … Cane looked like a well groomed 11 year old in his school uniform and slicked back side part … Lily’s going to go put champagne on ice? You’re in a restaurant – champagne should always be on ice … When Devon first inherited Kay’s billions, and Victor her company, the two had a few conversations. Victor offered to mentor Devon. So why wouldn’t the two men meet to discuss the sale? …. Why would Nikki be ‘excited’ that Nick won custody? Nothing’s really going to change. And why would she say that in earshot of Faith? …. Seeing how hostile Nick and Sharon are towards one another, why wouldn’t the Judge court order a visitation schedule; giving Sharon at least Wednesday and every other weekend? …. Sharon’s just lost a year with her daughter? Does David have any idea what that’s like for a parent? No – but Phyllis does … Oh yeah Nikki. Nothing cheers a kid up like a bath … The doctor made Neil come all the way over just to get rejected? He couldn’t have saved him the trouble and said ousted him over the phone? I’m guessing Neil’s lying – which is silly. Spoilers indicate that Devon and Hilary’s secret comes out very soon … How can Lily be so intuitive when it comes to some things but so oblivious to others? What a busybody.