Thursday, February 5th

Sharon’s pity party continues at Cassie’s grave. She’s all alone – because of one bad decision made when she wasn’t well.

At Underground, Summer bends Austin’s ear; Faith’s better off with Nick – Mariah telling the truth really tanked her Mom’s case. Mariah appears (with Kevin) She’s NOT happy that she helped Nick destroy her Mom’s life.

Faith asleep, Nick thanks Noah and is sorry he was put in the middle. There IS a way Nick can make it up to him; reassure Mom – give her some hope that this isn’t forever.

Lily’s not stupid – she knows Collin has something on Cane. Why else did he agree to report to Jill? He strong-armed you. What did Collin say and why won’t you tell me what it is?

Hanging up with Sophia, Neil can’t believe he may never see Moses’ face again – and that he was dropped from the clinical trial. The flashes of light are as good as it’ll get (according to the specialist) Hilary and Devon’s eager ideas are rejected. And as Neil goes to rest, they share their disappointment. We can’t keep lying, Hilary wants to tell Neil the truth.

The longer we wait, the harder it’ll be, Hilary decides the only decent thing to do is tell Neil tonight. Devon wants to give him a few days – then we tell him together. We will be together soon, he promises.

Lily is NOT buying that Jill has more experience than Cane. Think about what lying has done to our marriage. Does Collin have something on you? As Cane sticks with his story, Lily’s called away (but is NOT done with this conversation)

Summer didn’t say it was fun – she thinks Mariah was brave to tell the truth. But now I’m homeless, Mariah whines. No – you can live with me, Kevin repeats (much to Summer’s interest)

The custody arrangement will be revisited in a year. Yes, but Mom won’t get through this, Noah worries. Of course Sharon can see Faith, but Nick must protect her from Sharon’s instability. But Mom needs incentive to continue taking her meds – Noah’s grateful when Nick agrees to keep an open mind. Now alone, Nick rushes upstairs when Faith screams.

It’s OK – Daddy’s here, Nick carries a crying Faith downstairs. There’s a monster under her bed. Nick says all the right things – he’ll scare it away. Other attempts fail too. I want Mommy! Faith wails.

Home – alone, Sharon flashes back to the whole family being together during happier times, then clears the framed photos off the mantel with one swipe.

Crisis averted, Lily hopes Cane’s ready to be honest with her now. Is Devon interrupting? He updates that Neil’s being dropped from the new treatment. Lily’s sure Dad will get through it (thanks to Hilary; thank God for her) Cane’s eyes drill into Devon.

Back at home, Hilary fusses over Neil. He appreciates her trying to cheer him up and knowing she’s unhappy, vows to give her a good life; all of his heart. Stop! Don’t say another word – this is so wrong, Hilary can’t put it off any longer – she has something to tell Neil.

Lily leaves Cane to tell Devon that she knows something’s going on and WILL figure it out. Devon updates that he and Hilary will tell Neil soon. THEY must be the one to explain (not Lily) Good luck with that – do it asap, Cane orders.

It’s wrong that Neil won’t get his sight back. It’s wrong that Neil’s forgiven Hilary for all she’s done. I love you, Neil says Hilary has nothing to feel guilty for. I can’t do this, a distraught Hilary bolts from the apartment, ignoring Neil as he calls out her name.

Mariah’s life is none of Summer’s business. But Summer thinks it great if she moves in with Kevin. Oh? You guys are living together? Noah appears. As Mariah and Austin get to work, Noah chats with Kevin. He appreciates him looking out for Mariah and hopes his Mom will soon realize they aren’t the enemy.

Traitor! Sharon snarls at a photo of Mariah. Striking a match to light the photo (the rest out of their frames and already arranged in the fireplace) Sharon has a flashback to torching the ranch – and hesitates.

Back at the club, Lily yet again wants Cane to be honest with her. Unaware that Cane’s just seen Hilary march upstairs, Lily presses for answers. Tell me this secret. Nothing you can say will change what we have together.

Hilary bursts into Devon’s suite – babbling that they need to tell Neil now. What we’re doing to him is wrong. This isn’t ‘hard’ it’s impossible. I almost told him myself. I stormed out. Devon understands – but stands by his decision to wait a few more days. We can’t drive Neil to drink.

Downstairs, Cane admits he’s been hiding something from Lily. He doesn’t want there to be anymore secrets ……

Tossing Mariah’s photo into the fireplace, Sharon’s about to light it when her phone rings. Nick needs help with Faith. She had a bad dream. Can you come over? I’ll be right there, Sharon gobbles down her meds and races out.

Summer meant what she said – Mariah did the right thing. Sharon was wrong to put Faith on the stand. She’s a danger to Faith and everyone around her. A guy interrupts looking for Nick Newman – again. If he doesn’t show, there could be trouble. Noah introduces himself and asks if he can help.

Angry guy is a building inspector who’s been trying to let Nick know about structural issues. He’s left messages with that guy (Austin) If Nick doesn’t call him, the club may be closed down. Summer’s pissed when Austin admits he didn’t tell Nick. He doesn’t need his club shut down right now!

Sharon suggests Daddy get Faith’s crayons so she can draw the monster. As Faith draws, Sharon makes jokes – was he wearing socks? Bunny slippers? Cuddling, Faith’s encouraged to fall asleep. You’re safe – Mommy’s here.

Cane’s about to confess to Lily when Neil arrives looking for Hilary (who’s not answering his calls) He’s very worried (and so’s Cane – because he knows where she is)

Devon reassures Hilary – we’ll figure this out. Their kiss leads to removal of clothes, on the bed.

Lily goes to call Jabot. Cane will try Hilary’s cell. Cane sends Neil to talk to Devon in his private suite. Here’s the key – be careful.

Mariah whines to Kevin – if Underground closes she’ll be homeless AND jobless. Kevin repeats his offer. His expectations? Hair in his drain, fighting over the remote. He made the offer as a friend, that’s all. As a friend, Mariah accepts, they shake hands. Watching, Austin gloats – I called it. Summer wishes he paid as much attention to the building inspectors messages for Nick. Unconcerned, Austin’s sure everything will be OK – until a gust of wind blows a candle out.

Faith asleep on the sofa, Sharon tells Nick she’ll be OK. He thanks her – we’ll talk about visitation in a few days, once Faith’s settled in. I appreciate you coming, especially under the circumstances. Good night, Sharon leaves smiling.

Neil’s cane taps along the floor. He blinks as his vision suddenly returns. Oh my God! He reads the plaque on the door to suite 637.

Lily rejoins Cane to say that no one’s seen Hilary at Jabot. It’s OK – call off the search, Cane says. Dad found her? He’s about to.

Neil manages to open the door and squint at the bed. Busy making out, a naked Hilary and Devon don’t notice Neil scowling down at them.

Next: Cane has Devon in the office – do you have any idea how much damage you’re about to cause this family? …. What do you mean we have a guest? Nikki squawks. Phyllis is going to stay with us for a while, Victor states …. Phyllis holds her ring out to Jack – I need you to take this and just go.

My Thoughts: Where are the Baldwin’s!? Why is Mike’s cancer storyline getting no airtime? We know more about the treatment Neil CAN’T have – than the treatment Mike IS having … A bed collapsed at the club? Does the most luxurious hotel in town have poorly constructed Ikea beds? Never mind comping a free night – perhaps the guest suffered a back injury and will sue the billionaire owner. If Lily was smart she’d be chauffeuring the guest to GCM for a full examination and xrays … When exactly will Lily check the other beds? And how? I’m sure she and Cane will do some vigorous testing on each bed … It appears I may be right with my guess a few weeks ago (not exactly rocket science to guess that Neil won’t immediately let on that he can see again (and Devon and Hilary will think they dodged another bullet) …. If Neil’s sight didn’t return, how did Cane expect him to find Devon’s suite? The way Neil’s luck’s been going lately, there’s a good chance he’ll walk right into the rooftop swimming pool … Once Hilary and Devon are busted, Collin has nothing over Cane. So will he still let Jill have the drivers seat at CI while he ‘rides shotgun’? The only ‘decent’ thing to do Hilary would be not cheating on your husband with his son … Oh Sharon. The opening pity party was nauseating. It wasn’t ‘one bad decision’ – it was the lies and actions that covered it up … How sad that her happiness is so dependent upon other people. I’m not sure it’s a good idea to encourage Faith’s delusions though. She did a great job with Faith (while Nick looked on uselessly) Too bad she didn’t make a point of letting Faith know that she was safe from monsters with both her Mommy AND her Daddy. Thankfully Sharon didn’t light the fire. I doubt Victor would rebuild her house as he did the ranch .. Odd that Courtney wasn’t around to support Noah. No wonder he doesn’t want to marry her… Why is Kevin so orange? He practically glows next to Mariah.