Friday, February 6th

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Neil edges quietly out of the room, devastated by what he’s just seen. In bed, Hilary whines about sneaking around. We’re in love, and Devon says they’ll tell Neil in a few days. Hilary wants to confess but is terrified of how he’ll react.

Neil trudges down the stairs, and only uses his cane as he joins the Ashby’s – did you track down Hilary? Dad – what’s wrong? Neil just scowls.

Jack’s alarmed to find Phyllis’ room empty – and to hear she was released this afternoon.

Phyllis is at the ranch – she couldn’t go back to Jack’s after he abandoned her at Fairview. Nikki’s not thrilled to hear they have a guest. Phyllis is staying with us for a while, Victor announces.

Neil wonders why Cane thought Devon would know where Hilary is. He’s a good listener, Lily chimes in. Neil claims he knocked on the door – but Devon wasn’t there. After Cane takes the room key back and excuses himself to take a call, Lily fusses over her Dad. Yes, she heard the disappointing news – Devon told them (he won’t be in the clinical trial). Neil’s decided to give his wife some space. He’s been going about this thing all wrong. Lily fusses some more then gets back to work. A waiter takes Neil’s order – anyone joining you? Yes – two more any minute.

Hilary frets – what have I done? To you, to Neil. Devon thanks God he has Hilary. Neil needs someone too. Yes, he has his family; Cane and Lily – and Devon if Neil will let him. Oh, and he’ll have the truth. Devon and Hilary will be together for Valentine’s Day.

Paul and Chris are at Fairview – to see why Phyllis was released. Has she been found fit to stand trial? Chris is agitated/excited – she wasn’t temporarily insane when trying to poison Kelly!?

Jack’s at Kelly’s office, wondering if she’s seen Phyllis. Kelly thinks he’s there for HER benefit and wonders why Phyllis didn’t go running home to you? Not even a call? That’s hurtful (and says a lot). Jack again clarifies that they’re done – his future is with Phyllis. But where is she? A bulb goes off over Jack’s head and he rushes out.

Phyllis thanks both Nikki and Victor, and goes to freshen up (so Victor and Nikki can bicker over who Phyllis should rely on) She’s the Mother of our granddaughter, Victor reminds. Nikki knows it’s about sticking it to Jack.

Life can be unfair, the Ashby’s agree. Lily whines about what Neil’s going through (his disappointment over being kicked out of the program) And what is Cane keeping from her????

Devon joins Neil (still blind and wondering if Hilary came to Devon. He relays that she said something about the situation being wrong, impossible, then ran out the door. She was desperate to tell me something but couldn’t do it. Do YOU have any idea what it is? Neil grills Devon.

The DR hasn’t determined if Phyllis can stand trial yet. But not to worry, she may be a skilled ‘manipulator’ but he’s a professional who can’t be fooled. The Chief and DA will be updated when the court is. In the meantime, Phyllis will continue treatment.

Nikki gets a call from the guardhouse – we have another guest. She feels like a fool – to think Victor’s love for her is more important than his grudge against Jack. Victor’s merely keeping a promise. Jack arrives – Phyllis is here isn’t she? Better here than with you, Victor confirms.

Lily would never want Cane to sacrifice what he wants for her. He loves her and the kids – nothing can come between us. Nothing will, Lily promises with a hug.

Neil pours it on thick – poor Hilary, married to a blind man who can’t be a husband to her. Devon thinks his Dad an amazing man who can handle anything life throws at him. Neil will remember that as he moves forward. He’s no longer worried about Devon – he has a wonderful woman in his life; sweet Gwen. Hilary leaves (looking over at Neil, but unaware that he can see her) Neil decides to leave shortly after. My man, he shakes Devon’s hand. Good bye son.

Phyllis is gonna get off on temporary insanity, Chris frets – remember Tim Reid!s?? Paul wishes she’d calm down (for the baby’s sake) Everything’s fine – Chris got a clean bill of health – Phyllis won’t effect her or the baby.

Jack needs to speak to Phyllis. That’s fine, she says (when Victor asks). Come home. No thanks, this is where Phyllis is living – with the man who saved her life. Nikki’s heard enough – I’m outta here. Will you be alright? Victor leaves – call if you need anything. Jack apologizes – he’ll do anything to make it up to Phyllis.

At the park, Paul wants Chris to forget about Phyllis. In a few months we’ll be pushing a baby stroller down this path. Think about our future instead of Phyllis (Chris makes a funny face)

While Kelly is at Fairview looking for Dr Barrett (re: Phyllis) Jack is kissing her ass: I let you down. I should never have doubted you’d be back. I shouldn’t have got involved with another woman. I made you feel unsafe and unsure. Phyllis made a mistake thinking they could go back to what they had. Jack asks her to come home – I love you, want to marry you. Hey – where’s the ring?

Neil has a drink, looks at himself in the mirror behind the bar. He’s stunned when Nikki arrives. The usual? the bartender calls out to her. Nikki’s equally shocked when her eyes meet Neil’s in the mirror. Go ahead Nikki, have a drink, I am, he says.

Paul will get the nursery ready. Chris insists on helping – then catches Paul as he almost falls down. The baby and I will be just fine (it’s Paul who needs help walking)

Cane tells Lily that Jill’s thinking of moving CI’s headquarters to Chicago. Come look at the office space with us (a nice Valentine’s getaway) Lily worries about Neil – but he has Hilary, so OK. When Lily’s sent to see the chef, Cane gripes to Devon about having to lie to her. Do you have any idea how much damage you’re about to cause this family??

Nikki’s astonished that Neil can see. He is too. Why is he upset and drinking? Because he just saw the devil in disguise. It’s the people you love and trust. Nikki can relate – Victor. Neil won’t tell anyone he saw Nikki there. Over drinks, he confides – I walked in on my wife having sex with my son. They didn’t even know I was there. He tested Devon – gave him perfect chance to come clean. Cane knows, not Lily. Neil feels betrayed (and played a fool)

Phyllis is pissed at Jack. I was calling out to you. You left – walked away from me. You should have stayed and helped me fight. I don’t trust you anymore. I need space – time to think. Take this (the ring) and go.

Jack will go – but vows to win Phyllis back (and put the ring back on her finger) After he leaves, Victor appears to ask if she’s alright. Phyllis won’t be anyone’s victim again.

Dr Barrett wants Kelly’s insight into Phyllis’ state of mind. Not surprisingly, she’d be happy to help in any way she can.

Devon hates what this will do to Neil and Lily – but he’s in love with Hilary (who then calls to ask Devon about his chat with Neil)

Still drinking with Nikki, Neil’s contemplating his options. Maybe he’ll make Hilary and Devon pay.

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