Monday, February 9th

The furniture Chelsea picked out delivered, Sage scoffs at Adam. Chelsea ‘s NOT in love with Gabriel Bingham – she LIVES with Billy Abbott. Yes, and that’s why Adam needs Sage’s help.

On the Patio, Chelsea’s on the phone with Billy. She’ll pick up dinner (after having a busy day picking out Gabe’s furniture) Love you. Love you too. Getting off the elevator, Billy’s annoyed to find boxes in the hallway (and wastes no time telling Gabe to come move them)

Inside, Chelsea asks Sharon how the custody hearing went. Sharon relays the dirt (Sage) she had on Nick (and that he got full custody)

Summer and Austin drop by to congratulate Nick on getting custody – and to tell him that a building inspector’s been looking for him. Three times, Summer adds – not hiding that she’s pissed at Austin. Nick can’t close the club tonight – he’s booked solid for Valentine’s Day. It slipped my mind, Austin’s unapologetic – he was focused on his ‘real job’. Nick’s NOT happy.

Dylan delivers pizza (and wine) to Avery’s office. She doesn’t have time (until she smells the pizza that is). to see Avery.

Dylan does the talking; Avery’s busy – with what is none of Joe’s business, Dylan does NOT believe he’s looking for Mike. Things somehow get turned around and Avery’s accusing Dylan of not believing her (that nothing happened the night in Joe’s suite). HE’S hiding something, Joe says – Dylan’s not the man you thought he was – he’s exactly who *I* thought he was.

Nick’s on the phone with the building inspector; I’m on my way. No, Austin doesn’t need to come – ha and Summer are to stay and watch Faith. After Nick leaves, Austin sulks (about Nick’s lecture and Summer not standing by him) You messed up, Summer is solidly on Nick’s side.

It’s not Chelsea’s fault. Sharon explains that the hearing was going well until Mariah had an attack of honesty on the stand. Yes, Chelsea knows Gabe and Sage (and that nothing was going on between her and Nick). Oh Sharon – you don’t still think there’s a chance for you and Nick – do you?

Billy’s thanked for helping bring the boxes in. He’s surprised that Sage didn’t pick out the furniture (or the penthouse, she remarks) Sage gives Gabe the cold shoulder and asks Billy for some neighbourly advice – how do people live together if one of them’s living a lie? *awkward*

Gabe interrupts Sage – we’re fine. It’s minor stuff, right sweetheart? When Sage’s attitude continues, Billy decides it’s time to leave; he’s anxious to get home to his little boy. YOUR little boy? Adam snarls. What was that? Billy squints.

Sharon’s not delusional – but hopes she and Nick can one day be friends. Chelsea’s not optimistic (and guesses Faith manipulated Nick into calling her over earlier) No, Faith was really scared, Sharon insists. Chelsea just doesn’t want Sharon to get her hopes up. Yes, she and Adam got over their issues.

At Underground, Nick thanks the contractor for coming so late (and hands him a list or repairs) He hopes it can be done before Valentine’s Day (so as not to let anyone down)

Dylan thinks Joe a lousy judge of character (as proven by partnering with Victor) Joe thinks Dylan predictable; you’ll self destruct (due to a bad temper) As Avery marches out, Joe and Dylan exchange more words – which results in Dylan punching Joe in the face. There’s that temper, Joe says – as Dylan exits.

Getting off the elevator, Chelsea hears Billy saying he loves Connor as his own. What’s going on? she comes in to ask. After Billy’s sent to put dinner in the microwave, Sage leaves Chelsea and Adam to arrange furniture (have fun ‘playing house’) Chelsea’s even more confused to hear that Sage isn’t Gabe’s girlfriend, she’s his wife.

Austin and Summer get into a heated argument about Nick (which leads Austin to question if she’d rather they weren’t married)

Dylan’s icing his swollen hand in a snowbank at the park when Sharon happens along. Grateful for his support in court, she wants to return the favour (and knows it’s hard letting go) Dylan concludes that Joe and Avery didn’t have a clean break.

Avery returns to her office to find Joe using a can of soda as an ice pack. Sure he provoked Dylan, Avery flashes back to a failed Valentine’s Day (she tried to make Joe jealous by dancing with the a guy) Joe’s version is different; he ended his business call to step in on the dance. Joe admits he’s rewriting history. But no, Avery feels responsible for the marriage failing – I’m sorry.

Avery should have worked harder to save their marriage. Joe should have showed Avery how much he loved her. If only he had a second chance. Sorry I ruined your night … Hold on, Avery claims they have unfinished business.

Bringing Dylan home, Sharon had forgotten all about the broken frames. She wanted to destroy all the memories (but is OK now) Dylan worries – had Nick seen this, Sharon could have lost Faith for good.

Sage is now at Underground – and happy to hear that Nick won custody (but realizes that Faith needs her Mom) They have a shot. Nick needs to get back to Faith. You’re a good guy, Sage repeats.

Gabe tells Chelsea that he and Sage eloped – they fight a lot. Did you and Adam? All the time, Chelsea chuckles – we had some huge issues. But she didn’t give up because she loved Adam. If your husband walked through that door right now, would you take him back? he wonders.

Would Chelsea have stood by Adam (through trial and prison time)? Chelsea doesn’t know. She used to ask that – but now focuses on a future with Billy. In tears, she hurries out. About to come get her, Billy wonders what’s going on.

Summer WANTS to be married to Austin. It’s always about what YOU want – sell Austin won’t cater to Summer like everyone else does. No, she doesn’t expect him to be the perfect bartender, just do your best. You don’t get it – you don’t get ME, Austin sneers. Nick returns – because he loves his daughter, he won’t fire Austin. It won’t happen again, I quit. Of course Austin can do that – I just did (he exits)

Sharon thanks Dylan; she can’t afford to go off the rails. Both are impulsive. Dylan worries his behavior is driving Avery away.

This will sting, Avery tends to Joe’s cut face. He kisses her hand and thanks her. Let’s call it a night, she says.

Summer can’t believe the way Austin treated Nick (who’s more understanding and tells her to go after Austin; he still has a job if he wants it) Summer can’t continue to apologize for having money – she just won’t do it.

At Underground, Austin has a beer (his locker cleaned out) U awake? is his text to an unknown number. He gets a reply; yeah, what did you have in mind?

Chelsea lies to Billy; something Gabe said just reminded her of what time of year it is; Delia’s birthday. As Billy leads Chelsea into their apartment, Adam pokes his head out of his.

There – no one will ever know I lost it, Sharon thanks Dylan for his help tidying up. Go tell Avery you love her and stop sabotaging your life. They agree to call each other out (if they see that happening) Deal – a fist bump replacing a hand shake because of Dylan’s injury.

Aw – how sweet. Joe remembers Avery’s favourite pizza, and she remembers his. Enjoy your night. Avery’s left to flashback to dancing with Joe during happier times. Getting on the elevator, he thinks of her.

Next: Chris gloats as she puts a folder on Avery’s desk; the psychiatric report on Phyllis … Jack tells Summer that Victor moved Phyllis into a ranch for a reason, and it wasn’t out of the goodness of his heart … Victor captivates Phyllis with his words – everyone else on the outside thinks you’re nuts when you know you’re not. You’re here with me now, you’ll see.

My Thoughts: Sharon’s off her rocker; Sage parading around Nick’s half naked wasn’t a ‘deciding factor’ – your outbursts were. And what exactly were Nick’s ‘attacks’? Mariah had an ‘attack of honesty’? Yeah, Noah and Summer also told the truth too. It’s what people under oath do …. Nick sounds like a chip off the old block – ‘you got that’? … Wake up Austin, your real job’s the one that pays the bills. At least Nick doesn’t throw your wages on the floor and expect you to get down on your hands and knees to scoop it up .. Underground is already booked for Valentina’s Day? It’s not a restaurant – there’s hardly any seating to reserve… Why would Avery leave her hothead boyfriend alone with her oil slick ex hubby? And why would she assume Joe provoked Dylan into hitting him? I’m sure that legal defense has worked for O defendants … Of course Avery’s going to cheat on Dylan with Joe (she’s done it once, she’ll do it again) It’s hard to tell if Joe’s really into Avery, or it’s just a revenge/ego thing. That will leave the door open for Sharon and Dylan (aka Dumb and Dumber) You aren’t the ‘sucker’ Dylan – you just give out sucker punches …. Who delivered the furniture? Two guys and a Truck? it makes no sense that Adam’s expensive home decor would be left outside his condo … The bar Avery and Joe were at is the same bar Nick and Sharon’s entire wedding guest-list got arrested at .. How nice of Avery to use some poor lonely single guy to make Joe jealous (though what kind of idiot asks a woman to dance while she’s sitting with her husband – on Valentine’s Day!?)