Tuesday, February 10th

In the ranch living room, Phyllis awakens from a nightmare starring Jack and nurse Kelly. Victor flashes back to being in a mental hospital – he knows just how Phyllis feels. Everyone thinks you’re nuts when you’re not – you don’t know who to turn to (Victor obviously wants Phyllis to turn to him)

At CL’s, Jack updates Summer (in the hopes that she’ll talk Phyllis into coming home) Summer no longer blames Jack, but understands why her Mom doesn’t want to come home to the house he shared with Kelly. Jack knows Victor has an agenda; Phyllis being in Victor’s orbit is dangerous.

Chris marches into Avery’s office with the Phyllis’ psychiatric report; enjoy the read – see you and Phyllis in court, she marches back out.

As Billy (and Connor) are decorating the penthouse for Valentine’s Day, Chelsea’s across the hall. Adam answers the door bare chested. Why yes, he IS free for dinner tonight.

Now in a shirt, Adam hears Chelsea’s plan to get him and Sage on better terms. Love is love; it’s always there. Adam thinks it a great idea – he and Sage will be over in an hour. And while Sage comes home to hear they have dinner plans, Chelsea’s delighted with the decorations, but can’t go out to dinner – she just made plans with Gabriel.

At Underground, Kevin and Mariah tease one another – then are puzzled by a Valentine’s Day invitation with a box. Hmmm – who could have sent it?

Avery’s summoned Jack – the psychiatrist finds Phyllis lucid and calculating; aware of her actions and repercussions. Avery worries the report alone could convict Phyllis.

Meanwhile, the psychiatrist is on the phone with Victor; yes, he spoke to the woman Victor mentioned. Kelly Andrews provided insight – Phyllis is sane. As they hang up, Phyllis appears – pissed that Victor’s talking to her doctor. Are they coming to get me?! No – despite what Jack thinks, Victor knows Phyllis is sane (as does the DR) You’re safe.

Now dressed for dinner, Sage is pleasantly surprised that Nick’s sent flowers to they penthouse. Quit sucking up to my brother, Adam snaps – you’re supposed to be married to me. Besides, he’ll go back to Sharon (just as Chelsea will come back to him)

Billy’s not enthused about a romantic dinner for four (with a couple of strangers) At the mention of Valentine’s Day, Chelsea mentions that they’re married now. Billy OK’s their dinner – we’ll show them what real love is.

Chris meets Paul at CL’s, babbling about how excited she is about breaking Phyllis. Stop it, Paul shuts her up.

Jack rants to Avery – committing Phyllis to Fairview did nothing to help her defense (and now she doesn’t trust either of us) How could the DR be fooled by Phyllis’ facade? He was paid off; if not by Chris, by Victor.

Dr Barrett confirmed that you’re sane, Victor tells Phyllis that she’s mentally sound (which he’s relieved about) Who cares what everyone thinks? Kelly played everyone. She won – but Phyllis can’t prove it. She didn’t win – and Victor will find proof.

Unable to get a sitter, Chelsea apologizes. No – Gabe’s happy to have him. And as he and Chelsea gush over Conner, Billy watches an unhappy Sage drink wine.

Mariah and Kevin continue to ponder the invitation to a party at the Abbott cabin. Perhaps Austin and Summer are hosting? On cue, Austin appears to announce that he quit. He’s no one’s charity case.

Back at the ranch, Victor reminds Phyllis that Jack took Kelly’s word over hers (even though it’s clear to Victor) Let Kelly think you’re at a disadvantage – it’ll be her undoing, he advises. Summer drops by – Jack’s really worried. Phyllis is fine – your Grandpa believes it, you need to believe it too.

At Fairview, Jack asks Dr Barrett who paid him off; the DA? the Chief? Victor? Jack’s willing to double it. Denying any wrongdoing, Dr Barrett only spoke to Phyllis, and the victim – the decision was clear. Wait – you spoke to Kelly? Jack’s surprised.

Does Chris want Phyllis behind bars for what she did to Kelly – or HER? Chris doesn’t care – Phyllis deserves to pay. Paul suggests they focus on having a healthy baby. Hand this case over to the ADA so we can surround our baby with positivity. Chris won’t budge; Phyllis will be punished for her crimes. As Avery appears, Chris tells Paul she loves him – but this will happen. Paul’s left to join Avery – we need to stop this from blowing up on everybody.

Phyllis doesn’t care what anyone thinks – except Summer. Victor mumbles about family support being important, then leaves Phyllis to tell Summer that she didn’t poison Kelly (and will prove it) Summer’s warned to be careful around Kelly – she’s dangerous.

Jack blasts Kelly in the club’s office. Dr Burnett came to ME, Kelly ‘had to’ answer his questions. What did you say!? Jack’s no longer buying Kelly’s innocent victim act. Kelly told Dr Burnett that she didn’t want Phyllis locked up – that she’s fully recovered from the poisoning etc. Jack finds it odd that NONE of that made it into the report.

As Chelsea and Adam go for another bottle of wine, Billy asks Sage about her reaction when Gabe mentioned kids. Wanting a family doesn’t make it real, she answers sadly (as Adam reappears)

When Summer arrives at Underground, Mariah asks if they invited them to the Abbott cabin. We got the same invitation last night, Austin says. We did? Since this is news to Summer, Mariah wonders if Snowflake didn’t go home last night.

Feigning a headache, Sage is taken home by Adam. That leaves Chelsea and Billy to declare the evening awkward. Billy’s not sure the Sage should be around Connor again.

Across the hall, Sage ends Adam’s rant – she wasn’t talking about him. She can’t have children.

Kelly’s done everything she can to leave Jack and Phyllis in peace. Getting Phyllis out of the way doesn’t clear a path for you and me, Jack bellows. Which you keep coming over HERE to tell me! Kelly doesn’t want to be Jack’s consolation prize anyway. Good, because Jack wants her to stay away. Seconds after he barges out, Victor appears.

No, Gabe didn’t know Sage couldn’t have kids. He didn’t need to know. Being with him was enough for me, she weeps. You wanted more, Adam guesses – then teases her about Nick. I’m pathetic, Sage weeps – and is surprised when Adam puts his arm around her. You’re gonna win Chelsea back, Sage cries on his shoulder.

Chelsea’s sorry to hear Sage can’t have kids. Gave would make a great Dad – I hope he finds a way to make it happen.

Summer doesn’t understand why Austin has to quit. He needs to move on (no, not from ‘us’) Yes, Summer will come home tonight. Should they got to the cabin for Valentine’s Day? It might be fun. As the foursome wonder who’s invited them, someone watches through the curtain.

Paul suggests Avery offer Chris a plea deal. He’s worried about the stress on Chris – and it’d be good for Phyllis. Avery won’t accept anything that includes jail time. Yes, she HAS seen the Dr’s report. Avery won’t give up on her sister. It’s the best way to end this before more damage is done, Paul insists.

Jack’s back at the ranch to tell Phyllis that she’s been found competent to stand trial. We need to discuss strategy. Phyllis doesn’t trust Jack – she has Victor on her side.

Jack doesn’t deserve your tears, Victor hands Kelly a tissues. Is he there to book an event? He’s there because ‘you and I want the same thing’.

Next: Nikki marches into Jack’s office – How could you let Phyllis move into MY home!? …. Ashley blasts Victor – You took took my fragrance and slapped your name on it and now you’re going to market ahead of us! …. If anybody needs a stay at Fairview it’s you, Avery sneers at Kelly (who Kelly pulls a knife off the table setting behind her)

My Thoughts: Jack asking Summer to talk her Mom into coming back to his house is almost as bad as Sharon trying to use Noah to talk Nick out of the custody hearing. Do your own dirty work … Trusting Victor could be the biggest mistake Phyllis has made yet – but – he can be a worthy ally – and he would do just about anything to irk Jack (let’s hope the relationship between remains platonic between Victor and ‘the mother of his granddaughter’. It would not be the first time Victor’s turned to a former daughter in law) … Paul is completely out of line in trying to pressure Avery to accept a deal for Phyllis (who’s decision it is anyway) It will come as no surprise when Chris has a miscarriage … Why wouldn’t Avery think to request another psychiatric assessment? … Who would want to invite Kevin, Mariah, Summer and Austin to the Abbott cabin? What if one of the Abbott’s already has plans to go there? Summer and Austin could decide that’s a good idea – and un-invite Mariah and Kevin. Why does Mariah and Kevin assume the invitation’s for them anyway? …. At least we won’t have to worry about Nick getting Sage pregnant (though GC does have it’s fair share of miracle babies) … So Billy had a problem with Connor being dressed as a lamb for Halloween, but has no problem dressing him up as cupid?