Wednesday, February 11th

NO time for proofreading today….

Phyllis appreciates the favour Victor’s doing here, but if Nikki doesn’t want …. I don’t want you here, Nikki’s even less happy when her ‘Sissy’ shows up. Actually, Avery’s there as Phyllis’ attorney today.

Jack finds Ashley in his office – with mock ups for Hex’s marketing. If the love option sells, Jack will be thrilled to announce her as co-CEO. Uh oh – Brash n’Sassy is already promoting their new fragrance; which will cast a spell. Victor stole that too! Oh, he’s done a lot more than corporate espionage, Jack sighs.

Victor clarifies – he doesn’t want Phyllis in Jack’s life any more than Kelly does. He doesn’t care about her feelings – he cares about Summer (and Jack has done terrible things to her Mother) Kelly’s cautiously optimistic – what’s in it for you?

At the club’s bar, the Ashby’s tell Devon about their Valentine’s plans (Chicago) And what does he have planned for Gwen?

Neil flashes back to seeing Devon with Hilary as he gets off the elevator at Jabot. Hilary? Is that you? She’s not aware that he can see her disappointment – she’s trying to avoid him.

Neil apologizes – I thought I recognized my wife’s perfume. As he moves off, Hilary finally speaks up. No, of course he’s not making a fool of himself. Neil comments on her running out last night – and leaving early this morning. He was disappointed when the doctor said he’ll never see again (and understands it’s been painful for Hilary – and that she wants to keep some distance) Neil appreciates all she’s sacrificed – and will show her that on Valentine’s Day.

Phyllis moved in to the ranch!? Ashley’s had it with Victor’s vindictive attacks on our family (and out she marches)

Victor wants Phyllis to be free of that jackass. No, Victor’s not romantically involved. Yes, Victor hates Noah and Faith’s Mom – but lists all Sharon’s done. Phyllis is the one destroying Jack, Kelly defends him – and is delighted to hear Phyllis is now living with Victor.

Making her annoyance clear, Nikki leaves Avery and Phyllis to argue over whether Jack’s an ally or not (and that the psychiatrist thinks her cold and calculating) The alternative? A plea deal. No way in hell, Phyllis growls.

Phyllis and Avery continue to argue. Phyllis raises good points – Avery should get a second opinion and have Chris recuse herself. And since Avery doesn’t believe Phyllis, she’s fired! But.. but… Victor appears to dismiss Avery (and approve Phyllis’ decision) Nikki appears to scoff that Phyllis isn’t smart enough to understand what’s going on. There’s always strings attached. But you get to stick it to Jack for wounding you so. Off Nikki goes to get a massage. Don’t wait up for me. Victor won’t deny that Nikki’s right – there is something in it for him.

Cane and Lily are being flown to Chicago on a private jet. Jill and Collin are going too (Devon’s condition was no Collin) He heads off to meet Hilary at the revolving door. Neil’s planning a big surprise, Hilary worries Neil will see right through her.

Neil and Nikki meet at the bar (where she’s already got him a drink) Neil can’t shake the image of his wife and son having sex. He relays his run in with Hilary (the look on her face said it all) Neil wanted to choke the truth out of her – but he won’t let Hilary off the hook that easily.

Nikki updates Neil that Victor invited Phyllis to stay at the ranch indefinitely – without even asking her. Neil sympathizes – you gotta do what you gotta do.

Devon’s changed his mind – Neil shouldn’t be told until he’s in a better place. Hilary’s not happy – do I pretend to be swept away Valentine’s Day? Devon suggests they go on a family trip – they (and Neil) will tag along to Chicago. It’ll be a holiday to remember.

Victor’s thinking of his family here. Summer was a lost soul, didn’t know who to turn to – so leaned on Sharon. It’s best for all if Phyllis stays away from Jack. His feelings are irrelevant. Phyllis wonders if they’re smaller pieces of a big picture. There’s a lot more to this than Victor’s saying.

Avery’s made a beeline to Jack – to rant about Phyllis being under Victor’s influence (and firing her) Jack grumbles about Kelly’s role too. Neither can reach Phyllis – how will we convince a Judge she’s not stable? There might be a way, Avery has an idea.

Ashley’s at the ranch to blast Victor for stealing the fragrance she worked on for a year – you have no respect. And you’re going to market before us. I know how low you will stoop. Phyllis appears on cue. And why are you letting Victor use you this way? Ash wails. Phyllis knows what she’s doing.

Avery wants Jack to trigger Phyllis’ bad behavior (in front of witnesses) Jack objects – he won’t even discuss it. He will NOT incite Phyllis to become violent in public. End of discussion!

Back at the club, Kelly talks to Lily about Phyllis poisoning her. When Lily doesn’t seem so sure that’s what happened, Kelly denies she’s guilty. And she’s not the only one who thinks she and Jack still have something real! Lily’s left looking puzzled.

Hilary continues to whine – she’s the one who has to sleep with Neil (and come up with excuses not to have sex) Devon will find a way to tell him – when the time is right. As they hug, Neil comes through the revolving door.

Devon sneaks off as Hilary approaches Neil. Oh how lucky she is to have a man who loves her so much. Sorry she’s been so distant, she has an idea for Valentine’s Day. Neil can’t wait to hear it.

Ashley can’t believe Phyllis. You’re not the only one who lost something. Jack worships you – why are you lashing out at him? He had a nice warm body, Phyllis sneers. That’s what this is about? You’re punishing him because he finally managed to move on with his life? Ashley’s hit the nail on the head.

Kelly approaches Avery to say the psychiatrist called HER – she doesn’t want Phyllis to go to prison. Avery disagrees – and lists all Phyllis has been through. If anyone should be in Fairview, it’s YOU. Stop saying that! Kelly grabs a knife from the table behind her. Oh my, seems I hit nerve, Avery crows. It’s not right, Kelly clip clops off in a hurry.

How could you let Phyllis move into MY home!? Nikki rants at Jack – I want her the hell out. What’s Jack to do? Drag her out by her hair? If you can’t do it, I will! Nikki slams out.

The Ashby’s can’t wait for their trip. It’ll be an anniversary to remember.

Hilary tells Neil that they’ll be traveling by private jet; and lists who’s going. All of us together? All of us together? Neil thinks that sounds perfect. He scowls as Hilary gives Devon the nod.

Victor suggests Ashley take her attitude and go. Ash continues to rant at Phyllis – Jack and Avery are trying to convince the world that you’re crazy. But we both know that’s not true – you know exactly what you’re doing.

Jack joins Avery at the club – to agree to her plan (as he has no better ideas) Avery will work out the details later – we must keep this from her. Avery looks at Kelly – don’t worry, you won’t be alone in this.

Next: Chelsea seems surprised when Adam wishes her a Happy valentine’s Day …Noah has a question for Abby, Fen, Kevin, Mariah, Austin and Summer – Does anybody else think it’s weird that we got invitations to drive all the way out here and nobody knows who sent them? …. On a private jet, Neil watches Hilary and Devon – I gave you both a chance to do the honourable thing, but you’re cowards.

My Thoughts: I’m not surprised that Nikki was far from a gracious hostess to Phyllis, but I am surprised that her snotty attitude extended to her beloved firstborn son’s fiance …. If Ashley becoming co-CEO is solely at Jack’s discretion, why doesn’t he just give her the title? It’s not like Victor stealing is her fault. She should be rewarded for her effort – and because her last name’s Abbott … I’m glad Victor was reminded that Sharon’s also mother to his grandchildren, but he’s got a lot of nerve saying Sharon’s done terrible things to his family – when he’s done equally (if not worse) things to Sharon … Oh Avery, Victor didn’t undermine you – Phyllis had already fired your ass before Victor arrived. Perhaps you should have listened to your client’s valid ideas to get a second psych evaluation and have Chris recused (for an obvious conflict of interest. Chris isn’t merely interested in putting Phyllis away, she’s obsessed … … Ashley’s surprised that Victor opened his own door? I’m surprise security didn’t call the main house to announce her arrival … How can Lily keep a straight face when saying that it’s been ages since she and Cane had time away from the kids? They barely see the twins … Too bad there were no witnesses to Kelly waving a knife at Avery – in dining room she works at no less. I’m not sure what she hoped to accomplish with a butter knife though … How odd that Neil and Nikki are more rational than many GC residents when they’re drunk.